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  1. why would this map be great? Well, first of all, many assests are already there, especialy if time-span would be early to mid 90' with culmination of Operation Infinite Resolve or even later. Let us see what planes and helicopters were used at the time: - Mig 21 (Yugoslav Air Force - YAF, Croatian Air Force) - Mig-29A (YAF) - Mirage 2000 (France) - Harrier (UK) - Mi-8 (YAF, CAF and Bosnian forces) - A-10 - F-16C/D - F-18C - MI-24 (CAF) - F-14 (US) - F-117 - C-130 - C17 - Gazelle (YAF, Bosnian Serb Air Force) - Tornado Only new assests missing - Soko G-2, J-21 Jastreb, J-22 Orao Balkan has it all, mountains and sea, mix of Soviet/Russian and US/European hardware
  2. when rotor blades are no longer on the mast due to crash, pilot gets seizures in very high frequency. First person view - everything is shaking, it is impossible to click anything. Pilot's head is visibly shaking in F2 view as well. Heli is not vibrating.
  3. OH, indeed. Thank you for taking time and creating screenshots. Mods, please close this one.
  4. I just googled your nick Kinkkujuustovoileipä and now I'm laughing...
  5. dali

    animated hook...

    thanks for (I guess) firsthand experience.
  6. dali

    animated hook...

    ok, if they would move according laws of physics, then I would swallow that. But as this is only perpetual and limited animation with no connection to attitude of the aircraft, it makes it painful to watch and is annoying for that reason. If they want reality, then make the cockpit shake constatnly... If intention was suspension of disbelief, they failed. sorry.. not to mention practical impact - our brain tends to concentrate more on moving objects....so even when looking straight, that moving hook is going to draw attention of the eyes and brain. I imagine that that hook is somehow fixed or taken down during flight? I can't imagine myself in position to be able to fly with that damn thing dangling at the side LOL
  7. I read the readme (lol), you purchased the models? next time call for help, its unfair that you should bare all the costs and then give us this beauties.
  8. 8ball, I just love your texturing (and modeling too). work of art...
  9. enjoying last couple of vids by Matt, but that dangling hooks on the left side of cockpit...they begin to get on my nerves. I hope there is a way to de-animate them, like fan in Mi-24
  10. buildings in DCS definetly need an upgrade! thanks for doing this! hopefuly ED will take some notice.
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