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  1. I can easily imagine the countless hour needed to do a campaign like this... By the way, I wanted to apologize to you for using the term "negative point". It was far too strong. I didn't wanted to disrespect the time and effort you've put into this campaign. As I can't make something like this, I will never have bad words on something I will not be able to do myself. But you're right when you that for a free campaign having robotics voices is already good (I actually say that on my video ) I will be glad to fly your first campaign after this one
  2. I've just started your campaign and I've done the first three missions. Pretty entertaining. Mission 3 was a real challenge as I'm not that good at A/A refueling, and after chasing that mig, we don't have a lot of room to make our refueling. The only negative point to me is the lack of custom voice made by real people. I know it's probably a lot of work to have those lines said by a real person, but it really help for the immersion. If you choose in the futur to try to had real voice, I will be glad to help you to make a French pilot. It's something I would like to do, and as french, I already had the right accent and the wrong prononciation that almost all French have when they talk on English I've started a playthough of this campaign. If people want to see some of those mission before they try it it by themselves : Thanks R.MES for all the time and effort you've put on this campaign. I'll definitely keep an eye on your futur release.
  3. I fly the mission today, and just when I was between Albert and Amiens prison, I realized that I had no payload....is it a bug?
  4. Hi guys, Like the title say i have a problem with the com menu. It work perfectly fine on solo, but every time i try to contact the ground crew on a multiplayer server, my COMM button didn't seem to work, and i can't prime the engine. PS: if you ask, yes my left window is open. thanks for helping
  5. @ 55:55 to 58:40 that's one awesome story !! @Reflected you definitly have to put it in a campaign !!
  6. I have the same problem since today's patch. I can't even join the few I see in the list... Anyone as a solution?
  7. Some Spoil of mission 8 and 9: Just finish the campaign few minutes ago. I really appreciate this campaign, even if i would like that all missions start from the carrier. But that only a point of detail. Story is great, missions are really enjoyable, and puts us in all kind of situation. You've done an excellent job here Mike !! Just one or two things that i would like to see in the next chapter is more coms between pilots of the same squadron, or package (like Baltic have done it in the Red Flag one for the M2000c). I think it will reinforce the immersion, and the feeling to be part of a team. And maybe some other kind of mission than CAP and interception. I was really happy in mission 8 when i saw a TARPS mission, but then i realise that i was in protection of F14 that will do the job (even if the retasking was fun) . i don't know if TARPS pod is available for us (don't think so) but it would definitly be a fun type of mission to fly. But again, well done with that campaign Mike. i really can't wait to fly the next part of it.
  8. Not really immersive, but pretty useful. To be honest, I don't even know if you can turn it off. I just finished mission 2, and it already was a challenge for me. Those air to air refueling are killing me and it was my very first case 3 landing. So I probably got it all wrong But very fun mission to fly.
  9. I really can't wait to fly this bird. First, as french, any new French jet in DCS is a welcome addition. Plus, I live near Reims, and until some years ago, I can saw the mirage F1 CR from the BA 112, flying over my house, and sometime, having some fun with some Belgian F16. Thanks guys for recreating this awesome plane.
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