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  1. Good news is GPU prices have collapsed along with the crypto market, shouldn't be hard to get something good for cheap off of ebay.
  2. Hopefully the Flogger gets some love. I expect it will be one of the more fun fighters in DCS between it being a little speed demon and having some slightly sketchy but still usable missiles. But yeah, the F-15 is going to be more popular and sell better, so will likely get more attention.
  3. Q2: Agreed on biggest GPU you can possibly get. That said, my experience shifting from an RTX 2080 Super to an RX 6950 XT is that the AMD cards have a bigger CPU bottleneck in VR than the NVidia ones do in DCS (and IL2). A few others have noticed this as well. So while the RX 6950XT is theoretically significantly better than an RTX 3080 Ti, in DCS it has a lower peak fps in VR if you try to sacrifice quality to get average fps up. That doesn't mean the card is less powerful though, as within that capped fps you can really crank the settings up. Can't say if they can go higher than an RTX 3080 Ti as I don't have one, but you can't drop settings way down in an attempt to actually get 90 fps. At least that's the case with my i5-10600k.
  4. I suspect you'd be disappointed if you learned how little mock dogfighting modern fighter pilots do. It's also not a very practical thing to do in real life anyways. It was a bad idea in WW1 and WW2 and hasn't gotten any better with age. While it certainly happened in real life on many occasions, that doesn't mean it was smart. It is fun to do in video games though. In any case, I'm sure basic performance charts like max sustained turn rate exist. I think and hope our flight models adhere to them closely. That likely isn't the kind of thing they can just post on a forum due to copyright, though.
  5. Main thing I've noticed is it appears a hell of a lot safer to be in a Ka-52 than an Mi-28. Seen videos of both taking hits, yet to see a Ka-52 go down in such a way that the crew would have been in real danger, looks like every Mi-28 that went down killed the crew in the process. And yeah, they seem to favor rockets and guns a lot, but that makes sense. A hovering attack in forested or populated area is suicidal. I've seen a few choppers attempt that and they keep getting whacked with ATGM's. I've also noticed the countermeasures seem pretty effective. More than a few videos out there of Ka-52's spoofing many manpads before one finally scores a hit. It is worth mentioning the propaganda war is pretty fierce. In the US it's next to impossible to see any thing except the Ukrainian videos and they are all heavily edited. Most are completely useless for figuring out what's actually going in a particular fight.
  6. Looks like a solid build to me. I think 32 GB is enough, if you're looking at increasing the budget then I think you'd get more out of a higher tier GPU than increasing RAM to 64 GB.
  7. Software development is very complicated. I'm not in the game industry (I do automation) but things are always far more complicated than they seem at first glance. Either way, this is my most anticipated module now. Hopefully it's still moving along and not dead. I really like these 70's and 80's aircraft. Pretty easy to learn to operate but have most of the features of the modern stuff. But those features are also still sufficiently crude and unreliable that it doesn't make things too easy.
  8. That is assuming we can get the cards. I'm sitting on my 2080S for now and plan to upgrade to the big card from the next generation, probably AMD from the looks of it. But it might be a struggle. For a laugh, I checked ebay to see what the ancient RX 480 is going for, it's basically MSRP despite being a card from 6 years ago. But as said, things are getting better. Some cards are starting to get listed around MSRP but most are still well above. If things continue as they are, it should be fine in 6 months but my concern is there are a lot of people like me who would have upgraded but didn't. That backlog of gamer upgrades may hit the next gen cards pretty hard. Hopefully AMD and Nvidia have accounted for that with production. I don't think Intel is going to be a major player. They are releasing a mid level card for this generation, and this generation is on the edge of going away. The only way they will sell is if they sell for well below cost in the hope of gaining market share. The new intel cards are looking an awful lot like the old AMD FX series of CPU's. It didn't have to be that way, but they've had so many delays in getting them out that they will be obsolete before the first one hits the shelf.
  9. I hopped onto the VR train with the Rift CV1 and have used the Rift S, Samsung Odyssey and currently use the Reverb G2. The resolution with the G2 is fine, it's the first one where I feel it's comparable to a modern screen. Resolution is still a little lower compared to 1440p but not by much. Overall I find spotting to be about the same or slightly easier but identification requires use of the VR zoom function. Situational awareness in VR is superb, TIR can't compare and that was the case for me within minutes of trying VR after years with TIR. It has other benefits too, like depth perception. Formation flying, gunnery, low level flying and hovering with a chopper are all vastly easier in VR. Overall I consider VR to be a competitive advantage if you're going for that. The downside is you need a monster system to use it. My system isn't really adequate for the G2 but is ok with the Rift S. Now would be a bad time to do a complete system replacement. GPU's are well above MSRP still despite a new generation coming later this year from both team red and green. The rumor mill suggests it will be a major technological leap so that even entry level cards this winter will be faster than anything on the market currently. No way of telling what pricing will be, though I expect prices will continue to fall.
  10. I haven't noticed any performance improvements with the hind. With the Ka-50, I get about 60 fps in VR while Mi-24 gives 45-ish and AH-64 gives 30. This is in the same mission in the same sitting.
  11. Nice setup, how to you have the collective attached? From that angle it looks like you drilled the bottom of the throttle.
  12. Zoom isn't really what he's talking about, it's the distance from the aircraft the camera is at. I haven't noticed anything special about it but you can move the camera closer or further out. Think it's right mouse and drag or something like that. Been a while since I messed with that function.
  13. Radar doesn't see everything. It's great against moving vehicles but completely useless against the MG emplacement in the 2nd floor window of a mud brick house. Within the context of a typical DCS mission, my guess is laser hellfires will serve no purpose once we get the FCR as it's pretty rare to see a mission here that isn't just a giant convoy of armor out in the open. Lately I've been toying with more realistic setups but the inevitable result of that is missiles are generally useless. Just end up using tons of rockets and guns to spray and pray into the edge of a forest I see fire coming from.
  14. I bought the full F-18 HOTAS setup from them, was about $300 in shipping and came in 4 boxes (throttle, stick base, stick, mounts). The throttle base was half of that $300. Given they sent it via fedex air and the sheer volume + weight, that probably was the actual shipping cost for them. International shipping is very expensive unless you're using cargo ships, which take months. I regularly ship between the USA and Canada for work and it literally costs $40.74 to ship a single aluminum water bottle via fedex ground (real number, mailed it last week).
  15. Well, 100% at 30 fps in VR is really not ideal.
  16. First impressions: It's simple to start and fairly straight forwards to operate once you learn where some of the stuff is. The chopper itself is a bit wobbly at low speed, much worse than Ka-50 with all AP channels off (my normal way of flying it). I'd say it's the most unstable chopper in game. VRS is a real danger with it, very Mi-8 like. It has some "interesting" handling characteristics that I'm still getting used to. I will say the AP is absolutely useless as is the trimmer. Not sure if realistic or not, but they are truly awful. Maybe I'm missing something though. It is pretty hilarious flying around with the AP button forward held, though. In terms of weaponry, 16 hellfires and FLIR making it a hell of a ATGM spammer. I think we have something to finally dethrone the Ka-50 as the best tank buster in the game, though the Ka-50 still has some advantages. I haven't messed with the front seat yet (not even mapped controls), will be interesting to see just how far it can be pushed with a human gunner. I did notice the gun shoots a bit high when using the helmet sight. I've tried aligning it by the book and deliberately trying to skew it, haven't been able to get it to shoot straight yet. Maybe I'm missing something. It does have a nice RWR but the lack of a laser detector is problematic. Got nailed a few times by the T-80's missiles. It does seem the AI CPG doesn't want to shoot beyond 5km for some reason. Hence the tank return fire issue I ran into. In terms of performance, I get roughly half the FPS I do with the Ka-50 in the exact same mission (about 30 fps instead of 60). I flew the Ka-50 after messing with the Apache to confirm. This is in VR with a 2080 Super, rest of specs in signature. The GPU is completely maxed out. I've also had 1 CTD in about 4 hours of play and the helmet sight alignment rings thingy refused to turn on after a few sorties. Had to restart DCS in order to get them to show again. Minor bug, but annoying. Overall it's about what I expected. Pretty good missile spammer with good sensors. Flight performance is poor compared to both the Ka-50 and Hind, but that's to be expected. I expect it will be a favorite among chopper flyers, certainly a very capable aircraft and so far the release seems solid despite a few little bugs.
  17. BeastyBaiter

    AH-64D VR

    Getting about 30 fps with it on Caucuses map, no setting changes. Flying the exact same mission in Ka-50 gives 50-60 fps. This is with a reverb G2 and 2080S.
  18. 35GB, this is going to take a few minutes...
  19. Confirming shooting out of the window of an Apache is done in real life on a routine basis. Here's a historical documentary on its practice.
  20. Unlikely to be an option though I suspect it is more problematic in game than in real life (or VR). When viewing this stuff on a screen some things that are barely noticeable in VR or real life really get in the way due to the loss of stereo vision.
  21. Everything needed for a simple mission. So cold start, flight, and spamming hellfires/rockets/gun. Navigation, datalink and other support systems will wait till later. I expect the flying bit not to be any different from the other choppers, so that should be fairly straight forwards. I'll probably skip the AP systems as those just complicate things early on.
  22. Looking at my install, DCS is 266GB total, I have nearly everything except the WW2 stuff. Below are map sizes according to .../Mods/terrains folder. There may be additional stuff adding more stuff in other folders, not sure if these have everything but I'm guessing it has most. Syria: 60.6 GB Caucasaus: 16.3 GB MarianaIslands: 13.8 GB Nevada: 34.3 GB PersianGulf: 33.4 GB
  23. Exactly. If you know where a manpad is, then it's an easy target. But if you don't know where it is, or worse, if one is even present, then they become very deadly.
  24. Interesting discussion. To summarize: the SA19 is an effective SAM that's difficult to defeat when it gets the jump on the player, and so most players in this thread don't like it in missions. I hate to be captain obvious, but it seems necessary in this case. If you see a SAM, any SAM, on your RWR (assuming you have one), you should probably treat it with a bit of respect and proceed cautiously. The SA19, unless something changed, will light you up with its search radar from plenty far away. You should know it's there long before it becomes a threat. The scary thing for the apache shouldn't be radar SAMs, but manpads. Those things are evil.
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