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  1. Hi, can this skin please be added by default? I feel it's the perfect Nam era operational camo plus even the external tanks are painted https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2408674/
  2. I do hope they use the main aircraft model to also make the Y-8 transport plane, we need some more transport planes that are China specific
  3. Definitely this TX ANG skin... And hopefully this Green one with a Black nose too... Found the above one in a video and simply took a screenshot of it, can't find what unit its of
  4. For the Naval Phantom, how about Jack for tribute to Captain John C "JACK" Ensch who was the RIO to Captain Ronald "MUGS" McKeown during the Vietnam war. They both flew off the Midway and once during a Vietnamese ambush managed to do a backflip to counter a Mig-17 closing in on them
  5. The same has happened to me, I made a post about it in bugs and reports. Basically all key functions are now unmappable!
  6. So I just got back into the Mig-19 in the new update and noticed all my controls had been reset. So I tried to load a profile I had saved and it still didn't work. And what's worse, most if not all the major key functions have a faint red on the Joystick portion meaning I can't even map them out like before! For instance, I can't map throttles to the throttle on my HOTAS and have to use Page up and down on the keyboard
  7. I 100% agree, but they're super hard to come by! I don't think I've seen a single pic of an Egyptian Apache
  8. How about a Y-20, and the new Y-20 refueller? Or the Y-20 supposed tanker version..... Maybe some attack Helicopters too like the CAIC Z-10..... Or the Z-19...
  9. I'm pretty sure it's still in the works, as was a JH-7 if I'm not mistaken
  10. I apologize if it's been mentioned before and missed it but was just curious about what the progress on the 95-GR and/or 135-GR Early version currently is?
  11. An engine test is not a flight, it's just an engine run on the ground and nothing more than that
  12. Here in this video you can clearly see an F-15E take off without CFTs, and the performance is impeccable! From reheat to airborne in less than 7 seconds https://youtu.be/osFNW14QBHw
  13. Can we please have this ability added? Suppose my friend and I are on an online server practicing Case 1 recovery, and we both want to practice it and monitor each other. After landing we simply taxi to the parking, swap seats then he can continue to the catapult and continue while I monitor him instead of starting in an altogether new aircraft somewhere on the ground and doing the whole spiel again. This would also be an excellent feature in combat servers if we're doing pilot/RIO roles and I get tired and want to do RIO now, we can land and while rearming and refueling, simply swap over so he can take over and I can be his RIO!
  14. Now that the cat is out of the bag, any chance we can see some in game screenshots?
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