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  1. i was checking out the video control box. when i slew the camera, i get a weird vibration in simshaker sound application. i dont know if there is intended sound effect when you slew the camera... it feels like turbulence... even though i am landed on the ground..
  2. i know it was stated that the Gaz minigun variant is WIP but just want to report the problem of the minigun sounds dont match up. in F1 cockpit view, it sounds like a minigun but external view, the minigun sounds like an APC bushmaster type gun...seems disconnected i tried in single player.
  3. i noticed that when i press the VCB normal / IR button, it would also rotate the VCB selector knob....
  4. i tried this last week, and the deck crew did not go through the blast deflectors. how ever, the carrier was flying over some island.. i felt like i was in star wars, on that jabba the hut barge... will try again with new open beta update that just came out today
  5. Thank you polychop team for putting some time to update this great helicopter my DIY doorgun minigun controller is looking forward future SA342 minigun variant (should it have controls assignments like the UH1H Huey) i am just happy that this module is not forgottten! I will try out the Gaz again and help to report any issues... DCS: SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations Added: First iteration of rewritten code for multicrew. (work in progress) Added: Rocket launcher on SA-342L is now selectable/removable. Added: New rocket types for Telson 8 launcher: Telson 8 - 8 x 68 mm SNEB Type 250 F1B TP-SM Telson 8 - 8 x 68 mm SNEB Type 251 H1 HE Telson 8 - 8 x 68 mm SNEB Type 252 H1 TP Telson 8 - 8 x 68 mm SNEB Type 253 H1 HEAT Telson 8 - 8 x 68 mm SNEB Type 254 H1 SM Green Telson 8 - 8 x 68 mm SNEB Type 256 H1 SM Yellow Telson 8 - 8 x 68 mm SNEB Type 257 H1 HE/Frag lg whd Telson 8 - 8 x 68 mm SNEB Type 259E H1 IL Known issues: Multicrew is only supported when players start pushing buttons after both player slots are occupied. Join in progress synchronisation (i.e. joining mid flight) will come later. 3 players in minigun version doesn’t work yet.
  6. my dude @Dogmanbird when you play in VR, it doesnt matter how your build physically looks. as long as you can swing the virtual door guns around, that is all that matters. you should try the forgotten war discord.. they limit to korea/nam era stuff. (im annoyed i cant use miniguns on the hueys) GREAT BUILD! thank you for building one, i had so many ppl as me for my 3d print of the minigun housing, but that portion has nothing to do with the main pot control of the pintle
  7. anyone has this openXR performance gain working with Oculus Rift S?
  8. anyone have this working on an oculus rifts S?
  9. operation clean sweep! in DCS! or DCS FB2.. they had mudhen's in BF2... i used to love unloading snake eyes on the capture points..
  10. hannibal

    ATT Hold

    i was busy trying to get out of the spin to even pay attention...... lol thanks for info.. will give a try
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