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  1. I am having the same problem still, the heading tape is very hard to read on my G2. I would love a vertical adjustment.
  2. Thanks nice guide! Hunting=1 showed me the mod is working, and alt-f7 did open the menu.
  3. Also doesn't work for me even after a full repair sadly. No 2D nor VR. No mods installed at all.
  4. I love this app so much that I bought a tablet for it, but sadly as others have been saying I run into bad performance since 2 months or so. Disabling the app really helps.
  5. Alright good to know. About the priority, I don't know, it looks bad everytime you see engine blades which is a lot in the harrier
  6. @Hornet81Hello, will this be looked at? Still an issue.
  7. I am having the same issues with a quest 2 and 3070. This is honestly ruining my enjoyment of dcs in the last weeks. I am already on low settings, this is very frustrating.
  8. Hi, I reported this a while ago. It is not fixed in 2.7. Will something happen about this? @RAZBAM_ELMO
  9. Soo... What does it take for this to be acknowledged?
  10. Looking at other harriers in multiplayer you can see that the engine blades "stutter" or "lag". Every two seconds they stop for half a second. This bug can be replicated easily, my whole squadron has it and other people on hoggit have confirmed they see it as well. I am on latest openbeta. Mods do not affect this. .trk file not needed I think, easy to reproduce If you need a video, let me know.
  11. Thank you Bbow for the testing. The harrier indeed feels overpowered, I was able to perform a vertical takeoff while being massively over the weight limit: Fuel set to F+W (from VREST page) and adding 4 GBU-38+litening+gun after calculation. This might tie in with the problems we found regarding the VREST page as outlined in this bug report explaining the higher performance.
  12. Thanks for the answer. Yes I use that mod, but a friend of mine who was flying as well without the mod also reported the issue. In that particular flight we had strong white flashes covering the whole screen.
  13. Just had this bug today flying in multiplayer and VR. I noticed a huge white square in my NVG's in VR when looking at a predators laser marker (white beam). It resolved itself for a second but kept on coming back. These are some screenshots. Moving my head changed the size of the "sprite" (?). Up -> smaller; down -> bigger. I am running latest openbeta. I can attach the track file if needed, It is much bigger than 5MB though so it won't be through the forums.
  14. @RAZBAM_ELMOI checked the forum, could you link me the duplicate? I did not find it. Thanks!
  15. The BNGO page barely calculates anything. As far as I understand it should follow the Bingo charts from A1-AV8BB-NFM-400. It does not, for example the ABGN (Max bingo fuel performance at existing altitude) does not actually calculate for my existing altitude as far as I can see. The BNGO page is completely stuck, nothing calculates. The bingo ABGN column should be calculated following Figure 5-11 from the A1-AV8BB-NFM-400. Also, the function is described in the A1-AV8BB-NFM-000 section "Bingo Display". Attached is a track showing the page not doing anything. BNGO page stuck.trk
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