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  1. Tanker version and I'll love you forever
  2. Spitfire/Hurricane Mk I Bf 110 Macchi C.202
  3. 3rd generation airraft are the most challenging and rewarding IMO. You have electronic, but still it's all about the man above the machine. F-5, Mig21, Viggen are a blast
  4. Got it. Thank you all This is awesome thank you
  5. 2xmagic, 2xmatra, fuel tank and 4 mk82. But it's not exceeding weight limit That's what I mostly use, but I had this issue even without mk82
  6. Excactly there. Between 180 and 200. But I tried with same average success with both lower and higher speed I never had my nose go up at that speed
  7. Most of the time as I take off, my tyres burst. I can't find the correct speed for rotating. Sometimes they burst because (I am assuming) I am going too fast, other times (assuming again) I rotate too early and there's too much weight on rear wheels. Any suggestions?
  8. But still.. I declare november as the beginning of the "end of the year" so it's time to share somne info :D
  9. I highly doubt it's the Apache, I read somewhere months ago it's something supposed to be "technologically new" or something like that. So it could be either a transport or modern russian fighter
  10. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2020-02-07_2020_and_Beyond/ The end of the year is round the corner, did ED said/teased anything about the announcement of this new module?
  11. I can help you with 1 and 5 1. Check axis sensitivity, I believe they are set by default at 15. When I set them to zero it toatally changed and I can even air to air refuel 5. Always stay as high as possible. Cruising at 30k vastly improves your range although you always want ext fuel tanks
  12. After firing a Rb05, it is visible for few seconds. Then the flare goes off and it is not visible anymore, making it useless
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