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  1. yes did repair of all files and is enabled (works in Instant Action) Also able to select it in multiplayer
  2. latest beta version with Caucasus map....,it works for "Create Fast Mission" and "Instant Action" but I can't add it to an existing mission or create a new mission and add it.
  3. The module shows up in "Settings" and the controls can be mapped. It also shows up in "instant action" but it is not showing up in "Missions" or in the mission editor aircraft list. The country is USA and Task is CAS so it should be listed. Does anyone know what is wrong? Also noticed the A10A is not showing up. Only the A10C is listed.
  4. reduce your fuel level...stay fast...turn slower to stay faster. use engine power to climb and cool the engine during descent. Staying fast keeps engine cool so you can use more power. Watch your engine heat constantly when dog fighting. Never use flaps. If you slow down enough for flaps you are too slow and flaps make it worse. If your wing tips you are turning too fast for you speed and making things worse. Learn the Spil-S to escape from an enemy on your tail. Then stay fast and turn slow to get some distance before you re-engage them. The P-51 is the hardest WWII plane to win a dogfight in. Once it gets slow it takes too long to speed back up compared to the other lighter aircraft. Only hope is to stay fast and get behind someone when you have speed and a cool engine and can accelerate more than them.
  5. You can just copy the user/Saved Games/DCS/Config/Input folder and paste it to user/Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Config/. That will do all the aircraft at once.
  6. If it is in red then the fix I mentioned above will most likely fix it. I have seen that several times before..
  7. The file that is unique to the f18 is the joystick file at user/Saved Games/DCS/Config/Input/FA-18C_hornet/joystick It is probably corrupted in both DCS and openbeta. You can delete (or move it) it and a new one will be generated when you edit the bindings or if you have an older copy that works you could use that so you don't have to rebind everything. Load it with "load profile" in the control setup screen. I have fixed this kind of problem this way a few times so it's worth a try... I have seen a case where Load Profile did not fix the problem however deleting the file did. I don't think "Load profile" really refreshes everything
  8. I got a warbrd base and after that I stopped using my extension because the warbrd was so much smoother I did not need it anymore. I fly mostly helo's
  9. I can confirm that my TPR pedals do not do that. I get a smooth transition all the way from the bottom up like it should work. I have the same driver and firmware versions as you. I run win 10.
  10. I got an answer at Batumi using radio 2 set at 131.000 Mhz. I did a hot startup and the radio was on by default.
  11. You may need to set the radio/intercom selector rotary knob on the center console to the correct radio. I know that after startup it needs to be on intercom in order to get the ground crew to rearm etc...never tried ATC in a huey though....
  12. I just got my WarBRD base and set it up with my WH grip. I had to drill out the base plate holes for 6m screws to mount it to my 80/20 profiles. The feel of the stick is excellent right out of the box for me. I removed the 5.5" extension that I used on my TM base because the WarBRD is much smoother and has a built in long throw so I don't really need an extension anymore. Never felt easier to fly a huey. The only issue I am having is the grip comes loose easily while flying and starts to twist. I had the same problem with the extension on the TM. I need a way to lock the nut that attaches the grip to the base. I might try some pipe thread tape. The base seems to be well built and high quality. The software worked well and was easy to use. I think I'll get one of those MongooseT grips since my experience with Virpil so far is excellent. It would be nice to have the axis brake lever and the longer stick for the spitfire.
  13. If you create a waypoint for a ground unit it will move to the waypoint. If you get two enemies within range of each other they will attack by default. Sometimes the "create mission" function will create waypoints for ground units but they may not be close enough to enemies to begin attacking. JTAC is more complicated but the manual describes it pretty well.
  14. Copy your Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input folder and move it to the new computer in the same location. DCS will use these files if it finds them at startup. Otherwise it reverts to the default files.
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