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  1. So I did the Instant action mission to practice the Air to Air gun and Aim-9 in the hornet on the black Sea map. Killed the 3 Su-25 and went back to base to land ( Kutasi ) something like 120 Nautical miles away. I landed and what I saw was F/A-18 parked on top of the Hangars. It can't be normal. see pictures I have saved the track but cannot attach it. I don't know why o_0 Edit: I cannot attach the track because its size is 13MB and the maximum upload size for a track on a post on this forum is 5MB.
  2. So everything is working as intended? The boat should use true north while we use magnetic? Or should they change the editor to use magnetic?
  3. but in this case shouldn't the Stennis use magnetic heading too?
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended. So I've made a mission in the editor to practice my Case I recovery on the Black Sea map. I set the Carrier to go on an East ( 90degrees) course. But I found that if I set my BRC to 90 degrees i'm about 6 degrees off. Witch is roughly the magnetic declination for this area. I then repeated the experiment with the exact same mission but this time with the F-15C and foud out that this time the heading of the plane correspond to the heading of the ship. Both pictures for both aircrafts were taken in active pause so the planes did not move between the outside and cockpit view. If the plane uses the magnetic north, Shouldn't the boat use it as well? Is the bug on the F-15C for not pointing the magnetic north?
  5. For AAR it's really important to be aware that even if you are trimmed, trottles and pitch are linked.. let me explain: if you add a little power your plane will go faster more air will flow on your wings, more lift will be created so your nose will go up. the opposite is true if you reduce power. AND if you keep the same power setting on the throttoles but you pull on the stick you'll slow down and move aft from the tanker a little bit. the opposit is true if you push on the stick you'll speed up and move forward in relation to the tanker. So lets say you are at a good distance from the tanker longitudinally but you are a little bit too low. don't just pull on the stick to go higher because you'll start lagging behind. when you pull on the stick add power momentarily. when you push on the stick reduce power momentarily. Same if you want to move forward in relation to the tanker: when you add power push down on the stick just a tad to compensate the extra lift created. pull up a tad on the stick if you want to go aft when you reduce power to compensate for less lift created by your wings due to lower airspeed.
  6. Wow I just tried that DistancFactor thing and it looks so good it's amazing!
  7. Stick with 1.5 for now. I have only NTTR and Normandie installed and I'm not playing them cause it's too bugged atm.
  8. Is this what you're talking about? https://youtu.be/SyIUdoTG2Dg
  9. Did Wags just teased an F-16 or am I reading too much into this? On the video posted today on Wags YT page The 1st aircraft we see in the intro is an f-16! Is that a tease? A hint for the next big model after the F/A-18 is complete? Or is it just just me overthinking things?
  10. Feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong place. I was playing on the Burning skies server (Normandie) Game version And I saw a player next to me who was taxiing to the runway, he braked, then I saw the animation of his undercarriage retract, and he continued for takeoff as if everything was normal see video in link. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to record the part where the wheels went up. https://youtu.be/msJTVjKOQ3E Also let me know if it's ok to post bugs like this on youtube. I do it like that because I don't know anyother way...
  11. I already posted about the qfe in NTTR and this is the response I got from NeilWillis You should set your altimeter to QNH when operating in the NTTR area. The airfields are all well above sea level, and you cannot reduce the altitude enough given the range of the adjustment. For example, Nellis is at 1867 ft above sea level (QNH), so you should set your altimeter to that altitude. Don't try to use QFE because you cannot zero the altimeter at such high altitudes. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that the transition altitude (QNE) in the USA is much higher than Europe, at 18,000 ft instead of 5000 ft. So, there is no bug in the current system, it is merely that the altitude of the airfields is too high to allow you to set zero feet. For absolute altitude above the ground, you can simply use the radar altimeter.
  12. Would it be possible to have a setting to stick a yaw string on the canopy or nose to see if we are slipping while turning without having to look down on the turn coordinator and possibly losing visual contact with the plane we are in dogfight with? Lots of people use this in real life even on an f-14 and U-2 (see pictures) It would be really helpful with alot of aircrafts in the game that don't have a fly by wire control system.
  13. Once your wheels are on the ground Keep your needle centered on your turn indicator. Do not let it go on one side for too long. You really have to work the rudders or it will go too far. you might have to use a bit of brakes once you slow down or if you are about to lose control.
  14. At what airspeed were you when you tried to close the canopy? I know in the Dora if you go to fast you can't close the canopy... Have you tried slowing down?
  15. Hi, I noticed that since the new patch came out ( the gauges in the spit are now white gray-ish see pictures for comparison. I tried to play with the gamma slider but it didn't help. It's worth mentionning that it's constant no matter what time of the day or heading the gauges are still grayed out. Both pictures are with defered shading on. One before the 2.1.1 update the other after. I wonder if some of you have the same issue?
  16. Wags said on a comment of a YT video ( ) that : NTTR is complete. Just need to exit Early Access when merged into 2.5 later.
  17. Planes in DCS can't use thermals like gliders: that is true. But a down draft of -300 feet per minute on short final in a spitfire when you are at 100mph and 50 feet AGL would be something that if you don't react properly to it, you might crash. I don't want to sound like a crybaby here. I had good answers to why it's not in DCS by Art-J Sithspawn and Shagrat. It's just that when someone says airflow is not important in flying, I kinda feel the need to say that it is.
  18. For the record, I never said it made the game unplayable, at least it's not what I intended. Just that it would add realism and that realism is what simulators aim for. But if simulating it would require so much power that it would break the game, I can understand why it's not implemented.
  19. I have this weird bug since 2.1 came out in NTTR where the cockpit colors change in a weird fashion (see video in link) https://youtu.be/lRzaxZ4fj7I See pictures for my ingame and control panel graphical settings Game version is
  20. I get what you mean but Meteo IS a really important part of flying and I think when people think simulation they think as close to real life as possible... If it's not modeled because it would make the game unplayable ok. It would be interesting to see if other sims have it implemented I would'nt know because I almost only play dcs...
  21. I see. Thanks for the fast reply
  22. Hi, I've noticed that in DCS the air seems to be moving(wind) almost exclusively in a horizontal fashion. In reality when the sun heats a surface on the ground like sand or a parking lot, the ground transfer some of the heat to the air that's just above it, and then because air at a higher temperature has a lower density, it goes up creating what we call a thermal. Colder air then take the place of the air that just went up creating a downdraft. As a result, clouds with vertical growth start to develop (cumulus, cumulonimbus). Having flown in gliders and numbers of small planes in real life I can definitely say that you really feel those up and down drafts when you fly into them. Now I understand(speculate because I've never flown an F-15 in real life) that in an F-15 fully fueled with 2 external tanks the bumps you would feel would be less apparent. But when I fly in a Dora in NTTR on a hot day and I go from over the hot sand to feet wet. I should feel some kind of down and up draft. but none of that is present. Am I missing something, maybe a setting somewhere? Or is it just not modeled in DCS?
  23. I have the stupidest glare on my canopy since I updated to 2.1. It's not even a reflection it's like it was ''painted'' on my canopy. How did you turn it off?
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