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  1. Thanks for the reply & info. I mentioned to him about that 60 days thing in his email last fall, and he said he was going to fix it. That is very confusing when you are new and sign up..
  2. Is your signature 'shipping up to' date correct. I'm just checking back in on my order placed last fall, and I thought that's about where you were then. Thanks!
  3. Stuck at 80% @ 0.8 MB/s...
  4. Built-in to DCS on the Options panel is 'Depth of Field'. The two options are Bokeh and Normal (and Off). I did find one that worked for Reshade. It's in the qUINT pack and called qUINT_dof.fx. But I need a tutorial on how to separate the near from the far blur. I've tried: ADOF [qUNIT_dof.fx] Can't blur Far only. Docs say this focus is at a point; Far and Near will be out of focus. CinamaticDOF [CinamaticDOF.fx] - same as ADOF FocalDOF [FocalDOF.fx] - Too simple. Only 3 settings. I don't know of any other Shaders that do DOF.. Arggg..
  5. I'm trying to find Reshade Shader for DOF, to make the distant mountains a bit blurry.. I don't see any good ones in the Reshade shader downloads. Unless it's included in some other FX? I know DCS has the two DoF options, but I find them too blurry to be realistic. So I'm thinking a Reshade DoF would have more settings to adjust to tweak it.
  6. Only for the APU light to work, and your panel lights to sync with the Cockpit's Console lights knob in the FA-18 from what I've tested. In SimAppPro has a setting 'Sync DCS', which lets the cockpit knob adjust not only the game's cockpit light brightness, but also your device panel's brightness. You need SAP running for this to sync from my testing.. To set it up you go into SimAppPro and on the Devices tab click on your WinWing Panel device. Then, on the right side of the picture there are sliders and buttons to adjust the lights. You can 'Sync DCS' then the FA18 Console light knob will adjust your panel light. I'm also syncing my WW Throttle and startup panel. The slider seems to adjust how bright they should be if SimAppPro is 'not' running. But it didn't work right away for me. I had to reboot after setting it up.
  7. Just a note for anyone with a Tobii Eye Tracker 5. When I uninstalled it, it left a Tobii folder in C:\ProgramData. You have to remove that manually. It wouldn't let me just delete it. But if I pressed Shift+Del it did permanently delete the folder. Worse, there was a leftover 'HeadTracker.dll' in the DCS\bin folder that kept putting a non-existant controller in the DCS Controls settings. Tobii told me that it was something that DCS gave for Tobii to install. From Tobii Support:
  8. Hey, thanks. where did I post as a cadet? It must have been a while ago? For the lights to Sync, you do need to have SimAppPro running. You go into SimAppPro and on the Devices tab click on your Combat Panel. Then, on the right side of the picture there are sliders and buttons to adjust the lights. You can 'Sync DCS' then the FA18 Console light knob will adjust your panel light. I'm also syncing my WW Throttle and startup panel. The slider seems to adjust how bright they should be if SimAppPro is 'not' running. But it didn't work right away for me. I had to reboot after setting it up. For key binding do this. The CTR, LI, RI, LO, RO are for your pylons. You select which pylons you want to Jettison, then hit the jettison button. Center, Left Inside, Left Outside, ect.. That's in a YT tutorial and the manual.
  9. FYI, I finally found it. There is a HeadTracker.dll in the DCS/bin folder. I'm not sure if DCS or Tobii put it there yet. DCS might have put it there in support of the Tobii device but didn't remove it for some reason. Or Tobii didn't uninstall it. IDK, but I'm waiting on an answer from Tobii..
  10. Ok, that makes sense. If I flew the F14 I would have been bummed if it didn't have 3 positions. LoL.. Thanks!
  11. Have you heard of this HeadTracker device before?
  12. Tobii Support helped me remove their two leftover services. And I've rebooted, and this HeadTracker thing is still there. It's not listed in the Windows Game Controllers window. Although TrackIR is. The DCS Log file only says this about it. No more info to help me track it down. Could HeadTracker be part of my Reverb G2 VR? I just don't remember seeing this before..
  13. Thanks, I could not find any Tobii anywhere until I looked in Services. There are two there. There is no Tobii in the Apps & Features. I'm submitting a ticket to them now to see what's up. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Just getting back into DCS and have a new Combat Panel. What do we need the SimApp pro running for besides the APU light? (which I don't understand why? If it can turn off AA and AG lights when I click in the cockpit? It sends a signal without SAP running?) Also, maybe this is something new in DCS? What is the HeadTracker device? (I tried out the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 a few weeks ago, but sent it back.) Is this HeadTracker device something within DCS?? I don't see any devices with that name on my system. My TrackIR is working fine. But it's weird that this device is called HeadTracker and the TrackIR is controlling the Head Tracker game Axis??
  15. Thanks. I did get the lighting for those buttons to sync finally. I had my VKB upper trigger lever set to Master Arm also, and I think that was causing the problem. I have it working now. The LST/NFLR switch ahs the same issue.. I feel tempted to buy the correct switches for this panel and fix it myself. I think that I assumed this was supposed to be an F/A-18 specific type panel. But I see on their website that it says nothing about the F/A-18. Maybe I'll just get used to it..
  16. Just setting up my Combat Panel, and have a few questions? ... 1) How do I map the Master Arm switch? On the Panel is has up/middle/down. But in the game is just has up/down. Why does this switch have 3 positions?? I've tried mapping it several ways, but in game it won't go to one or the other.. It gets to the middle and the game thinks it's in Safe or Arm. I also downloaded the profiles and imported them into the panel in DCS. 2) Do the A/A, A/G and pylon button lights sync with the game? Or is it just a preference option to have them lit or not? (The ALR-67 has lit text 'ON', so if it doesn't sync with DCS, that could be confusing.. Thanks!
  17. Just filled out my form! I was a little worried about waiting almost a year to get these. But the Form Reply indicated a goal of 60 days!! I'm hoping this is correct and things are speeding up with the new resin cases.. "Thank you for Preordering PointCTRL. You will receive a PayPal invoice when your order is ready to ship. We are currently starting production for PointCTRL Version 2, and our goal is to have all preorders shipped within 60 days. Thank you again for your support and patience. The PointCTRL Team"
  18. When I try to Create Fast Mission on the Marianas or Channel map I click FLY and it scrolls up to 8% and the scrollbar disappears. And that's it. No mission loads. I cann fly Instant Action missions on these maps though. Also, when I clicked ADVANCED MODE on the Channel map there were no airfields to pick from. I had updated to the latest version today. I don't have andy mods installed. Did a full Repair (Long method), and deleted extra files that it found. dcs.log
  19. I think you need to add your DCS log at least when reporting bugs. A track also would be nice. I had the same problem ignoring my bug report. But I can't really blame them. I just haven't had the time yet to do that.. Here's the Bug Reporting Guide.
  20. Has this been put on the bug list? I just tested it after installing todays patch, and this bug is still there..
  21. Well, after several hours of research, I tracked down the source of this VR bug. It was my Monitor settings. I have a Triple-Screen setup, and have my Monitor Settings se to '3 Screens'. If I change it to '1 Screen', this problem goes away!! Before this update I have not seen this problem. How do my Monitor settings have anything to do with rendering VR? I'm guessing that they forgot to ignore those settings when rendering the image in VR.. Hopefully an easy fix?? But, on my system, in VR, with the settings set to VR settings, I am only getting 30fps!! My i9-10850 5ghz cpu; RTX 3080 gpu; 64gb Memory; and M.2 should do much better than that!! I was testing on the P-51 Channel Free Flight mission.
  22. I've tested my Reverb G2 with DCS and IL-2 GB and they both work ok. DCS seems like the FPS are low. But IL-2 does not have this triangle in the HMD. This is only in DCS. Does anybody know how to fix this?? PS: Could a Mod move this to the View Systems forum? I was looking for a VR forum, and couldn't find one, so I put it here..
  23. This picture is from the left eye. So I have two of these(one on each side. Like vampire fangs... What is this and how do I fix it?
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