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  1. I received my pedals a week ago.. excellent product! Solid and well made. Highly recommend them! And also, Trace was also a huge help troubleshooting and then shipping a replacement sensor wire for my brakes. Thanks again!
  2. Just got it in the mail today... fast shipping! It made some great pedals, to making them amazing pedals. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks, you did great with this!
  3. Well I can’t get mine to work either... granted I haven’t tried in awhile. But same issue here
  4. It’s already unpacked unfortunately... But it is installed on my rig... I can try and do a little vid for ya, but I’m heading out to Dallas for a month to do some real flight training lol. If I get time in the next few days I’ll try for ya. Sorry
  5. I was away on a trip for work and when I came home it was waiting a few days... Some of the best packing I’ve ever seen! Thanks again!
  6. To second this.. I received mine very quickly. Finally got around to installing it last night. Amazing product! Highly recommend.
  7. I haven’t talked about them because I can’t get them to work... No NDA here. I haven’t tried again for months. I’ll give it a go again when I get time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yes, I’d love to reserve one! Thanks
  9. When is it available to purchase?
  10. Looks great! I’d like to know the price with shipping also to US.
  11. From an email I received from them today.. what exactly it means? Don’t know lol.
  12. Sorry to hear about the knee... sent PM.
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