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  1. I can believe this...to me it seems like it is having to swap a bunch of data out during load. (hdd going like crazy, massive cpu hit presumably because of the IO overhead) So, I guess the question is..is it a bug introduced in 126, or is it the inevitable forward motion of new stuff vs old machines? either way I need a better machine :P
  2. me too..lower spec machine but same issue
  3. my mission load times have become completely un reasonable , and is now stopping me from playing. I was fine in 125 ...since getting 126 and Mi8 (on same day), it takes somewhere near 7 mins to load, and as someone else above said, my machine is completely 100% utilized ..other background apps (winamp for eg) stutter and pause during this laod process...theyve never done that before.. I have plenty of swap space, though only have 4G memory total, so I get the feeling it is pre caching a LOT more data than it used too...is it compiling shaders?...is it pre caching more sounds than it used too?.. Dunno, but something has turned the load times to complete sh*t for me. Once in game, framerate etc is fine. same goes for exiting a mission....my machine stalls for 5 or 6 minutes while it does god knows what (grinding away on my hard drive like it's no tomorrow). Based on nothing other than "it was fine before, and it's not fine now" I definitely feel someone needs to do a performance pass on the mission load and figure what's made it unreasonably slow (for some machines). specs fwiw: 4GB Win7 ultimate (x64) E8600 @ 3.33 (dual core) Nv GTX 260 I run at medium, 1920*1200 Its just not worth waiting for that long (7 - 10 mins) just to mess around in the Mi8 cockpit, which is all I really want to do. Hope the chaps have a performance patch in mind. yes, I am aware my machine is hardly top spec these days ;) but it's always been fine with DCS
  4. How about this.. Do a single color (green if you must) skin for the Aircraft (..turn off aircraft self shadowing if possible) , record your footage.. You can then create your Mask as an inverse using the croma color to be the NOT selection ....ie in photoshop / premiere / combustion whatever you kids use these days, for each frame, create a mask using the croma key, then inverse it, and you have a good mask for the brackground Then re-play and re-record the footage with the proper skin on and use mask to do your background subtraction / green screening.. simples
  5. hmm...either that or if a depth map could be output and used to mask?..perhaps there is some custom driver that would do a depth map...I mean the z info is there so should be possible?
  6. Holy Amazing! That is awesome....look at that pig fly! There's just something high quality about these guys...
  7. hmm..I believe almost all of that data is available by export... I cant remember the program someone on these boards developed a few years back , but all the cockpit gauges and settings were exported in real time to this program and it used the data to drive it's own sets of gauges / info on an Ipad (for eg). Search for LUA exporting, and you might be able to work out how to capture all of that data from a replayed track (or in real-time if that's easier) I also think Tacview does a bit of that
  8. In the autostart script, it probably just "toggles" the state of the switch... If you dont turn the alarm off, and do an auto-start, does the alarm get disabled during the autostart?..if so, thats the "problem"
  9. I don't think there are any absolute time triggers available are there?...in which case, and time based triggers would be relative to your mission start, which shouldn't care what time of day it is.
  10. I'm going to go out on a limb here.. ED have released the 25a and A10a with flashed up cockpit and f/m, I'd say that's the end of that for those airframes ..the question is , why haven't the 15c, mig29 and su27/33 got the same treatment? ..the answer, I expect , is they are gon' be DCS'd! (I hope)
  11. it wont?..I seem to remember doing windmill (?) restarts in the early days?...didnt involve a fire though.. I guess if you've pulled the T bar then the fuel cutoff is in effect.
  12. or F4 which is the aircraft chase view (kind of a 3rd person view)
  13. Hey folks, Are there any other campaigns out for the 25a?..I seem to remember the LO one was pretty good...any chance of getting that for world? So far I find the new 25a campaign waaaay too hard..I haven't flown this bird in , probably 3 or 4 years, and mission 1 I'm up against Rolands. Cheers :) Nem
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