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  1. There are only 2-4 Tomcat/29 missions in total. Usually only 1-2 in rotation at any given moment. Out of these missions only two required the Tomcat/29 combo to be unlocked. In one you have to sling a crate, and the other you must sink/defend some ships. The latter is no longer in play. The reality you most likely ran into however is the available air frames had already been depleted. The Tomcat is generally depleted much quicker than the 29 for various reasons. One of the primary factors is its systems are far more difficult to use than the FC3 Mig-29, and most players flying it go in solo thinking they're Maverick, when in reality they aren't even Goose. I'm of the opinion git gud. My opinion differs completely from yours. I actually want more missions in rotation with the Tomcat/29 combo, however I would prefer those missions require the accomplishment of some goal to unlock them. I really enjoy slinging the crate or sinking/defending some ships to get my Tomcat/29. I also want to fly the Tomcat from the boat more, so I miss the Search & Destroy (I believe this was it) mission even though the Tomcat generally performed poorly in this mission (the lone wolf problem). EDIT: Forgot to mention, while not completely against the idea of the F-15 over the Tomcat, I actually want to see less FC3 rather than more. Full fidelity 29 when? Alpenwolf, Gman mentioned this some pages ago. It would be cool to have the Phoenix in at least one of the Tomcat missions. For the love of <insert deity here> lock them to two pylons only, and keep their count down. As an example, if the munition count is low enough vs plane count, I would probably only ever fly with one. This could be an opportunity for a nice helo mission. Some objective to unlock the Tomcat, and then a secondary objective to fly a crate (filled with Phoenix missiles) to the Tomcat spawn location.
  2. As someone who focuses on your mission goals as opposed to playing air quake, I agree with his tactic. I will take out the EWRs if it means mission success. Especially if CAP impedes my goal. There appears to be more and more unspoken rules continually put in place to support the air quake effort, so going forward I will join your server when I feel like some air quake, and not concern myself with the briefing.
  3. Oh yeah, I would have joined Tau if I weren't flying with a buddy that day. Too bad about the triggers. I stand by your position in that case.
  4. Originally we wanted to fly the Tomcat, so we could have been your two man bird, but they were all taken by singles, and you said the Viggens needed help, so we decided to do that. After the Viggen mission was completed, if I were flying solo I would have grabbed the Harrier, but I was flying with a wingman, and the only other aircraft they have is the Tomcat, but the Tomcats usefulness had run its course by then. The Kuznetsov wasn't an objective for the Viggen. We only went for it at first for the challenge, and continued because we found out we couldn't do anything else. Personally I suggest you unlock additional Viggen AG weaponry if they complete their primary objective, so we can help with real objectives. While it's fun to fly the 300+ nautical mile trip once or twice, it does get old, especially when we barely make a dent each time. For example, we made this trip 3 or 4 times involving 3-4 Viggens, and didn't sink any ships between 6 to 8 anti-ship missiles each trip.
  5. Possible to add the rest of the Viggen AG ordinance in this mission? Attacking the ships was fun (I'll post some formation screenshots later), but after making the 300 nm round trip a few times to attack the Kuz we were ready to do something else, except we couldn't. If a few BK90s (8 or so) were added we might even be able to help take out one of those SAM sites (timeline wise it's still too early, but we could pretend we're field testing the prototypes). The RB-15 would also be nice because it can help alleviate the super long range we have to fly for the Kuz. This missile was at one point OP, and may still be that way, so depending on findings maybe have it as an unlock for achieving a goal, and or have a reduced amount available.
  6. Yes, as I jokingly mentioned in my original post I thanked you for my "kick", of which I read the message, and immediately rejoined, but I've been informed that this "salty" player who took to the forums to complain about his "kick" should take up his "imaginary ban" with the man himself.... Oh wait! Since this has been brought up though, I've paraphrased this quote to draw attention to the specific parts. Basically the above says I'm well within my rights to do exactly what I did, even attacking or landing at the secondary airbase because it isn't under the protection of the rules. I don't remember the exact kick message, but it basically said don't do what I did because of exploits and against mission objectives which is contradictory to what you have written.
  7. I wouldn't have posted in these forums informing anyone this was me if I knew I was breaking the rules. I would have created an account under that alias. You're seriously grasping at straws trying to come up with any excuse to paint me as a cheater. Same goes for your continued denial of the weather conditions. Just because your flight had clear skies doesn't mean mine did. The AO we had work in had heavy cloud cover so low we couldn't properly bomb it. How would you know any of this anyhow? You made that single flight and logged off immediately after getting shot down. Say what you want. I'm not going to argue this point further. You're simply salty you didn't get to club F-5's in your Mig-29.
  8. I'm going to have to disagree with you on this. It isn't stated in the briefing it is against the rules to attack a sling loading chopper, so your analogy all of which have been stated as breaking the rules doesn't really apply. If it were against the rules, then quite honestly why have the mission in the first place. Just have the 4th gens unlocked from the start. If you don't want to get shot down then maybe sling load on any other server like the aerobatics where you don't have to worry about that. Also, like I said, and what your tacview doesn't show you, is all those mountains were covered in heavy clouds, so yes, actually it was hard to fly through them, and not be detected. Down play it all you want. I also have the intention of making it back in my aircraft. However, in this instance the objective was at the limits of my range, so a Doolittle Raid was put forth. To be quite honest, had a red player shot down the blue teams slinging choppers the blue team would simply have been told it's their fault for not providing air cover. If this were to happen to me, I would have requested air support to clear the area, and maintain a CAP presence while I get the 2nd crate for the next attempt. Instead you take to the forums to ask Alphen to fix it so you can't be shot down.
  9. Fuel wasn't my concern, this was a one way trip. One F-5 for 8 Mig-29's... worth it! Hey, I'm the dickhead! Thanks Alphen, especially for my kick! I don't see how preventing the opposing team from gaining an advantage is an exploit or against the objectives. I did run the gambit.... I had to fly through your entire completely full GCI controlled team undetected via the mountains to make it to Nalchik, and to top it off the whole damn thing is under thick cloud cover. I'm pretty certain I almost flew into a mountain once or twice, but can't be for sure because I couldn't see 5 feet in front of me. I barely made it there in time to stop you. I took a gamble landing at Nalchik because I knew Kras didn't have any defenses, so I assumed it didn't either. It actually almost cost me for two reasons. 1) By the time I got down and turned around, I looked over my shoulder, and you were on landing approach. 2) The buildings and trees at the airfield are blocking the view so much I wasn't going to see you except on landing anyway (I was about to take off because of this). I was very lucky to get back in the air in time to complete my mission, especially without you seeing me. Putting defenses on these bases is fine, but I kinda like how it is right now. It's very high risk for high reward. Slinging is harder than CTLD (though it isn't that hard honestly) thus you run the risk of losing the crate from bad flying, and you're exposed (granted behind your own lines) for an extended period of time. You've shot me down many times in a helo while I'm trying to accomplish a goal, just like you were.
  10. My guess is they were playing the mission where only R-55, and GAR-8 allowed thus leaving the Mig-19 with guns only because it can't carry either.
  11. I think I figured out why this doesn't work on the Cold War server. I did some testing with Fenrir using the Cold War server mission, and we couldn't get F2F working until I created a group of Tomcats in the same unit. So UNIT 1 of 2 for example. That allowed us to use F2F even without the SATNAV (as it should). I haven't checked Blug Flag mission out to see if their Tomcats are part of the same group or something, but I'm going to guess they are.
  12. "An off-the-books tactic we used to counter this was to manually extend the wings to the fullest, then incrementally lower the flaps beyond the normal maneuver setting. It was hugely successful, but the danger was that the flap torque tubes were not designed for this and could become stuck." https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/27889/confessions-of-a-navy-f-14-fleet-pilot-turned-f-5-aggressor
  13. Ha, you should fly blue when Tomcats are available. You'll quickly notice the slots are filled by non-Cold War regulars who see a high population count from the server browser, and also see Tomcat slots. Said players aren't on SRS, take a full complement of missiles (especially the extremely limited 9L), and will either disconnect, crash, or land at LAR and disconnect without de-arming (causing not only loss of plane, but its weapons too) all before ever seeing combat. Of those that actually find the AO, they typically get pounced by multiple fighters because they aren't on SRS or they fly right over SAMs. To sum up. While you killed six, and think blue has an unlimited supply left the reality ... we had maybe two, and only the really shitty 7F left.
  14. Agreed... Really wish they would have done a block 15 OCU which would essentially be the early A cockpit with provisions for Mavericks, Penguin, and AMRAAMs, so it would still be competitive in the modern environment though not the killer the block 52 is, but all those weapons could be restricted on Cold War, and it would basically be just a block 15.
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