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  1. TAW_croncat - blue - Mirage2000c or F15/16
  2. Hi, as far as I can tell the displacment happens, so the pilot doesn't have to move his head so far. But why would the fact that a displacements happens depend on the absolute position I am looking (up in the sky), while the direction of the displacement is relative to the aircraft?
  3. It seems that the HMCS boresight displaces the egg when you look higher than 30 degrees. But this is not stabilized for the aircraft.
  4. Congrats Kapsu, great show. Thanks TAW, fantastic organisation of the event, besides that the rules were interpreted a little bit different by everyone. But you guys managed to finish a tournament from the RO32 to the finals in short time, really impressive. Thanks everyone who participated, especially my opponents for brining up intense fights. Good luck to the 2vs2 teams next week.
  5. Hi guys, I'm sorry to inform you that RL issues got in my way. Unfortunatly I'm unable to participate in that event :( BTW, great and interesting idea.
  6. <51P> Croncat Germany 1. BF109 2. FW-190 3. Spitfire IX
  7. Because it might cause confusion: The squadrons are allowed to change pilots and/or air frames between the matches, but not between the rounds. So let's say you fought Squadron A with 6 SU27 you can fight Squadron B with 6 F15c.
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