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  1. Ok finally works! Now i have only to complete the trainig. Thanks all wor help!
  2. So the one io need to work is the collective and not the throttle. But in game i tried to set collective control to my slider but it doesnt work. I always move the throttle instead (the two yellow lever) that must is normally managed as you said. I will try again.
  3. I tried to use the "search" option. I searched for throttle and collective. I got a Airrow joysitck so dont have a separate throttle but i slider on my joystick. I cleared all axis and commands that where assigned to throttle and collective and tried to put the throttle command on the slider but it doesnt work. I need that left handle that moves up and down to when i move my slider. If correct that should make the KA-50 goes up and down. I suppose this is the throttle command. It should give the engine more power like in planes right? But when i assign throttle to my RZ axis (that is the slider) instead of moving that handle, i move the two sticks on the left (collective differential) and not the throttle.
  4. The throttle and differentials are mapped differently in the key menu. Differential use pgup and pgdow and throttle + and - i think. I triend also to clear al the key setting ang put on axis insteand of slider but doesnt work. @PocketSized: do you neam you dont never use collective controls?
  5. Hi all, i just started triyng to use the KA-50. At the moment im still learnig how to start up the engines. But i got a little problem. In key and axis mapping i have set up my slider for the throttle control. But when in game instead of increasing the collective, when moving the slider i change the engines differentials. I tied to remap the slider but it doesent work. Anyone got a solution? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, i really dont know where to posto this, so sorry. I was just asking myself if all the new FC add-ons (or modules) will be available also for the steam version because at the moment not all of them are available. Thanks
  7. Does not work. In the video all work fine. Map Keys, save profile, use the "activating" button and then check in game. Tried to do the same but does not work.
  8. I created new mapping profiles and saved them...in the Saitek software you can actually see if they are working and my mappings where good. For example i mapped the thrust controls and triend in the test menu of the software and they worked...but not in game. The problme is not mapping command but is that those commands, when in game do not work. It should work like in this video but it do not. I suppose i got correctly installed drivers
  9. Hi, i have tried everything but my X-55 still does not work. The SAITEK software that MUST be used (or you cant map in any way two way swithces or sliders) does not work. I got Win 10 and Steam versionme of DCS Flaming cliffs and add-ons but i just can map any button of my joystick. I deleted all in game button setting, used the delete option, changes key settings, used SAITEK software but when in game my mappings are not working. Got the same problem with other flight sim. Anyone got win 10, steam game versions and X-55 that works?
  10. I tried...but it seems that the Saitek software cant overwrite the game options. Is there a way to play in windowed mode like in the video? Because the Profile button doestn work
  11. I did but the game when i move the throttle says its the stick
  12. Thanks i tried but still cant find how to use the throttle. I cant do like in the video because i cant run the game in window mode and use the Profile button. The x ans y ant rudder axis works but i cant assing how to increase and decrease the power with the throttle
  13. Hi all, i just bought FC3 and the P51 add on. I also have a Saitek X55 throttle and stick but i cant figure out how to use them in game. The throttle just dont work for the engine and i cant uderstand how to use options menu to use them in game. I also tried somew prefilled profiles but the throttle just dont work. Someone can help me please? Thanks
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