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  1. One step forward : the mapped as "a". But I have to press "s"... Very, very Strange. Everything works fine outside DCS.
  2. Thanks for your help. I also tried moving the launch bar, same issue. I'm sure I miss Something grr
  3. Hi All, I cannot find where I'm wrong, so I'm starting wondering myself if there is a bug or not. I cannot switch on the NWS. I deleted/remapped it, I rebooted the PC etc: it does not work. The Strange thing is : if I start a quick mission, with the plane ready: NWS is on. But as soon as I push the throttle to move the plane, after 2 meters, the NWS switches off on its own and I cannot switch it on. I thought about a conflict with throttle axis, but I can't find anything. And everything was fine 1 week ago, no update between those days… have a nice day, excuse my English.
  4. Hello all, Just my thoughts; I was wondering why servers are sometimes showing less players than before. Maybe the problem comes from the fact some servers do need to be on DISCORD to play. There is a huge diffrence between tha capability of writing English and the capability of have voice chat in English, for those who are not that good speeking English. Playing a game with people having conversations you Don't understand is not funny. So you just Don't connect. Maybe servers shoud keep in mind some of us are not good enough to be "voice connected". have a nice week end.
  5. Hello all, As you did, I spent hours (in fact, days...) flying the Mirage. I became fed up waiting for news or update. I'm not flying the mirage anymore; thus I'm not flying as much as I used to do for the last 3 years. I believe that, since ED business plan is also based on 3rd parties, they should also have a look on what's going on there. I mean : why did I would purchase their F-18? Probably because flying the mirage, I would want to buy this new bird I'm fighting with. If Razbam customers (yes, we also are, despite we are all standing ready to help, e.g; for campaigns) are spending less time on servers, the probability they would buy ED's items will decrease. No agressivity, just a little of tiredness and fatalism. (what a plane...)
  6. Well, pushing this button you would have been able to pull 10g's or more. It saved my a**, sorry, my life, twice, preventing from ground impact.
  7. as a "M2OOO pilot": L-39 is not an easy target in dogfight, AI or not. I don't fly the Harrier, I can't say if it is "realistic" or not that you're being kiiled each time.
  8. Hello, did you try dcs_update repair in cmd box? It worked for me, 5 minutes ago :)
  9. Hello Baltic Dragon, these are great news! I'm really looking forward to playing your campaign.
  10. Hi all, Yesterday I was flying with the latest patch, wich provides very good feelings. But when I was flying at 45000 feet, no payload, mach 2, the AP began to give oscillations, and the situation was worst second after second. So I switched off Autopilot, no action on stick: immediatly control of the plane was lost, I got overGed, and wings leaved the bird on its own... And even with the new patch, the mirage does not fly properly without wings... Could this issue be solved? :)
  11. This bird is close to be my last purchase of a RAZBAM item. I understand we're not talking about Apple, Microsoft or such a big company. But that's a fact that people like me who pre-purchased the plane to "give" funds to help can have the feeling the situation is not fair. The communication is just : "wait for it" , " wait for it", for weeks or monthes....
  12. Would this mean that RAZBAM has still work to do on this bird ?
  13. Let's say empty tank weight is 2t (I know....) with 1t of fuel : 3t in total for each pylon. 3t x 6g = 18 t. Now, with empty tank, but no g limit: 2t x 9g = 18t. So, we should be able to pull 9g with empty tanks. I know 2t is WAY too much: but it is too show we may have an issue. With lighter tank, it becomes obvious: 1t: with 1t of fuel: 2t x 6g = 12t no fuel: 1t x 9g = 9t.
  14. Hi All, External tanks can resist to 6g loads, even when full of fuel. Which sounds good to me. So, I can't explain why tanks would not resist to a 9 or 10g when they are empty (central tank does, not tanks on wings). (the question is not: "do real pilot switch to 9g when tanks are empty"... it is just a mathematic issue) Have a nice day
  15. The most important is praticing; I'm playing every Sunday morning for ~2 hours since the bird has been released. Usually I shoot from 2 to 5 ennemies for 1 death (Wasn't that good at the beginning...) It is important to know M2k's advantages: but it is also important to know where and when you could be disapointed. For exemple: radar lock lost when higher than the target, energy waste at high AoA etc
  16. You're running version 2? Then it is a known bug; just close your canopy and it'll be ok.
  17. Thank you very much razo+r... It works, that looks great. Thanks again and have a good day.
  18. Oh, so you are able to see pilot's body. How do you do that? Even if I activate the option, the seat is still missing its pilot...
  19. Hi guys, since last patch on DCS 2 I have a very low FPS (around 1,5 FPS) when I'm in the cockpit. As soon as I start to close the canopy, FPS is correct. I never had this before, and it happens even if I change the graphic settings. intel Core I7 32Go RAM SSD ATI R9 200
  20. I could help with my accent coming from Paris. Up to you.
  21. I loved this mission, made it twice: no bug. Maybe you should shoot them before they reach ground 0 :megalol::music_whistling::huh:
  22. I made something wrong, all campaign is lost; is there anybody to send me his logbook? :S FORGET IT. It is ok. Problem came from Mission 3, which is called Caucasus M03, while other are Missions +#. You told me to check the name of missions Redglyph; 100% my fault!
  23. Redglyph, Thank you very much for your highly detailed answer. I'll try to do so tomorrow. I own you a beer for the help, whatever the result will be.
  24. Maybe the solution could be some kind of cheating, editing a log somewhere to make the game believe mission 9 is done?
  25. MISSION 9: Still got the problem with leader staying at the gate. I tried to move him on mission editor (other spot, airborn, on runway etc): MIssion succes, but it does not allow me to proceed to mission 10. I tried to contact ATC ASAP to request startup: leader does not move. Maybe there is a tip to move the leader to another spot, without leaving the campaign mode? Please help, I have flown hours on this mission :)
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