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  1. As far as I can tell, and if you don't care about the LARP-ing "realism" of it, there is also no functional need to switch out of the CPG seat once the bird is started. At least in DCS it seems you can fly it as adequately (or adequately enough, anyway) from the CPG seat.
  2. I have my CPG flight control axes mapped/mirrored to my pilot's. Cyclic, collective, and pedals. When in the CPG seat, I request controls from pilot (as CPG), start moving the helo to where I want to go and only *then* switch to pilot seat. It's then a seamless transition. All this is before the SAS saturation thing, so no idea how it's going to hold up with trim etc.
  3. Nice ones folks! Would love to see some fictional old-school-but-cool Arctic/winter dazzles too
  4. Thanks Raptor9 -- these examples really help pull it together!
  5. Thanks! Appreciate the insight. Things are beginning to become slightly less fuzzy! So we use the FTR to update the FMC what the reference is regardless of the hold mode, but the hold mode determines what gets "held" with respect to the reference. As you come in for a hover then, would you typically engage the hold mode while at speed and then action the FTR as you slow down to 5 knots? Or just engage the hold mode after stabilized in a hover (and then maybe use the FTR to sweeten or fine tune the hover/heading etc)?
  6. So in the above example, you engage ATT hold at 70kts, and then pull the stick back to decelerate, actioning the FTR every now and then to recenter to new reference locations as you slow down? E.g, as you pass through 60, 40, 30 etc. knots (not exactly at those numbers) you would be constantly retrimming to the new speed, all the while the hold mode on?
  7. Right now there’s no position hold that I’m aware of in game, velocity and attitude hold are in their beginning phases. While you have an indication that the hold mode is active it’s not doing anything for you at those speeds but idk just a guess and they haven’t released anything official yet. Really?? Hah. It fooled me. LOL. Placebo effect is strong. I was thinking, look how easy it is to hold a hover with this position subhold ... when it was me all this time So, whether eventually with the position hold or currently with the other hold submodes, adjusting/interrupting/actioning FTR does not change or disengage the hold mode?
  8. The manual says that activating the FTR starts to "decay" the SCAS: Does this effect the hold modes in any way? E.g., if I have engaged attitude hold < 5 knots, and then I action the FTR for > 3 seconds to recenter the SAS, in DCS at least I remain in position hold. Is that how it's supposed to work?
  9. No doubt! After reading the referenced manual section above, I think I now see how the "philosophy" of the system is quite different from how I imagined it. The figure is also useful in showing what submodes kick in at different speed/altitude combinations.
  10. That was really helpful, thanks! SME Content Creators: It would be great to have a "The Dummies Guide to Understanding and Making the SCAS Work for You" I'm finding figuring it out like putting together a puzzle with made up mostly of pieces of wisdom dropped in various forums and discords etc. by SME's . I just found TM 1-1520-251-10 has a discussion on the SCAS in pages 95-99, so hope that fills out the understanding more.
  11. Ah, that makes sense. Would be nice if someone mirrored the repo sources
  12. Anyone getting this error? Anyone getting this error from OpenComposite? Anyone getting this error from OpenComposite? I used the dropbox link
  13. (1) I guess that makes it slightly faster -- still have to fuss about to line up cursor with the target. It's probably relatively less tedious in the real thing, but I have no curves set up on my cursor control input, so small adjustments requires some finesse. (2) Ah, you're right. I've been seeing the TADS cross not George's, I think
  14. When flying as pilot and George as CPG, and George finds a target (e.g., you have commanded him to search an area and he gives you list and you select a target), what workflow do you use to store the point? What I do now is: 1. "Point>" 2. "Add>" 3. Move the MFD cursor so that it overlays the CPG cursor and depress 4. When maneuvering aggressively (e.g. when the "target" is very enthusiastically trying to untarget itself by shooting back!), it's a pain because your cursor is static with respect to the MPD frame, but the relative position of the target in the MPD frame is moving around as YOU are moving around. So it might be good to hit "FRZ>" as step 0 in this case. For this approach to work, we have to have the CPG cursor show up on the MPD, of course ("Show>" etc. in your setup) The above works, but is a bit of a song a dance. Especially if you forget to hit "FRZ>" and you find yourself need to twist and turn in a hurry. Does anyone else have better approach?
  15. Hi Sandman, I'm fumbling through the fog here myself, and barely touched the CPG seat ... but as a human CPG, would one approach be to drop a target point at where the TADs is looking at then reference that as an ACQ?
  16. Same. Cursor gets stuck once it gets to the dugout area. Nothing moves it after. I've read that setting a dead zone fixes the issues. Haven't tried that yet.
  17. WELCOME! Your experience, perspectives, stories, and insight will always be welcome and appreciated, as are your years of service.
  18. Caveat that all the following applies to the GAME and any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental. In this game, SA-10 alone -- no problem. Same with SA-11, SA-6, SA-3, and (when we get them), SA-5's. Because they have a minimum engagement zone that you can fit the Ever Given through (60 feet is the lowest, for the SA-10). I've taken out SA-10's, solo, with: LMAVs, rockets, Mk-82's, Mk-82Y's, JDAMs, etc. etc. In fact, you don't even need the boom-boom stuff: your guns do the trick just as well (and can be easier to put the thing on the thing as well) As long as you hit the tracking radar, you can then waltz out any way you please. JDAMs are the easiest, of course: you don't even need to be pointing at them or even know where they are. But where's the fun in that? Most fun is the rockets and 82Y's. The attack profile is the same for all: come in at <60ft and pop up around 2-3 nm. No need for terrain masking. In fact, works best on flat ground -- forests, cities, low hills etc. that force you to fly >60feet for your approach put you in the SA-10's kill zone. I have no idea how your server sets the SA-10 up, but if the SA-10 is defended by SHORAD/MERAD (= "layered defense"), then the story is different. AAA makes thing s a little spicy, especially on with 82Y's. But most of the time I seem to get by OK? MANPADS/IR missiles definitely bring up the pucker factor. I have my counter-measures set to pop a flare every 1/2 second on my attack run and that and a couple of jinks/rolls seem to get me by. SA-15 or SA-19? Fuggedaboutit. I mean, really. With a minimum altitude of 0, it doesn't matter if you are literally in the weeds or going Mach 1, jinking or janking. They'll take you out, probably twice, the moment you come within their range ... which will be long before they come within your range. If you server's SA-10 sites are undefended, or defended only by AA/MANPADS, go forth and conquer! Now, if they have some nasty SA-15's or -19's in the mix (which would, as far as I can tell, pretty much in line with doctrine), then the only approach is saturation. Which means Lone Wolf Solo needs to rethink his life choices. For a saturation attack, you need to figure 1 x Harm per missile tube, then +1 HARM per radar. The point of all this is suppression and distraction. While you close in with your gifts to do the DEAD. Obviously, it takes multiple aircraft and coordination. If your server runs Skynet (and I hiighly recommend that they do -- completely changes the dynamics/tactics), then this coordination needs to be in time as well as space, because the radars will shut down when they see the HARMs, and they will neither deplete the launchers nor hit the radars. So your attack run has to be within a few minutes of the HARMs TOT, absolutely no earlier and not much later, to coincide with the time the radars are down. The other approach is with TALDs. This one is fool-proof, and needs way less coordination. And you can easily set up the AI to do it. The AI SAM's just cannot control themselves when they see a flight of these puppies, and let fly with everything they have. Right now, only the Tomcats carry TALDs, and they are usually the centerpiece of my approach in SP. A flight of 4 tomcats, launching 4 TALDs each, will deplete an entire SA-10 site defended by 2-3 SA-15's/19's in seconds: the moment they see the TALD's the AI dumps their load, with 2-3 missiles per TALD. In minutes they are done, and ready for a cigarette, cuddles, and just want to talk. Then you can come strutting in, pretty much at any height and speed you please to pick them off one-by-one, using whatever you please. This is why next to our GBU-24 actually doing the fancy low-level flying it's famous for, the Hornet TALD is the ordnance I'm looking forward to the most.
  19. Easily. The SA-10/S-300, SA-15, SA-19 etc. all swat them out of the sky like they were fat drunk pigeons.
  20. Glad you figured it out! And thanks for sharing the solution.
  21. Can you try this: Windows Settings (desktop) > Mixed Reality > Headset Display: "Experience Options" to "Best visual quality". Also, may need to reset the WMR Environment
  22. And, no the OP ( @LastRifleRound ) is NOT confused. It uses ground track MSI symbology though.
  23. Do you have a source for "ED confirmed AZ/EL wouldn't be getting datalink contacts"? Because, if anything, it seems that while ED has indicated that we will not be able to bug/lock donor MSI tracks (for better or worse, erroneously or not), it seems like they plan to do something with donor MSI tracks and the AZ/EL)
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