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  1. Well guys, You could do a "cut and paste" mod using the nibbly helicopter. There are two ways to do this. One only allows a single Instance of either to be used at a time. The other method requires some lua code magic. And can be hit or miss, Anyone can make the "cut and paste" version. Just copy the edm and textures/skins files into the AH-j folders and re-name them to that mods names exactly. DO NOT copy any EDM but the main OH-6a! You need his collision file. Add the correct display name in the main lua, and you have a flyable OH-6A See Damian's Helo mods for how it is done. It is how he did it. Have fun!
  2. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/these-images-of-an-f-22-raptor-s-crumbling-radar-absorbent-skin-are-fascinating?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  3. The Mil Mi-6 has arrived! This took much longer than anticipated..... more to come!
  4. First post up-dated! New audio files and broadcasts to use! See the instructions. If anyone gets them working in cockpit, post the mod in this thread please.
  5. First Post up-dated! New mod version, with many fixes including the connectors. New number, first link has been removed. Please replace the entire mod.
  6. Herein, you will find a WWII radio. It has a pole, and speakers. Place anywhere in your mission. It will play all your favorite WWII Big Band hits of the day! It will loop till you exit the mission. Unlike a radio station, which needs a transmitter, and a radio to tune in the correct frequency, This one will play no matter what. It has no collision shell. You can not destroy it. It is a static object, even though found under armor. Given way points will accomplish nothing. The tunes are distance affected. Like any ambient in sim sound, the closer you are, the louder it gets. And vice versa. This mod is a copy of SuntSags Siren mod. I removed the broken Karmaz, and replaced the siren with my own files, without changing the files. Only the name was changed to protect the guilty! LOL This works a treat! The idea came to me out of no where. One more thing. Using the same method, You can "broadcast" any sounds/tunes/alerts etc you wish! Just change the correct files. I converted a wav file to ogg. it saved almost 450 MB of space! The sim will just play it, NP. Have fun! I also have many WWII broadcasts, the real things, which I will turn into another "station" D-day and Pearl Harbor! https://www.dropbox.com/s/jqmhr0hw7mm6198/WWII Radio V1.0.zip?dl=0 Inside are a few WWII radio Broadcasts. From the Attack on Pearl Harbor, To British and Winston Churchill. With the Japanese as well. These need to be named the very same as the ogg file in the mod. Or,create a copy and make a new version. Many of these files are meant for in cockpit use. Use as you see fit. All downloaded free from various sites, with common use permissions. This will help with immersion! Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/tqnossn7m7pihaz/WW2Radio.zip?dl=0
  7. Ever hear about "Rear aspect Rockets" I wondered how long it would take for someone, ANYONE to notice! You win the booby prize! Stop by anytime to pick up your Free Booby! I noticed after posting the screens. A Miss aligned connector. BTW, It bet it WILL fire backwards! Fix in progress..... Thanks!
  8. To celebrate May day, I give you, The Goodyear Airship! Find under helicopters. Saved games install. OvGME ready. NOT armed! Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/quylnzi9f7cywlf/Goodyear Airship.zip?dl=0
  9. First Post up-dated! The Aeroprakt A-36 Vulcan has arrived!
  10. I have a lot more in store. Just need to make the IFV work...... Stay tuned......
  11. Join us would you?

    We are a private discord, dedicated to helping each other with all things mods.

    By invite on;y.

    No public allowed.

    I hope to see you there!


  12. @Vol_de_nuit Great News! I must release this to go with it! From the master Markindel! See the Warbirds thread soon! And Thank you! It is not easy trying to re-create the entire WWII fleets by myself! All help is Appreciated! Cheers!
  13. First post Up-dated! Time to even the air war!
  14. Now live! Ka-27 Skin Pack (digitalcombatsimulator.com) Nice work!
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