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  1. Notice SSS is a 3-way switch. Do you press it in, or push it up or down? To go to hover mode you need to push it down, other modes are up. Pressing it in however, does not change IHADSS-symbology, but brings up the flight MPD page.
  2. Might be, but would be good to get confirmation that "C AUX" is not enabled by default in the real Apache. Including for a hot start, where I would assume things like this is already set up. So wanted to report it so we can get it resolved if it is supposed to operate like this or if it's a bug.
  3. If you're running on one engine fuel transfer auto will not level fuel between the forward and aft tanks. Since each engine draws fuel from a different tank, this can easily lead to the tank for that engine running empty, with plenty of fuel in the other tank, unless the pilot manually is using fuel transfer or crossfeeding to try to draw from each tank at a time. Might not be a bug, and how it's supposed to be, but seems strange that in the situation when fuel transfer would be most useful (i.e. when only one tank is drawed from), auto mode does not work...
  4. It may be supposed to be like this, but by default the fuel in the Robbie tank will not be used, and you can flame out while still having a full Robbie tank. It's quite easy to avoid, as pressing the button "C AUX" on the fuel page will drain the fuel from the Robbie tank over to the forward and aft tanks, but it may be confusing until you learn that you need to do this. This is both during hot and cold start.
  5. The refresh rate can be improved if you update the settings for "Res of cockpit displays" to "x every frame". But it's still jittery
  6. This is not a bug in DCS per se, but a problem I hope to get some help with. When using PNVS with VR (occulus quest 2), there are tiny jitters in the head movement all the time. During simulated day time or when using the night vision goggles it's not a problem, but when using PNVS then it makes it very shaky, and gives me dizziness and headache after a while. I believe this is because there is a tiny delay in the movement of the PNVS. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any way to smooth the head tracking of the Quest (I have not found any such setting myself). Some people will probably just tell me to to keep my head more still, but even when it's sitting on it's own on the table it will still create tiny movements, so it's a problem with my Quest's tracking ability. If Quest does not have any smoothing built in, is there a possibility that DCS could add some sort of option to smooth head movement, or at least the PNVS movement? I'm sure I can't be the only one who have this problem... And I love the VR implementation of the Apache, so would love to continue to use it, but as it is it's nearly impossible for me to use PNVS I attached a short track of me keeping my head still which shows how this problem appears to me. jitters.trk
  7. arneh

    What's RFI?

    No, not necessarily, the source could well be airborne, in which case you have no idea about range. And also I doubt the resolution is good enough to give any sort of accurate range based on elevation.
  8. arneh

    What's RFI?

    An acquisition source does not need to provide range (other acquisition sources like e.g. helmet sight and TADS does not provide range, just direction). And as far as I know the RFI does not provide range either.
  9. Isn't that how it works already? If George controls the helicopter then control inputs are already disabled, so you're not going to throw anything off by moving them. And if you take control from George then they are enabled again, but I assume you would always want to have them enabled too if you're in control. So you can have the controls bound now, without causing any problems and only get actual control when doing the handoff command from George. Just try it if you haven't bound cyclic and collective already :)
  10. It's only a poor solution. At least for me, with the trim button on the cyclic (which I assume most will use), just the act of reaching for the trim button could cause enough movement of the cyclic to move the controls away from George's position, before the trim button can be pressed. But I guess as a work around I could use trim and handoff or cockpit switch from the keyboard, and have my hand completely off cyclic to avoid any movement of it before trim is pressed. But it would be quite cumbersome.
  11. I created a bug report about George handing over untrimmed controls:
  12. Thank you, Although I think you misunderstand, this issue is not when George is taking the controls, but when he hands them back to the player. It does not matter if this happen by switching cockpit or using the handover command, he still hands over untrimmed controls, which leaves the player fighting to get the helicopter under control. If he handed over trimmed controls it would be easier.
  13. When George has been in control of the controls, he will have reset trim to center. When taking back control from George the controls will initially be at the position George last left them, but not trimmed for this position. Hence when you take over control from George again, unless you happen to be able to put your controls in the exact same position as George is holding his when taking over, you will be left fighting to get the helicopter under control again. George should leave the helicopter trimmed for his last control position, so that the player can just leave his controls centered to continue flying with George's last control position. This will make the handoff of controls much less stressful, particularly in low level flight!
  14. In single player there actually is a work around for those that want to reset trim. Switch to CPG cockpit to give George control, as he will reset trim, then take back control. A quick change to CPG and back can be done in a fraction of a second. Personally I find George handing over an untrimmed helicopter annoying as I have to fight to regain control of the helicopter each time I take over from him again, but I guess that's what many people want.
  15. This ancient McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) promo video could give you an idea of what to expect from the FCR: Yes, it has air-to-air mode and also a terrain profiling mode. It also has capability to insert symbols for detected radar objects on the IHADSS or TADS, making it easier to locate them visually.
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