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  1. In my quest to use less triggers as possible in the ME (so it is easier to copy/paste missions throughout the different maps), I started working on eliminating the "do script file" action by the assert(loadfile("C:/Scripts/xxx.lua"))() via the doscript action and it works pretty good. Instead of using a dozen DOSCRIPT FILE, I just use one DOSCRIPT and include all the .lua in the same trigger. Now, I was reading through the forums/google yesterday and noticed that some people are saying you should use temporarily. Is there a reason why? I am assuming using it would mean your .lua files are not incorporated inside the .miz so a smaller mission file and some protection to your own mission "copyrights". Is there something I am missing here? Going along the same topic, could/should I do the same things for the other missions I want to load through the menu RADIO (example, I have a radio button allowing me to load the night version of the same mission). note: It is for a dedicated server.
  2. Well, nevermind I guess. I rebooted the server and I now have access to the coalition passwords inside the WEBgui.
  3. Where can we get more information regarding the ME updates and upgrades? I noticed in today's open beta update that we can now have a password for a coalition but could not find anything in my WEB GUI regarding the coalition password. I found the password protection inside the ME itself for the units and roles but that is about it, nothing else protecting the whole coalition on the server.
  4. necroposting...almost. I also have issues with the way the grids are taken. For instance, MOOSE script uses that kind of coordinates; { [1]={["y"]=242140.57142858,["x"]=-6478.8571428583,}, [2]={["y"]=242188.57142858,["x"]=-6522.0000000011,}, [3]={["y"]=244124.2857143,["x"]=-4344.0000000011,}, [4]={["y"]=244068.2857143,["x"]=-4296.5714285726,}, [5]={["y"]=242140.57142858,["x"]=-6480.0000000011,} }, }, How was that converted to a regular X and Z format from DCS ?
  5. Very simple in fact: Be able to build a standard FARP with refuel, re-arm and CARGO capabilities. As of now, the code allow a FOB to be built and it gives you the cargo feature (CTLD in the menu RADIO - Thanks to Ciribob/Moose) , not the re-arm and refuel features though. So you would think having the other vehicles like the M939, HEMTT, etc would get the job done but it doesn't . So I thought about being able to cargo a "FARP" unit but apparently, it is not that simple because of the frequencies and other FARP related features. This is where I am now...digging for more information
  6. @cfrag , Another question for you; Can the FARP be scripted? Not just the vehicles but also the helipad itself? Last time I read about this, it could not be done but that was discussions dating 2-3 years ago and since DCS updated, perhaps you found new "options? CTLD can build FOB but not FARP as far as I know.
  7. Is it just me or the hidden feature is not working anymore? I have all 3 fields boxed so I should not see the invisible FARP anywhere (not even F10 map ?!) but when I run the mission and look at the FOB location, I see the "T" on the map. Did I misunderstood how it is supposed to work?
  8. Another newbie question from me; I am trying to transfer the ME triggers into script. One of those trigger is the trigger.action.setUserFlag and also it's trigger.misc.getUserFlag counterpart. So for a flag I make true in ME (example flag 700), I would get something like trigger.action.setUserFlag (700, true ) in the .lua file. To be able to read it now, I would just use trigger.misc.getUserFlag(700) to read the same flag. So to put this into context, here is a little example; function easy_mission() trigger.action.setUserFlag (700, true ) end So here is the question; What is the proper way to retrieve the flag #700 information? I looked at MIST, MOOSE, CTLD and all other major source and none of them are as simple as just doing a trigger.misc.getUserFlag(700). Can I just do a IF trigger.misc.getUserFlag(700) == true, then XYZ end or do I absolutely need to handle it more like a local mission1 = trigger.misc.getUserFlag(700) IF mission1 == 1, then XYZ end
  9. I am not totally sure you are trying to replicate my issue; So I basically want the SAM to go LIVE, the incoming jets to get "locked" and the SA page to see the radiating zone of the SAM but at NO TIME, the launcher to shoot their missiles Is it your objective too? (the radars alone won't do anything without a launcher) If so, @Nick_17 wrote a little something for it (Thanks Nick btw ) SAMControl.miz
  10. Thanks Nick. I actually tried that before. It worked great on Singleplayer but for some reason, would not in MP. In reality, I might be asking too much since a SAM is built in real life to shoot planes, not fake them I will keep exploring... Thanks a lot guys.
  11. If you go weapon hold or return fire mode, the SAM will not do anything. Red state will force the radar to be scanning/tracking but no audible warning in the airplane. It is actually the best choice so far but still not quite the solution I am looking for.
  12. I have been looking around for a solution and can't find it. Status: I have a SA-2 and SA-6 on the ground with only the TR and STR and one launcher. My airplane is flying at 20 000ft. Purpose: I want the SAMs to detect the airplane, the plane getting the EW and SA signals BUT the SAM never to launch or self-destruct its missile perhaps. This is for training purpose. Problem, regardless of the actions I assign in the ME (i.e. ROE, Alarm state, etc), the SAM will only work if the radars and the launcher are together. Without the launcher, the radar don't do anything anymore. I tried incompatible launcher/radar combos. I tried other vehicles (i.e. OSA-8, Shilka, Gryphon, etc). Question: Are there any ways to achieve what I am looking for? Is there a way to get the launcher's missile to self destruct ?
  13. I got two silly questions: 1. Is there a list of associated "shapename" and "cargotype" available anywhere for the DCS objects? 2. What is the best way to bring closer the "spawned" crate regardless of the position of your helicopter inside the "pickzone" ? I want the crate to spawn closer to the helicopter instead of the 75-100ft away from it (forcing a "cleared area" for pickup to be bigger) Adding an offset to x and y can't work (unless I am doing it wrong). ---------------------------------- _crate = { ["shape_name"] = shapename, -- Shape of the crate ["type"] = cargotype, -- Type of crate -- ["unitId"] = _unitId, ["y"] = _point.z, -- Position of the spawned crate y axis ["x"] = _point.x, -- Position of the spawned crate x axis ["name"] = _name, ["mass"] = weight, ["category"] = "Cargos", ["canCargo"] = true, ["heading"] = 0, } ----------------------------------- Any help is appreciated.
  14. Are you %$#@%$# kidding me?! man, that was so newbie on my part !!! Thanks @dark_wood . I am retreating to my basement in shame now
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