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  1. No. You made a mistake with G reading from diagram. Green line show not 3,3 G but almost 6 in this place.
  2. For me, Viper flies a bit better than before last update. Compared to what was at the beginning when the Viper was released, then he was a F-16 Piper callsign "Flying Brick"
  3. You cannot win against Hornet in a two circle fight because the Hornet pilot uses paddle at a higher speed. Even if you gain an advantage after a few circle, you will lose it very quickly after Hornet uses the paddle.
  4. A few months ago my friend had a problem with the top speed in the Viper. It turned out that he had a sound mod for a Viper that broke something.
  5. I'm curious what will happen when Typhoon comes out. btw. great video.
  6. You have really good SME, he will tell you how Viper should fly. Please don't put it back in time.
  7. Ok but we hope that you realize that this is a priority for Viper drivers?
  8. This is how dogfight in F-16 usually looks like hhh www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqTARsz1itc
  9. Some information about g-limits from real pilots. It's good to know (especially in 19:00 minute of video). Maybe in DCS some over-g can damage something (FLCS?, some parts of wing?)
  10. 14,2 G great https://www.quora.com/Can-the-F-A-18-Hornets-pull-upto-9G-or-limited-to-7-7-5G-I-am-asking-this-because-the-F-35B-C-which-suppose-to-replace-it-is-restricted-to-7G-for-the-B-model-and-7-5G-for-the-C-model
  11. Watch Fights for Honor. Real pilot talks something about paddle switch and 10 G in Hornet. They talks about Viper accelaration. A few realy good information about current situation. But i don't know why people from ED they don't want to hear what a real pilot have to say. Or maybe they hear but they don't know how to do this.
  12. Just want to add some picture. I was watching again Canadian Hornets and I noticed something that I hadn't noticed never before.
  13. Just like in title i have a wish that airspeed and altitude have different display frequency on HUD addicted to they changes speed.
  14. Maybe it is not realistic for our blk50. After two years without this sound.
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