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  1. I started this video tutorial series for the Community A-4E and have them organized in a playlist.  I'm working on more at the moment and if there are any specific topics you'd like to see covered please feel free to add them down below!  Enjoy!


    Latest Episode:

    Cold and Dark Startup, Taxi, and Take Off:

    Basics to Navigation:



    Air to Air Refueling:


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  2. A4_Briefing_Image_TitleScreen.jpg



    A low-level canyon ingress and pop-up attack against a heavily defended military storage target

    By popular demand, I am releasing the mission seen in my EFM review video: 

    You will perform a low-level canyon-run followed by a pop-up attack on a military installation, and a terrain-masking egress.  Includes custom briefing images, voice files, and triggers throughout the mission.  Total mission time should be about 30 minutes.  I will also be uploading a 2-player co-op version

    Download the latest version of the A-4E mod here: https://heclak.github.io/community-a4e-c

    Feedback is appreciated!

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  3. I love the concept! I'm having difficulty with performance though...  I'm trying to play a 1990s Syria full-map, but can barely get 20fps taking off from Incirlik.  I tried culling units, turning off smoke on the front lines, but the sheer number of units in the mission is really killing my frames.  Unfortunately, my CPU/GPU usage was barely cracking 30% during the whole thing.


    Intel i9 9900k


    24GB RAM


    Any suggestions?

  4. Make sure to lead your shots. The way you fired it there, you made it have to make a massive turn. On top of you flying extremely slow and low. Instead of posting on forums, i recommend looking at tacviews and figuring out ways to get better positions for better missile shots.


    These kinds of threads distract from actual feedback.


    It definitely wasn't my best shot for sure, but I appreciate you bumping the thread again to help highlight the issue! Despite it being a rough shot, inside of 5nm, at .67 mach, especially at that altitude, it shouldn't have had much trouble reaching the target. In fact, you can see the TTG counts down to zero where it says "LOST." I'm currently downloading the tacview (as you suggested) to try and see what the missile did. My guess is it did the ol "turn away from the target on intercept" that many have seen the 120B do lately. Further, I've noticed that the missile tends to bleed speed like it has a drag chute once the rocket motor extinguishes. My guess is the CFD data hasn't been addressed in the -B like it was in the -C and we're trying to use an extremely draggy missile.


    Thanks for the feedback Max! Your expertise is always appreciated!

  5. Any chance you can also release the PSD files so we can adjust them to our own liking? I'm going to apply a lot of this to my own skins for the F-5. Great work!

  6. Hi Sport, I have an old livery I've never finished. Hopefully I can get it done by the weekend




    Awesome dude! Been messing around with some civil missions in DCS Lately and its a nice step back

  7. Hey all, so I'm making some "civil" type missions and am looking for some skins for Mi-8s that you'd likely find on a helo used out in a farm-type mission. Grungy, paint flecking off, etc. There are some weather'd Yaks that fit the bill, which I am using, but am also looking for some generic, "rode hard and put away wet" Mi-8s to throw in as well. Thanks in advance!

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