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  1. Thanks for repeating what I said
  2. Then why did you ask this in the supercarrier forum? Expect to get carrier related answers here. And here's turn indicator in the 14.
  3. Yes, It's a pretty old system called the Digital Terrain system. It has these features. terrain referenced navigation (TRN) predictive ground collision avoidance system (PGCAS) database terrain cueing (DBTC) obstacle warning and cueing (OWE) passive ranging (PR)
  4. Did a little testing and that weapon weight is because of the pylons but the interesting thing is in the f/a-18 the pylons do not weigh anything, at least on the arming page.
  5. Have you tried posting this in the bugs section of the forums?
  6. Best to not try to S-J in mrm or dogfight override modes.
  7. I'd suggest putting this in the bug section.
  8. If you're talking about the buggy SPI then it is reported.
  9. I've heard complaints that looking at the bottom of the seat causes a lot of lag but I have not noticed any.
  10. https://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/the-wonders-of-link-16-for-less-midslvts-updated-02471/ I'm not seeing very many orders for LVT 6 besides Turkey.
  11. Easy way to tell between jhmcs and scorpion is the sensor location for scorpion is at the top of the canopy like on this blk 30.
  12. The person you're replying to is talking about DCS and the current state of the 18 and 16's EA jhmcs and why the A-10 II got some love before the teens. And Scorpion is used by some older US F-16s.
  13. Auto gain right now seems like it doesn't exist. It's more like a preset gain level atm. However when manually adjusting the gain I can get a pretty decent picture, comparable to the a10.
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