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  1. I've tried TrackIR, OpenTrack with AITracker and quite a few other combinations to get a reliable, non-noisy way to look sideways on a 2D monitor and I just recently tried the Neuralnet tracker option with an inexpensive $25 Logitech Windows 11 720p webcam in daytime and with medium-level nightime lighting. I found it to be really useable and I can fly turns around a point on the ground well. It also lets me lean forward to naturally "zoom" in on the instrument panel. I had to use the mapping option to double/triple default yaw movement while lowering (half, third) x,y,and z movements. You have to use a key to center the movement before the z axis (fore/aft) will work. I appreciate that I don't have to use flat spots in the curve mappings to get "locked-in" viewpoints.
  2. The big issue with Win11 and Quest2 right now is increased stuttering. The fixes that I have seen are using ODT to toggle the console window to being visible constantly or another fix that involves setting the audio merge from the Quest and from the computer (search for this one). Using this fix, flight sims are much smoother and ASW works well.
  3. I have a 9700K@5Ghz and a RTX2070 (not Super) v33 or v34 for both Oculus Tool and Quest 2 Q2 90Hz at max 5408x2736 ODT / OTT (I use both) Pixels per Display Pixel Override (Default Super Sampling) = 1.1 OTT - ASW 30Hz - some folks prefer OFF FOV (.8;.8 ) Note: Use in DCS Ctrl+Pause to show FPS (upper left hand corner ) and confirm 30 (try 45 as well ) - I like a non stutter result out the side window ODT - Oculus Link Low, 2912,Disabled,0,300,0,Enabled Make sure you test your Link cable to being greater than 1 Gbps (mine is 2.6 for a $30 cheap USB-A to USB-C )
  4. OK - I forgot to change the settings on the Launcher so that Oculus was the default. I will have to test the performance differences though - for curiosity - I did notice that I could easily have the Oculus Performance HUD show with SteamVR but not with direct Oculus - unless I am missing something. Anyway, 30Hz is very smooth and the Link sharpening is a big improvement.
  5. Possibly this level of performance / smoothness (no stutter when looking sideways) plus image clarity was possible before but I didn't realize that I could set the ASW "lock FPS" value to 30 Hz (using Oculus Tray Tool) even though I have to use SteamVR with the Oculus Quest2. My PC is a 9700K@5Ghz+RTX2070 and it seems to look really good at ASW on/30Hz along with the recent image upgrade called Link sharpening. My non ASW performance is just below 45Hz so 30 Hz is rock solid even with MSAA 4x. I know that motion reprojection has its downside but I just prefer to be able to look 90 degrees from boresight and have it be smooth like in RL.
  6. I had the black screen after Launch for 30 seconds then return to Q2 only problem as well. It seemed to be fixed when v29 of the Oculus PC runtimes app got auto updated - try again when you see the update. Airlink with ODT setting of ASW forced enable gave me a very steady, fluid flight at 36fps (1/2 of 72Hz).
  7. Colonel_Izzi on reddit says: When running SteamVR apps on Quest2+(Air)Link, the Oculus PC runtime still handles the final stages in the rendering pipeline, where ASW,FOV-Tangent Multiplier, ASW, etc can be performed
  8. I am using Quest 2 Airlink (Q2 v28, Oculus PC v29) using SteamVR but I am also using the Oculus Debug Tool to set ASW and Performance HUD. How is that working?? I thought you had to be ONLY Oculus OR SteamVR. I know that Steam is executing because fpsVR is visible and I know Oculus is running with ODT because I see the performance HUD (and can change it without restarting DCS) - surprise! Also, I am getting very smooth ASW with minimal artifacting and very fluid performance (other AI aircraft are double images at times though). I have MSAA=4X and I can still keep locked at 36fps (PC=9700K@5Ghz+RTX2070) with Q2 set at 72Hz. Really, this new combo with Airlink looks better and fies smoother than I have seen in a long time! Also, the clarity of the image with PD=0.9 is very good - all instruments look great How can this (Oculus and SteamVR) be working together??????????????
  9. Several forum threads are saying to eliminate lag, set the bitrate with ODT to "0" - default
  10. Tried both the G2 and the Q2 - Q2 is better for edge to edge clarity for me! (Reverb G1 is about the same as Q2 )
  11. @zildac , @dburne, and @imacken, Thanks for confirmation that I wasn't just missing something about testing the G1 and G2. It's a pretty big step to return the G2 after waiting six months for it to arrive. Your comments give me confidence. Thanks Dave W.
  12. As far as fpsVR detecting the resolution, it actually causes a "pause" for a second or two in rendering and reads the raw resolution from the headset. It doesn't just query SteamVR but accounts for ALL multipliers including the game/app itself (PD = 1.4 for example in DCS World as well as SteamVR at 80% ). I have utilized it a lot when trying my G1 and then my G2 since I had to try to make very careful measurements to compare clarity - lack of any blurriness when looking at instrument panels with a fixed gaze (example: in Aerofly FS2 with the center of focus on the 777 PFD and then trying to read the MFD/NAV display just adjacent to the right from the left seat at the eye reference position) while using the exact same pixel resolution at the headset. By the way, for my lens prescription and face size, (IPD=64.5),etc..., I have decided to return the G2 (or sell it to someone who has been waiting for a long time). It was a very difficult choice because I like the new cable and audio but clarity off center was the deciding factor. From what I can tell, others just don't have that clarity problem with the G2 - so it has to be a personal eye issue.
  13. The most definitive way to know the final resolution is simply to use the "Detect Headset Resolution" feature of fpsVR. You wait until the application has started and is showing the image of interest, bring up the SteamVR dashboard using a hand controller, bring up the fpsVR menus, and then request the detection. It will include any and all factors - I find it especially helpful as I am trying to carefully decide whether the G1 ( I have both )might actually have a better clarity - sharpness (lack of blurring) from the center to at least 75% of the angular distance to the screen edge - than the G2. I have them both and I am testing with two resolutions - 2100x2100 and then 3000x3000 . I am careful to find the best position on my head and also the best IPD settings for the G2 - but all else is the same. So far, I am unsure of whether the G1 is better, since it still requires a judgement call (I don't think I can use a through-the-lens camera approach carefully enough ). I do know that my first impression was that the G1 was at least as clear - and others on the forum seem to have a similar opinion. It might have to do with my particular eyesight prescription - unless some of the Valve lens batches might be different during production? It certainly isn't obvious like some reports.
  14. Would anyone who like myself still has their G1 and also the new G2, try to simply evaluate the clarity (reading text and at a given closeness to a panel and then holding your head fixed and looking (gazing) around and looking for clarity comparisons away from the center of the screen - switching back and forth between the two HMDs but making sure you don't change any settings except what is required to get the final resolutions in pixels x pixels the same - at least with two different settings like maybe 2160x2160 and then 3000x3000. Thanks - I want to keep the G2 but not if I am really giving up some clarity. Dave W.
  15. @imacken, I just wonder whether there was a compromise required when they decided to make the lenses handle adjustable IPD. Also, I wonder if this clarity issue might have to do with our particular corrective lens prescription - mine is: O.D. -2.00 -2.00 92 O.S. -2.75 -2.25 84 IPD = 64.5 Keep us posted on what you find that makes the G2 definitely more clear - especially away from the center of our gaze! I certainly feel that I have to take more care with the G2 to tilt it just so as well as position it high / low just so
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