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  1. Tell you what. I have decided to finish this mod. Make it flyable. Using the VSN original mod as a template. I will call it VSN corsair_2B So have a bit of patience. A new thread shall be started for it. Watch this forum section for the release!
  2. First post up-dated! We have Lana's! And Lama-Lama's! I kid you not!
  3. Hawkeye60

    UH-1 Venom

    They will be posted in the Hawkeye Helicopter Shop when ready. They are getting close! along with a RAH-66 and MHX Stealth Hawk A almost full suite of Euro copters. And so many more it boggles the mind! Time in my enemy! LOL
  4. It is my understanding there is a bug of some sort in the sim code affecting missiles. Wait for the next patch before going crazy trying to fix the un-fixable! The Razbam team are aware of the issue.
  5. Hawkeye60

    UH-1 Venom

  6. With a huge thank you to the Razbam and ED teams, I present, Working WWII SUBMARINES! And PT Boats! And MORE! My prayers have been answered! Coming soon to a forum thread near you!
  7. This is a very nice effort Here is mine! Coming to the Hawkeye Helicopter shop soon! A early WIP.
  8. First post up-dated! New version of the Jungle with darker textures to closer match the in sim hues. And a added palm tree mod bonus! Both versions shall remain available so you have choices! Now get to the Choppa's and get those commies!
  9. Markindels Durance Class Expanded! The Durance class is a series of multi-product replenishment oilers, originally designed and built for service in the French Navy. Besides the five ships built for the French Navy, a sixth was built for the Royal Australian Navy, while the lead ship of the class currently serves with the Argentine Navy. Two ships of a similar but smaller design are in service with the Royal Saudi Navy as the Boraida-class replenishment oilers. In French Navy service the ships were used with the Force d'action navale (FAN, "Naval Action Force"). The last three French ships were built to a modified design with increased space for command operations. The three ships are used as flagships for French naval forces in the Indian Ocean. In 2009, Somme repelled an attack by pirates off the coast of Somalia. In 2014, a second French ship was removed from service followed by a third in 2021. In 2019, the Australian ship was taken out of service. His comes with five liveries, including some to use with the new South Atlantic map. A timely release! We hope you enjoy her! https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrwnz1ferkpt2w3/Markindels Durance Class.zip?dl=0
  10. Not unless you use max or Blender. Do not worry. All will be fixed in time. But modding take LOTS of time. And the weather is getting nicer so out doors activities rule the day! Have patience please. Lots of good stuff in the pipeline! Cheers!
  11. And we thank you for allowing the use of your models. You are a Wizard! Merci!
  12. We need to find a better way.

    I got banned from the DCS discord because I was hacked! LOL


    Use this e-mail and attach or link the files.


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    2. Shrike88


      Just Tested.  The only real issue is the scaling.  It seems that Soda factory is significantly larger than some of your other models and factories.  Not sure how you proportion the models or if its based on actual measurements (you need to enter Feet or meters on blender ) etc. However it seems disproportionally large. 

      It is just for testing so thats not really an issue. As far as clipping goes I cannot place units on top of it, which is fine.  I know some of the ERO sam site assets pack he gets around this clipping issue as making them a vehicle class maybe ? I know there was an issue a couple updates ago, however should be fixed in DCS Now not sure what he is typing in his lua to render them that way so there is a bounding box. Not sure on the collision shell just yet I didnt try to land on the roof.  Just tried with placing infantry and objects on it in the Editor. 

      The Soda factory does catch fire and can be destroyed.   I just tested with an artillery shelling trigger.  One single small flame will come from the center of the building at ground level.  After about a minute it will explode and disappear.  I think thats due to there not being a damage modeled object which is fine.  I usually cover with multiple explosion and fire and smoke effects when a target object is destroyed in DCS anyways.

      Thanks again ! Enjoy fishing and being outdoors.





      Test Building.png

      Test Burning.png

    3. Hawkeye60


      Ready for J-dams!

      Let me know!

      Collision shell is done.

      Looks great!

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/up4mn9p6p8stoxq/Hidden Base V2.8.0.zip?dl=0

    4. Shrike88


      Hawkeye Thanks ! The Vent shafts look great and are perfect.  They are the best textured and detailed of the lot.  Thanks alot.

      Some quesitons. Looks like you combined them together to make the bunker Group of objects ? Kind of scaled large but cool idea.

      Also I didnt see the Radar building that I bought in there.  The rotating Radar object in there looks nothing like the one I downloaded.  Looks like i might have messed up and its a MAYA file whatever that is not a 3DS or blender file.  Not sure if you can convert or even use those so its a loss on the Radar Building ? 

      Just wasnt sure on that.   Other than that looks great thanks ! 

      Let me know maybe I can email Turbo Squid or the creator and either get a refund for that radar site or see if they can convert it to a workable file you can use.  

      Thanks again the Bunker vent looks great ! 





      Bunker Picture1.png

      Bunker Picture 2.png

      Bunker Picture3 Radar.png

  13. https://github.com/hlorus/CAD_Sketcher Constraint-based sketcher addon for Blender that allows to create precise 2d shapes by defining a set of geometric constraints like tangent, distance, angle, equal and more. Sketches stay editable and support a fully non-destructive workflow. Experimental addon: This is still work in progress, don't use it on production files without a backup. Minimum version: Blender 2.92
  14. I need to know one of the discords you frequent. post a invite here please.
  15. Yes please. I will add it to the base above and send it to you to test before release. Any other models you buy, cheep I hope!, LOL send along. Be sure they are legal. I have seen shady deals on the model sites.... Once in hand, we need to find a way to transfer it. Not public. do you do discord? If so, we can meet there to chat in RT
  16. Poland Armed Forces I need a dedicated thread for the mods oncoming. So, Here we are! Lets get things started with a cool addition to your hanger. The PZL-230 Skorpion The PZL-230 Skorpion (scorpion) was a proposed Polish low-cost attack aircraft. It was being developed by Polish manufacturer PZL Warszawa-Okecie in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Although never finished, You may now use, and perhaps fly, one! From a low poly 3d warehouse model. Modified by me. I like it! Have fun! More to come...... https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6cg1iqdmai92yf/PZL-230 Skorpion Beta.zip?dl=0 Free Ukraine!
  17. ai only. As all of these mods are. Without a good FM, they would be clones of the AH-6 ai only. First post up-dated! The Sikorsky CH-37 Mojave has arrived for your enjoyment!
  18. The DCS Jungle Environment - South East Asia Mods Herein, you will find any mods which fit this category and location. I invite anyone who may have created any similar mods to add them to this thread. I will gather them all and place the links in the first post. To get the ball rolling, No South East Asia would be complete without a jungle! I present, The ADC Jungle Environment V 2.7.8 Various trees and plants. And a couple Easter Eggs! Also, a mod from a relatively new modder, Vol_de_Nuit_ou_Totof The burning palm tree, placed and shared with his permission. There is more to come! Please note, I did not make collisions for all these models. So consider them eye candy. Collisions may be added later, if interest is there. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/mv53iribx6emky0/ADC Jungle Environment V 2.7.8.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0bd8frlh18396jz/Burning Palm Tree.zip?dl=0 First addition, In less than 30 minutes! LOL Presenting, The Bamboo Huts Construction Set v1.2 Use to add ambiance! With thanks to SuntSag for the assist in making this mod! Cheers Mate! https://www.dropbox.com/s/eebze8x3ssj9me3/Bamboo Huts Construction Set v1.2.rar?dl=0 Up-date 22/'6/2022 New version of the Jungle with darker textures to closer match the in sim hues. And a added palm tree mod bonus! Both versions shall remain available so you have choices! Now get to the Choppa's and get those commies! Version 2.7.9 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6i5absigpgqmge2/ADC Jungle Environment V 2.7.9.zip?dl=0 Bring on the
  19. Baaaaaaa Humbug! The sheep are taking over! See the4 first post! Quick! Did you know, Australia had a war against EMU's? And Lost? LOL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emu_War https://www.wearethemighty.com/mighty-history/that-time-australia-fought-a-war-against-emus-and-lost/
  20. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322954/ Hawkeye's Civilian Ships Mod - Updated for 2.7 with new Liveries by CrazyEddie With a big thanks to Eddie! Cheers mate! His note, Hawkeye created a number of Civilian Ships a couple of years ago - simple eye candy low poly model which he released at various times. Those mod's all stopped working quite a while ago so I decided to reconstruct the folders and get them working again. I have added a few new liveries to them in the process. Some models I did not do because they were either very oversized or very poor quality compared to models that others have released of the same types of ships. Please note these are low poly models intended as simple eye candy to fill out your oceans, close up some are better than others but none are are of a particularly high quality. I have added liveries for SS Uganda and MV Norland, both ships were used by the British in the Falklands War - Uganda as a hospital ship and Norland as a troop transport. Team them up with Eightballs Trawler and you have a viable non military addition to the task force, the RN took up several deep sea trawlers and used them as Mine Sweepers. The RN also took up a number of small tankers and sent them south to refuel the fleet whilst it was at sea, so I have included two types of those as well.
  21. Did you know, there are 200 sheep to every human on the Falkland Islands? Holy Sheep Sh*t!!!!! Coming soon!
  22. I have this! Hidden insurgent base! this entry above would be perfect!
  23. LOL;

    Funny you should show this type of bunker....

    I was working on a farp/bunker with a underground area, hanger bay and door. The air vent

    was not very good. but here you come along with the perfect solution!

    Yes please!


    most the models I find of this sort of thing are very labor intensive to bring into the sim.

    But bought models, if they come with textures, are easy!

    Anything you like can be made.

    time to finish depends upon complexity.

    So, that being said, If you want to buy a few, I will put them in sim. You get the owner credit. Half the gold!😂

    The community jumps with joy!


    What say you?

    Shall we breach the compound walls?

    Slay the king?

    Make the dragon our pet?😆

    Make cool mods?

  24. Oceania Animals V2.7.9 All models come from Sketch Fab and cad nav. Many have bones, but no animation has been done, YET! No collisions, YET! Beta release. We need something to spice up the new map while waiting for the asset pack! Any which do not belong, consider them a bonus! And one Important point..... Watch out for the Drop Bears! Mean little suckers..... Ask any Australian! Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ktase9jalb71qb/Oceania Animals V2.7.9.zip?dl=0 New Sheep add - on! With Shepherd tending the flock, and a bonus Border Collie! New link, https://www.dropbox.com/s/jc0xstaso0pwf4q/Oceania Animals V2.7.9.6.zip?dl=0 Hurry up and EAT those Flamingo's!
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