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  1. No. And I believe the WSO of the F-15E will not have any voice. I may be wrong but Razbam said it will be more of an "utility".
  2. If you think the C7 is impossible to simulate, imagine the Meteor of the EF2000.
  3. I uploaded 2 .miz Both have 1 tactical commander for red and blue. 1 CA TacCom Map only.miz ---> this has the forced option to see the "Map only" in F10 2 CA TacCom Allies only.miz ---> this has the forced option to see "Allies only" in F10, in this case the tactical commander lose the fog of war and it can't see the enemy in front. 1 CA TacCom Map only.miz 2 CA TacCom Allies only.miz
  4. Still missing, please don't delete my posts. jsow test2.trk
  5. But the HARM doesn't know were it is. I do marks with HTS+TGP, it's a shame the aircraft can't do a mark directly from the HTS which is weird since TMS left shows the SEAD coordinates.
  6. I had problems with SA-15, they didn't appear on the HAD nor in the RWR, but another player on another F16 had them on the HAD, but not in the RWR. This was at the same time, while the SA-15 were attacking a mirage2000. I fired 4 HARMS in PB and they tracked the SAMS.
  7. Make sure unrestricted satnav is set to on. Make sure the INS alignment is ok. Also the RF switch set to on, and mids also on It was working for me yesterday between F-18 F-16, also Red coalition.
  8. Pathfinding is still the worst since forever. I hope the next fixes really address this issue. Sometimes it's really infuriating. Groups getting stuck and also making other groups getting stuck. Also the behavior of the column formation is broken and has no sense. They get stuck really easy. The group stop moving a few seconds after the first waypoint until you change the formation so they go straight to "yellow dashed line" and then get stuck by scenery. I don't know how ED is going to do the Dynamic Campaign with this issue. I'm waiting for these fixes really. CA is almost unplayable. Thanks.
  9. Well, maybe not now but it was abandoned for 8 years. Some oficial news would be nice to have after so much time.
  10. The DCS F-18C has better stand-off weapons. The only cool thing about the F-16 is the HTS and 105. It is what it is. The AGM-154A is very VERY unreliable in DCS, its not worth it.
  11. The Tactical Comander loses the fog of war when the mission force the map to only show allies. When the mission force the map to show only the map, the Tactical Comander has the fog of war as it should.
  12. Still broken, group starts to move and then stops. If you change the formation and PRAY so no unit get stuck on a tree or building, it resumes the route but it goes directly to the first waypoint instead of on the road. Unplayable. Units get stuck very frequently, they don't go backward so they continue going forward and getting it worse, this makes the whole group stuck making the group behind also stuck between the buildings trees and other units. CA its a mess.
  13. Probably distance, the laser in DCS has a maximum range around 9nm.
  14. The big problem is the aircraft needs have the engines off, so when you land and rearm you need to shut down the aircraft and that means a full realignment.
  15. ED should implement damage for over-G. They did it but they quickly removed it I don't know why.
  16. Argentina won't buy anything. I'm not going talk about politics, but I live there. The DCS JF-17 is nice as it is. It fits well in the 2005-2008 timeframe of DCS.
  17. Vehicles should not be invisible in IR. With 20ºC a vehicle should be hotter than the environment, even if it has the engine off.
  18. Adjunsting the level and gain is needed, brightness and contrast helps a little to fine tune the image. Sometimes, the TV is clearer than the FLIR because with FLIR the vehicles are completely invisible. I remember it happened to me the mission at night with bright a moon, 20ºC, with FLIR the targets were invisible but I could see them clear with TV.
  19. Didn't see the tracks but remember the reach of the DCS laser is fixed at about 9nm, don't lase before that unless someone else guides the bomb.
  20. I don't know if this is the case but LGBs need to be released with the aircraft flying to the ASL and without rolling the aircraft.
  21. Thanks, this clarifies a lot more. I think ED should do these explanations BEFORE an inportant update like this because it generates a lot of confusion. Also why some modules like the A-10C or the F-18C work like they do vs the F-16C. A simple explanation is enough, it doesn't need to be very complex just so most of the people can understand.
  22. Fancy, depends on what you call it fancy. The weapons of the DCS F-16C have some decades. If I shoot an AGM-88C in PB EOM it will use the GPS coordinates or INS? If I dorp a JDAM it will use GPS or INS coorinates? If I drop a JSOW it will use GPS or INS coordinates? If I drop a CBU-105/103 it will use the GPS or INS coordinates? How does the aircraft know the "sys aircraft accur" is High? How much drift per hour can accumulate? So now not even the TGP coordinates are accurate? This looks like a pre 2000 like the viggen or the F-14 and not a 2007 aircraft. I'm not against the INS FIX though, but this looks really old and confusing.
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