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  1. hi i have realteus and simtools.when I will have time am try this software
  2. quick answer from simtools forum ...I have not heard of anyone testing the realteus, but because it is recognised as a sound card when plugged into a PC it should work with GameVibe.
  3. maybe realteus work with sim tools +(sim vibre..... from simtools)
  4. flyinside,project 2,aerofly FS2 flight simulator and in oculus software debug tool setting option size(is working with game valkyrie) even oculus is aware of the possibility that there should be .....
  5. hi not everyone have to same view eye (for one person it is cockpit big for the other small) I would be happy if this option was also in DCS. Many games have this option. 100% I'm not the only ones who would like this option in dcs. Thanks michal
  6. hi all how to change the size of the cockpit?it's possible somewhere in lua? please do not answer me (cokpit size it is ok not need change:smartass:).... thanks
  7. 3 dof chair 3 dof chair in DCs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6dtUjBhBX8&t=277s (old project)
  8. https://uploadvr.com/7invensun-eye-tracker-for-vive/ I'm starting to play with the idea of selling cv1...lol
  9. ok guys will by waiting for report...thanks (i have dcs iinstall on sdd)
  10. Plane si shaking, when i moving with mouse throught the screen. this is my problem, is someone else have the same problem ? setting low or maximum fps to same .
  11. play dcs launch own standalone without steam..... fps18-45 oculus rift
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