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  1. Jugroom Fort, but only if we can load SAS troops on the wings
  2. Trying to create FAST mission => press FLY, loading bar gets to 9% vti and then goes back to main menu without launching flight. Does this with all aircraft. Works fine with other maps, only does this with The Channel. ver
  3. Create a FAST mission , using map The Channel., press Fly, starts generating stuff, loading bar gets to 9% vti then goes back to main menu without launching flight. Works with other maps. ver
  4. Good call on the Quest 2. Hadn't appreciated that it could also play SteamVR games wirelessly.
  5. Here in the UK, cant find any trace of a new WMR headset that isn't an HP Reverb. Looking for a cheap ( sub- £300 ) replacement for a Lenovo Explorer (for a non-simmer) and wheras there were several (5+) different types of headset on the market in 2018, today there appear to be .... zero. Did WMR die off while I wasnt paying attention ? Or is version 2 of WMR about to put in an appearance shortly ? At the moment it looks like my only option is to upgrade to a Reverb G2 and hand down the G1 - which will no doubt lead to the intended recipient asking dad to upgrade their hardware to handle it :(
  6. Hi, I can see a few posts about "wobbly grips". What I can't tell from these posts is if this is a minority of cases, or whether if I go ahead and buy one then in all likelihood I will need to perform surgery on it within a few weeks. So... any feedback ?
  7. Ok, so I can see why (even if I don't necessarily agree) why Thrustmaster would try selling a rebranded Warthog handle as a Viper stick, what I don't get is why they don't update the TQS to USB and sell that - would have thought there was a much bigger market for that ? Unless it's a case of "how are we going to shift x hundred Warthog sticks sitting in stock that nobody's buying"....
  8. Sorry, no idea. But judging by the excellent effort in the "Show me your landings" thread, you don't need a hook :)
  9. Nobody wants to fly with a VR stick ? Sure, not now when gloves are for tracking only. But in the future, when gloves can give a sense of feel... hell, yes ! Think of the saving not having to buy endless TM sticks, or years of wishing TM did a throttle for <insert aircraft here>. As for the lack of captoglove reviews... If NOBODY is talking then that suggests they've all had to sign non-disclosure agreements.....
  10. Ooh, free map ! Thanks ED. Never mind the nitpickers, they are obviously unaware that USAF routinely flies Hogs off carriers to make sure all the megalodons stay in the Marianas trench :)
  11. One thing to consider with those CPUs requiring AIO coolers... some AIOs ( Corsair looking at you...) have an annoying habit of intermittently disconnecting and reconnecting to the USB bus, making operation of e.g. external DVD drive near impossible. Which is really annoying if your case hasn't got any optical drive bays....
  12. Since Star Trek is sadly not a documentary and we don't have DCS:F-16 holodeck edition, next best thing is VR with some kind of 'force feedback' gloves that provide not only motion tracking in VR but some sense of touch. Agreed that if we're just talking hand tracking alone, then gloves ultimately not necessary.
  13. Surely the holy grail of VR gloves would be to be able to use a VR HOTAS that feels real ? Then no more "I wish Thrustmaster made a throttle for F-18" etc
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