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  1. It would be nice, and it's not just DCS that suffers from this, basically every multiplayer game is lacking servers in Australia.
  2. "Holy smokes....are you on Mars?" South-East Australia to be precise
  3. Half the servers i play on kick me for high ping. There has to be people in the same boat as me. How would i go about making my own server? Is it as simple as making a new one in the Browser or do i need a dedicated system? Pic related, it's what i have to deal with every day
  4. Also what is the extent of it's air to air capability, can it do BVR combat or is it limited to short range missiles? And even more, will the Interceptor variant be introduced at a later stage?
  5. I'm trying to make a maritime strike mission but i can't seem to put Backfires together into a single unit, i can copy a unit and paste them with a respective way point to follow but instead of the saturation attack i want they just go all in a single file line each 8nm apart and they fire one at a time, which just turns into a fleet defense exercise for the USS Normandy. How do i group Tu-22Ms together and for that matter, any bomber?
  6. If they wanted to be slack then sure
  7. So the F-14A/B is released, it has long range missiles and powerful radar that gives it an unparalleled stand-off capability against other aircraft in the game, plus the two seat cockpit splits workload increasing efficiency, and it's variable geometry wings allow it to glue onto the tail of an A-4, how it this going to play out balance wise? Maybe we should commission another developer, and perhaps introduce a worthy competitor hmm?
  8. Ahhh, right. Is there something out there i can use to create a DCS map instead and just replicate it?
  9. I have a couple of FSX maps i found online i'd like to integrate into DCS World, is there anyway to go about doing this? Thanks in advance :thumbup:
  10. A-10 Warthog is the new Ju-87 Stuka, obsolete overall, but people/dictators with bad military knowledge still want it.
  11. I've fallen in love with this game, I've bought FC3 and now i have decided to get more serious and want something with a clickable cockpit that doesn't have a 600 page manual like the A-10C, i've seen MagZTV's overview on the hawk and it looks like the ideal ac, easy startup and good handling etc. Any reccomendations? [ame] [/ame]
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