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  1. Hi guys, I’m on the fence of getting this plane on the next sale. But I’m really new to the game, I did try it in 2016 but not too much. Right now I own the F15 and I’m looking for a A2A plane, I fly mainly multiplayer and I’m still getting wrecked online with the F15. My question is... should I get the Mirage and will I “get good” in it on multiplayer? Or will I have a worst experience? Thank you
  2. Would love to see a more realistic looking damage system that would be awesome
  3. Is it just me or the ZOOM SLOW on the left of the throttle doesnt work very well? Talking about the A10c
  4. Ok but when in combat mode should it be in automatic prop pitch? and how about RPM and radiators etc? (já percebi que és portugues lol)
  5. I don't get the manual prop thing, I can't move it to 12oclock or 12:30 nothing.. I press the little button on the throttle and nothing
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