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  1. I see only positive things regarding a sticky cursor option - I'd say this would be one of the biggest UI quality of life upgrades for a long time. On-Off -option with a sensitivity or "stickyness" setting - Ease the lives of virtual pilots experiencing involuntary shaking or other such symptoms - Counter the microjitters of VR headset tracking Definetely a worthy feature to pursue.
  2. Hey everyone, Bamse here from Buddy-Fox! It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to pop in here, and firstly would like to offer my sincere gratitude to the active community, when troubleshooting problems and contributing to the Raygun. The whole project started as a DIY adventure of two enthusiastic flight simmers, and kinda “departed from the mitten” as we Finns tend to say. I have personally been so heavily involved in my main line of business, that I have simply failed to keep up a good aftersales quality, and most if not everyone, have had my apologies for the delayed replies on their emails. As of some 2 Weeks™ ago, we hired a new ‘fella for marketing within our main company, and as it turns out, he’s also an active DCS simmer and thus will now actively contribute to the Buddy-Fox mission. We are not KIA/MIA/POW, there’s just been a LOT on our plate within the past 2 years. PS. The best way to reach us, is via email: info(at) buddy-fox.com
  3. Hey, Both of the cases have been replied via email earlier this week for troubleshooting.
  4. Hey, I believe I replied on your email (plus a lot others) earlier this week, when I got home from a work gig abroad. Malfunctions with the mechanics and electronics do happen, even though we test them 3 times during the process (after flashing, after assembly, before shipping) they still can get problems during the shipping or after a little use. Just to give out some numbers regarding the quality, our claim percentage has been less than 1% and product returns 0,002% It's not abandonware (just yet?), but I've got a "real job" to make my living, since we don't do the volumes, like for example Thrustmaster :)
  5. ...I dunno what you talkin' about...
  6. Thanks! :) Replacing the corner screws with longer ones was one of the main ideas during planning, to make mounting easy on all kinds of homecockpits. The USB cable can also be hidden by making a throughhole for it on the basepate it is being mounted on. The warranty is good as long as you don't break anything :-----)
  7. Got a refill on the components! https://www.buddy-fox.com/bf-news/back-in-the-game/
  8. I try to look into this next weekend Well we thought it would be kinda silly to not have labels on the 6 "dummy" buttons, so we did them on the best available reference. I, for example use the COM1/COM2 for DCS:SRS, COM SEC and ECCM for Teamspeak mic/headphone mute and IFF/IDM for TrackIR Pause/Reset. So, bottom line is "artistic freedom" :)
  9. Width 245mm (chassis without the dimming knob) and 267mm with the knob. Height 52mm Depth 22mm (chassis only) and 26mm with the keymat. There may be slight tolerances. Attaching it to a baseplate of any kind can be done by using longer M3 screws in the corners and M3 nuts on the backside.
  10. There's a 6 month warranty for faulty goods, though we do quite a comprehensive QC during assembly and before shipping.
  11. ...I dunno what you talkin' about... :music_whistling: Thanks! Raygun translates and sends the exported DCS data to the controller, to turn the Master Caution light on and off in sync with the game. DX can't do this nor can the game talk to the controller by itself. Thanks! It's a custom built PCB with a Gecko MCU and a purpose built firmware. 22,20€ which is around USD25
  12. Hello, We made an A-10C UFC for sale. It's a plug 'n play USB device, 35 backlit buttons with dimming and a working Master Caution light. You can read more about it from www.buddy-fox.com
  13. ..and I suddenly have a valid reason to spend money on Mi-8 :D
  14. I think it's awesome! A GCI-slot or two would be nice to have though.
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