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  1. @TheGuardian: I was thinking as a short term compromise about not even allowing pilot seat in MP once you've chosen. You choose pilot OR CPG. Then, you don't have "MP" issues.
  2. Could there be a compromise for the moment with NO seat switching, BUT - opt in to start in CPG? That way at least the computer only needs to think about "one" code at a time. I jump straight into the CPG seat in SP and stay there, flying and engaging like the BS or FA18. Obviously cold start would need the cheat (I start hot anyway). George is very good a magically spotting 5+ targets, but he needs you to fly him closer than needed, often TOO close with the resulting BOOM of a shoot down.
  3. Thanks guys, didn't see the replies!!! I think I'm going to hold out a bit longer with the X56.......
  4. **Douche Bag of the year here didn't extend the screen to INCLUDE the width of the tablet. That's why it was cutting off!!! Now I have another little error in my thinking......... The main window is a little bit squashed (guessing it's taking into account the NEW aspect ratio) - - how do I fix that!!?? FINAL EDIT - promise (only writing in case others are silly like me). Set Aspect to 1.7777 in the config and all was fine. Didn't work when setting in game....... updated lua: Origianal lua: I'm getting the attached image from below. It IS what I was expecting, as I'm not getting anything on the IPAD using Splashscreen so I adjusted things as an eperiment. Do you think that's the issue, and it'll work if I dig out an old monitor? As a proof of concept it's FINE - I can resize the CPG right screen etc, but it's not sharing across to the other screen (you can see I deliberately moved the MFD down and across a bit, to ensure it "covered" the second screen). When I did the printscreen in the first place, I wasn't expecting the other display to show, and it works fine in Windows... Any ideas? TIA EDIT: I HAVE now downloaded the .zip from above and added: AH64_CPG_RIGHT_MFCD = to the script, but still the same....
  5. Hey Win Wings! I'm currently using an X56 which was a poor-man's replacement for a defunct Warthog. For helicopter's anti-torque - - I HAD used the rotary on an old cougar years ago, and now the X56 thumb rotary. Works a TOTAL treat. I don't want to fork out for rudder pedals and I don't really have the room. I love the fact that the rotary stays where it is (so it keep the rudder position without a spring) and frankly my muscle memory is so engrained I can't imagine using feet!!! I'm looking at the Orion 2 combo here: https://wwsimstore.com/p/343.html But I REALLY would miss the rotary if this doesn't have one. I see a middle wheel on the throttle. Looks like it spins up and down. Is this a rotary? Thanks for any feedback, MrR / BeeRay.
  6. Thats great. How do you group them? I've made SAM templates and the like because they were ground units, not static....
  7. Now if only ED would change it so that the FARP uints are...ground units and can therefore be made into a template...... That way you wouldn't need to find and place each individual object! Each time you want to make a FARP. Unless I've missed something!!
  8. Thanks for the extra. I'm not too fussed about missile range, just wish I could sort targets whilst travelling in "highish".
  9. Thanks for the try. The azimuth / direction stores, but the range seems to stop at the 9999. So if the target is technically 12999 then it'll be stored 3000 short. Not the best for a bob up against a highly active and spritely SA-8.
  10. Putting this in the general forum because I'm "sure" it's not a bug, and if it is modelled correctly, then it shouldn't go on the wishlist. But..................... Max 9999 range for laser. This is really mucking up my long range planning !! I can CLEARLY see targets in the TADS, but can't store any as they're >9999 range. Without going into "top secret" details, is this the case for the real airframe? Such a shame to be able to spot these juicy threats, but having to get closer and then store. First World problems hey!!!
  11. Okay. Single player. In cpg seat. Fighting AND flying. Being able to use auto hover /alt hold like in the gazelle will be really useful for real quick alt adjustments. Quicker and more accurate than our friend George. He does a good job, but not as quick as I am at gaining alt for a LOAL or ducking down to hide from a missile launch.
  12. Another +1 I've fallen into the trap of firing a HI attack and seeing that baby fly off into the distance not spotting the laser. It's as if it's not even trying to look at the AQ source.....(which in NO way would be pilot error. NO....)!
  13. I've made a handy Macro for targetting with the IHADSS/TADS. Obviously depends on your keybindings, but I toggle it on and off with: Left MPD to weapons, then the aq button, then GHS as source, then eye piece down and finally slave so it looks around with my head. On the toggle it's: deslave, MPD weapons button (to make sure I'm on the right page) - , eye piece off, weapons page, aquisition button back to the WP/Target point that it would have been originally. All in just over half a second. My next will be the same, but to hook to the pilot sight.
  14. I also now think maybe the conflicts arrise when there are muliple "combo" commands being used. For example my laser key (which i guess I'll change) is ctrl+x. I bet my zoom keys (which don't work when lasing) are a shift combo....... Slew is on an axis, therefore no confllct. Pretty sure however I still had the problem when the laser was simply the space bar......
  15. Well after a week of sharing training between systems, and flight controls I feel I've almost got a happy medium for my controller. I'm using the thumb rotary on my x-56 for the pedals, and set it to "Pedals without spring or FFB", with NO CURVES. I'm finding the '64 VERY left heavy when adding power - needing a lot of left yaw at times to maintain control. When I had curves, and it was already quite a bit over to the left when trimmed, if I added power, or wanted to shift left, the curve made for some very erratic movements - obviously because it had reached it's higher gradient point. With no curve, it was far smoother. Obviously each to their own, and with different setups and styles this may not be great to most of you, but maybe it could help someone.......
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