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  1. Hi all I am from the UK and looking for a Harrier Squadron to fly with...
  2. Looking for a Harrier Squadron?? I'm from UK and see in multiplayer most as US and I just couldn't consistently make those early morning times for me.
  3. Does this model 190 come with actual working MW50?? :music_whistling:
  4. There is something wrong with the 109 in regards to engine over heat. I sent a track ages ago to nineline, where i was on 1.8 MW50 climbing holding a speed of around 150KM/h +/- and i got to over 6K from deck which at that speed took a while and then gave up because i got bored and it didnt overheat. Came nowhere even close at roughly same speeds in Dora and 51. But ED doesnt really care, look at the Dora, MW50 been borked now for well over a year!
  5. Just had a dogfight on the BS server. Was on 3250 then decided i needed MW50 and started my cockpit stopwatch. After 3 mins with all pressures and temps fine. Engine came to a complete stop. Can i get my money back on this module. Its been out a long time and i dont want to fly it anymore. Never used to have this issue. I will just fly the 109 now where i can run MW50 continuously till the tank is dry.
  6. Can i ask why i cannot change my loadout at FARP in AV8B?
  7. Yea Harrier. I have been using the Tawara and managing to STO just under MAX weight which is cool. I just cross my fingers and hope no one spawns in as i shoot down the deck! :megalol:
  8. Why not? I can STO with a better payload and full fuel rather than trying to take off from a FARP with a payload i cant change and dodge lamposts and telephone poles just to take off and land somewhere close to get a proper payload! Its rediculous
  9. I noticed the Carriers. Thanks. One thing, can you not use the sides of the landing deck to spawn in rather than a conga line. That way you can take a little heavier payload and not have to worry about someone spawning in as you roll down the deck?
  10. I would like to fly BF, but until i dont have to spawn at a FARP in the Harrier with a loadout i dont want. Spend time flying to an AF just to set myself up for 1 sortie. Its a ball ache.
  11. Eekz, Can you reinstate the ping limiter please. Trying to go defensive and defend against their nose position when their ping is over 400 is impossible
  12. I ran the tests on MW50 regarding length of time it can be ran for with cooldown period and then repeated. Fails within a few minutes into the second run. I have been in dogfights where i have come on and off throttle with MW50 on-off. Been flying home and engine pops at eco 2 all in the green...... :doh:
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