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  1. I find the 3rd radio unnecessary, SRS let's you talk over the DL, so you already have a JF-17 only auxiliary channel, then use Comm 1 as your primary. So long as you follow the rule of 2 (No aircraft without a wingman in the same plane) you're fine. Getting into mixed aircraft flights is always a recipe for mismatch and disaster.
  2. Gonna rain on the parade here: ED won't add 4x sidewinder carriage, even if it only requires a small change in code & matches most export users (and we have mission specific loadout restrictions, for this exact purpose); there's no way we're getting new radios and a refueling probe.
  3. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/ There are many user made skins downloadable from the link above. Can't find what you want? There are PSD templates in the main forum, so you can make your own! The responsibility of the dev is realistic skins, the community will fill in the gaps where needed. If you don't want to do it yourself, there are many skin artists who do both commissions and free work over on the DCS Livery discord https://discord.gg/6XauDj6W Have a great day.
  4. There's a buy-in on attacking a defending ship, they take alot of missiles to overwhelm, and if timed incorrectly, will do nothing. I can't remember where is saw it but the US predicted that you would need to fire between 18 and 22 harpoons to land a single hit on the Kuznetsov. So the ante is quite high, more than a flight of aircraft can bring by themselves. Really, the correct call is to supplement the attack with coordinated sea and/or shore based anti-ship.
  5. Larnaca parking spots 22, 23, 25, & 26 cause huge frame drops in SP <7fps, and kills my game in MP ~1 frame per 50-90 seconds. The log file is from multiple tests, the rest of the airfield seems fine, just those 4 spots. dcs.log
  6. As Argentina is looking at the JF-17 to stand up their Airforce, it seems natural to use the Jeff as the Redfor jet in a modern Falklands conflict. This will be made even better when we get the Eurofighter, as 4 or 6 are currently stationed there for defense. I think the community will come up with more than a few real & fictional scenarios to make the map fun and useful.
  7. If things aren't working properly; submit a bug report, it can be fixed if the Devs aren't aware of it. Most people don't use the terminal options, so I wouldn't be surprised if you're the first guy seeing it.
  8. Which other players? Remember that the JF-17 is one of the better modelled aircraft, and stores limits are not on every plane. I. E. The 14, 16, & 18 can be flown to their max with a full load of weapons and fuel, with no adverse effects; because store limits aren't in the game for them. Hopefully that disparity is fixed by adding stores over-g to the others, but that's up to the Devs of each plane.
  9. I know everyone wants the latest and greatest, but I think it's in a good position currently. I'd prefer if Deka could finish up the module: Small calibre LS-6s, CM-400, INS and Datalink targeting for the SD-10, the fuel flow and cruise pages/indicators, etc. Filling in the gaps and finalizing the module should be the main priority.
  10. It initially worked, but I wasn't last time I landed on the LHA.
  11. I actually textured both the PL-12 and PL-9 rails after I didn't hear anything back. I'm happy to donate them to the template, I'll message you on discord sometime this weekend.
  12. I would be extremely careful citing any sources from India; they have a very odd social media war going on with Pakistan, which somehow became a pissing match between the HAL Tejas and the JF-17. Quick edit: Just to clarify: I'm not saying Pakistani sources are good either. Both sides seem to tie the aircraft to nationalism and ego, so there are significantly skewed viewpoints printed on both sides, to the detriment of any realism presented in DCS.
  13. I can live without the CM-400, but is there any news on small calibre LS-6s?
  14. Eventually it will come.
  15. The SD-10A is not dual pulse, it's dual thrust, meaning a combination of rocket grains with differing burn rates creating an initial boost phase to get the missile up to speed then a longer sustain phase to keep the missiles velocity up; the entire motor is burned in a single ignition. The PL-15 and PL-XX *supposedly* use dual pulse motors, but credible information is scarce on both. If you can find a source that says different, I'd love to see it.
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