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  1. Well done! Merry Christmas to you as well!
  2. If you think VR is fun, Get out of the cockpit while auto pilot is on, have a chair nearby, sit on the wing edge, and look down! (Have barf bag handy!) For real fun, set a mission with a few bombers attacking a airfield. Spawn on the airfield, in VR, get out, and wait..... Watch bombs fall! Kiss butt goodby!
  3. I was chatting with Drummernl about this. I wanted to make my own trains, which would then travel on the in sim tracks. To do this, they must have the correct "type" designated in the main lua file. I can share the lua files he sent me to try, Send me a PM. But I have had no luck getting any to show in sim. As a wheeled vehicle is easy. But they will not stay on the tracks. A un-armed train should be easy you would think! If you can make it work, I have a whole rail yard just waiting!
  4. First post Up-dated! Merry Christmas!
  5. Upuart made one. See his thread. I am told it still works! Find his stretcher.
  6. See EightBalls mods. He can Sling Cows! Not much of a stretch to use a Stretcher! (Pun intended!)
  7. The best I can do is a pilot mod with new models, including women! The base model has bones, so with max, and proper args and connectors, they could be made to do things in the cockpit! Turn switches, move controls etc. The basic mod is about done. All are sitting, not standing. They could be placed in any cockpit with lua!
  8. To secure you perimeter! And aircraft! And anything else! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwsm24zpbqpx74m/Chain-link Fence Construction Set V 2.1.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8aftph3mbzr5lz5/Barbed Wire Fence Construction Set.rar?dl=0 Enjoy!
  9. @Geschirre I would like to address this "Elephant in the room!" Some points to consider. 1) I do appreciate the interest in my creat6ions. It inspires me to make more! 2) I also understand your points. Many share them! 3) Way back, Six tears ago or so, I began this journey making assets to enhance and expand my enjoyment of this Masterpiece called DCS World. At that time, I made them for myself only. I did not share my work except with a few fellow modders and friends. At one point, I began to get requests to share with all here. As I was good friends with markindel a Max master who taught me, i suggested to him I re- post his mods, using good English, (he is Italian) I would add my own. It has grown to way too many mods to manage! I am a ONE man team! A "Army of one" You guys are my "test team" LOL As I never intended to share them I did very little up-dates other than to make sure they were at least usable in sim, Although perhaps not with every "feature" working in all cases. For my original use, I did not care. 4) That being said, I am not adverse to fixing and making improvements if the interest is there. I welcome all suggestions, and complaints with a open mind. I have a thick skin, to match my skull! 5) At the end of the day, I am still a newb with max. Many have much more talent than I. I muddle through! 6) Most, if not all my mods use pre made models. Not my work Many come with textures matching the models. I will up scale them as needed but no higher than 4k. The rest I do my best with my meager skills! So, in closing, now the Elephant has been fed! The model posted above came with textures. I up scaled them is all The edits done. I do try to make them look good. I never intended them to have new skins made, Although I do like the idea! If any wish to help, and use max, I am willing to share that as well! All help will be acknowledged.. Send a PM. Credit where due. We all want the same. A great DCS to fly in! Thanks to all for the kind words and support! Cheers!
  10. @Urbi Beautiful work Mate! Merci!
  11. I will just leave these here! Interested? A bit of pylon work is still needed but I could be convinced to release a early WIP version, Will look nice next to the VSN YF-12! As a mater of fact, I have used a modified VSN mod as a base. So credit goes to the VSN team for allowing me to do so! It is Turkey day in the USA I an feeling generous! With enough interest, you could be flying this as player before the sun sets! Your vote counts! Let me know! Have a great dinner! Turkey Stupor here I come!
  12. First Post Up-dated British T-class submarine
  13. This is a status report, And screens from the latest OB of my progress. Although I wanted to get the MK46 torpedoes to work, (They are supposed to track targets) There has been no joy. So, We must use the in sim Lt 58 These are fire and forget, and pray they hit the target! I(t is possible to do, as the following screens will show. More work is needed but I will release these in smaller sets, so the wait will be shorter. Without further ado, I present, The WWII Fairmile C Motor Gun Boat!
  14. Not abandoned. Besides the new aircraft mods they are working on, AND, the FM;s They are creating for them, And trying to stay on top of all the fixes and requests, I suspect they have their hands full! They monitor these threads. News will be provided when there is news to share. Thanks for understanding! Cheers! And Happy Holidays!
  15. If you ask the Admiral this very question, the answer you will Get is a resounding, YES!
  16. https://download.authentikit.org/
  17. Once again, first post up-dated! Open if you dare!
  18. It is that time of year again! Polish/oil your weapons and check your ammo! It's Turkey shoot time!
  19. The FM is being worked on. it is not a easy task! Give them some time to get further along, Fly the other till then.
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