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  1. Request to add Outback as a callsign for the Wedgetail as that is the RAAF ABM Callsign
  2. Hey, This is the profile, cheers. http://logbook.ansirial.it/Character/1285
  3. Hey just following up, you offered to switch the collation of my character to the RAAF a while ago? Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  4. Make sure you are in the nav master mode and not in burner.
  5. I haven't checked the awards for the RAF, but I imagine that most of the awards can be copy and pasted. There is a list of the "Honours & Decorations" if they work. https://www1.defence.gov.au/adf-members-families/honours-awards/honours-decorations If possible it would be great to be able to know how to switch alliegances.
  6. I'm mostly after the RAAF for myself however I think it would be cool for sqns to set up their own unique ranks.
  7. Oh another feature request, the abiltiy to make custom alleginances including rank. It would be great too if these were public.
  8. Is there way to view the calendar for a whole squadron at this stage?
  9. Search for Hornet NATOPS and you will find them
  10. Squadron Name: 107th JAS Aircraft Selection: F-14, F16, F/A-18, J-11 TimeZone: Zulu -4, +1, +10 Pilot Roster: [107th] Sirius F-16 [107th] Teomo F-16 [107th] Professor J-11 [107th] SpeedDemon F-16 [107th] Static F/A-18 | F-14 [107th] Puddles F/A-18 | F-16 | F-14 [107th] Sheepy JF-17 / F/A-18 Reserve [107th] Butterfly F/A-18
  11. Should the default mission result be a Failure? After I export using the app the mission always appears as a failure? I only play on multiplayer and DCS if that helps
  12. As people have said it's back up but also you can use it if the sun is in your eyes because the HUD page not see through.
  13. There is already an option for this, on the left of the screen when you select your symbol at the bottom of the list there is a symbol size box, you can change the size in there.
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