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  1. Honestly the only thing worse than a subscription model would be ED getting into selling NFTs
  2. It get's even more complicated to define when you overhaul the aircraft and add in 4th Gen(ish - doesn't sound like the Cyrano IMV radar was that great by late 90s early 00s standard ?) avionics and create the F1M.
  3. Nice looking kit- though I cannot think of a possible reason why you might have wanted to lead with a number of GA orientated modules ;) Are you able to see if the upcomming TEC throttle will be using the same modular tech ? And also is the new grip connector and extension that fits onto the current Rev B Grip connector and if so will we be able to buy extras to mount onto existing grips ?
  4. I'll be happy just to have a well modelled AA focused Tyhoon. Anything beyond that is a bonus - though if you can manage to add Brimstone somwhere down the line.... :)
  5. Is that £140 for the Winwing Super Libre Grip and base ? If so I'll go for that :)
  6. We've been told that work on the Viper will be being suspended to to allow the team to concentrate on completing the Hornet. Has that suspension already happened ?
  7. Sadly as is normal in cases like this the DNS details are cloaked by Domains By Proxy and the IP details are the generic Cloundfare ones.
  8. VirusAM, does that price for the MCG Pro include shipping to the UK ?
  9. I have to join the praise for the most recent mission - fantastic mission with added fun of Anapa being so busy I got to practice a go around on late finals when there were 4 UH60s stacked up on the runway waiting to get onto the taxiway :)
  10. Is the lower section just map display or does it include HSD symbology ?
  11. True but at the same time the limitations of DCS do not reflect the real world so the effectiveness of a weapon like this in the sim is very different to the actual effectiveness.
  12. The Jeff may be newer but it's was also created to a really tight budget - it's why it only has FBW in the pitch axis and you have to choose between DL and the second radio channel. If the PAF didn't decided it was a feature they wanted to pay for then the chances are it won't be there.
  13. Hi, I have a Gladiator Mk 2 Pro that's developed a stuck pogo pin in the grip connector. VKB have very generously sent me two replacement parts but while I've managed to remove the gimbal unit from the base and identified where the connector plus into teh board for the I can't see how to remove the actual connector at the top of the metal housing. Has anyone managed to do this before and able to offer any guidance ?
  14. AIUI there are no JF-17s in service with an HMD - until that changes it seems a tad ridiculous to expect the DCS one to have one. At least with the Hornet there are actually been aircraft in service with that cheek mounted TGP.
  15. Did the notch filter fix go into today's patch release as I'm still seeing AG SEA 1 & 2 mode designations being dropped immediately (and the radar basically seizing up once they are dropped - this may be because the radar is remaining in SMTT despite the fact that target lock has been dropped and you need to use undesignate to get it working again)
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