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  1. Thanks, this looks promising. I have to dig into it to understand but it's a good starting point!
  2. This looks good, any idea about what does what on the Warthog board?
  3. This looks promising but a bit too big since it should fit inside the stick. I think this would be better: http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=316 I'm a bit confused. These boards are for a complete standalone joystick, right? My plan is that I connect the switches to the connectors on the Warthog base connectors. This PCB should be between the buttons on the stick and the connector on the base. Something like this: Button=>PCB=>Warthog connector. These bords are more like this: Button=>PCB=>PC Is that correct?
  4. Thanks, I think this is over my skill:). Mechanical stuff is OK, minor soldering also OK but programming Arduino is a bit too much:).
  5. Hi, Yes, there is a pdf but it shows a circuit which could be used on a gimbal designed also by the same guy. i would like to use on the Warthog base and it's still work in progress........and I'm not sure if it's ever will be finished so that's why I'm asking around here.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have bought a 3D print file for an F-14 stick which I printed. It looks really good to me but I'm stuck since I don't know how to connect the buttons so they would work. The file is here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/gadget/f-14-flightstick The problem is that the creator was planning to make it adaptable to the Warthog base but I should use a special PCB to connect the buttons so they would work with the Warthog base. This special PCB is still not available from him so I thought I ask if someone has done anything like this before. I have bought all the switches, I have the printed parts but I have no clue how this thing will work.:) Any idea from anyone? I got these swiches: - RKJXT1F42001 Original 4-Way Switch Car Navigation Encoder Key Rocker Switch RKJXT1F42001 With Push Switch Encoder - Tact Switch on off KW11-3Z 5A 250V Microswitch 3PIN - Bevigac 2PCS 3D Analog Potentiometers Joystick Thumb 2PCS Grip with Cap 1PCS Screwdriver for PS4 Slim Pro XBOX One Controller - DS-425A 12mm Black Reset Button Switch 3A 125VAC 1.5A 250VAC Self Return Momentary No Lock Push Button Switch Switch - CK1031 Rotary Switch, 4 Position, 3 Pole, 30 °, 150 mA, 250 V, CK Series - Tact Tacticle Switch Push Button 6*6*5mm 4 Pin DIP Momentary 6X6X5mm Thanks!
  7. I wouldn't mind also a Yugoslavia map....if it would exist. I think there is a place for both approach. Most of the people here are aircraft fans. Sometimes I want to learn how it's done in reality sometimes I just want to have the feeling what I had as a kid when I fell in love with aviation. Both worlds can live nicely next to each other.
  8. I have just finished the last mission. What can I say.....brilliant! I have experienced something new in each mission. There was something special in each of them. Story was great, entertaining and fun. Zone 5 is also great but that is different. When I want to get something serious then I would get that one but this was so entertaining. I have felt a long time ago when I was much younger that I really should get home from work just to finish the next mission.:) I just hope there will be a part 2 some time. I love the Tomcat and this style of campaigns are the ones I enjoy the most. Serious but not too serious, fictional but not overly fictional like Rising Squall. Thanks Refleceted!
  9. Hello Everyone, I just got my hands on a Thrustmaster F-18 grip really cheap from Ebay because it was used one for some movie or photo shooting and it looks quite weathered. The problem is that they had to disassemble the stick and remove the circuit board for some reason. So I started to reassemble it and based on your pictures I managed to reconnect all the cables. After testing I found out that the Sensor Control Switch Left doesn't work. All other buttons are working except this one. I guess there is a problem with the wire. Is there a way to replace this cable? Can I replace the whole bundle for this button or just one wire from it? How is this connected to the switch itself? Is it possible to disassemble the SCS? If yes how? I am more familiar with mechanical assemblies but not too much with electrics so I would appriciate any help. Thanks!
  10. I think it is my lack of skill to land after all.:) Does anyone know when you cold start the HUD is caged or uncaged by default. I think this was my main problem. Thanks.
  11. Yes, I do but it is quite low. My speed is between 125-140. I try to make a screenshot, I hope I don't have to redo the whole mission. On other missions I didn't experience this. I'll test it more this evening.
  12. Hello Everyone, I am struggling a bit with mission one....yes I know, I feel a bit ashamed:) My problem is the landing. For some reason the Velocity Vector on the HUD is much lower than normally it is. When I try to land in another mission it is OK, I can land no problems but in this mission this is messed up for some reason. I think I am doing something wrong during the cold start or I am not trimmed correctly? I tried to push Cage/Uncage but to be honest I haven't seen any difference. The velocity vector sits around the -5 degree ladder. What am I screwing up? Thanks!
  13. Problem solved! I just had to move the headset much farther from the base station and then it was OK. I used channel A.
  14. Hello Everyone, I have bought a used Pimax 5k without the base stations without anything. It works fine but I have only 3 DOF. In order to have 6 DOF I have bought 1 Base station. It was really difficult to find one. It wa sold out almost everywhere. Finally I got one from China.....took about a month to get it.:) So now I am in front of the Steam VR setup window but it says it doesn't track the device. In PiTool Lighthouse tracking is turned on. I see in every setup guide on the internet that you install 2 Base Stations but nowhere is mentioned what can you do when you have only one. I remember I have read something about that there is a way to do it but I can't find it anymore. Anyone have any tips what can I do to make it work? I PiTool one Lighthouse symbol is blinking but no tracking. I have tried channel A, B and C as well. Thanks!
  15. Almost everyone has suggestted AMD plus the Vulkan api is connected to AMD and anyhow is just guesswork at the moment so I really tend to AMD now. I am still reading reviews but thanks for all the comments. Thanks!
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