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  1. On 4/23/2021 at 10:45 AM, D4n said:



    - Admins should never suddenly impose rules that at the time are not in written form in either the mission-description or in the DCS-server's Discord-server (or another social platform).

    ‏‏‎ ‎


    most servers have a "dont be a dick" and "use common sense" rule somewhere. if you explicitly need every thing written out it only shows that you are looking for loopholes to exploid. If you exploid such loopholes and get slappet on tha hand ....dont act surprised

  2. My goal is to modernize the look but some guys shift this thread in the standard ranting thing. Please dont do this. I want a discussion about the future of the UI itself.

    Why you here when the game is sooo bad? You demoralize people with the will and ability to do some improfements to the game. I make this in my freetime. Have a bit respect... not more.



    you cant just post something about how YOU think something should be and expect people who dont like it not voicing thier opinions.

    Worse you dismiss opinions not aligned with your as "ranting". Sorry but this is not how this works.

    also, I am here just because i care about my game, just so you know.

  3. Excellent theres a lack of proper free module add ons for the sim, so anything that adds that rather than just replacing a mesh is a welcome addition IMO



    pretty sure the a4, mb339 and 540 beg to differ

  4. [...]Before downloading please know that this is not originally designed to be an end user mod and the aircraft is very unfinished.[...]



    just putting that in here to remind people that this isnt an end user mod but an example for people who like to create thier own EFM.

  5. I even put my hand in my pocket and brought the KA50 for using this mod. To say you won't keep updating for the sake of the open beta is a bit unfair imo. Some people like myself have forked the money out to buy the module to use your mod.


    Maybe having some indepth resolutions stated to solve any future issues before people like me go out and buy the KA 50 only to find they come across issues and then bin the idea of using the mod.



    so let me get this straight, you are complaining that you bought the ka50 to play a mod that does not change the Cockpit...

    so you were infact flying the ka50 while LARPing that you fly a AH64 the whole time.


    or maybe you play with easy avionics and flightmodel in 3rd person view to avoid looking at that blood russian HUD



    just fly the ka50 and pretend that the exterior looks like an ah64 :pilotfly:

  6. its kinda funny that some people assume the SDK is some kind of fairy dust that makes everything better in an instant.

    It would require rewriting a big chunk of the codebase and probably even require some new coders since its a different language, which are in very very short supply in the modding community to begin with.

    Plus, no sane person would want to become 3rd party cause that means getting yelled at by 100 people when one of the lightbulps has the wrong RGB color.

    and all the other things mentioned above.

  7. i realized i forgot some parameters in my orignal example:

    so here is a full list:



    parameters are counted 01..02....98..99..100..101..

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