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  1. I believe on the Russian forums they actually posted that they will be working on animations of soldiers entering and exiting the Helicopters
  2. Flew this Sundowner's skin for the first time after maybe years and realized the pilot model needs a fix null
  3. Yes that's fine, maybe as the Airboss you have access to a special menu to move and place planes around on deck
  4. WOW that looks very interesting and realistic! I really hope if the UH-1 gets an update like the F-5 is in the coming future, they add capabilities like this! Imagine the immersion and possibilities with this
  5. Hopefully it's added by default in the near future
  6. Can the door gunners and copilot have a Jester AI like functionality where they call out traffic, friendlies, enemies, missiles etc? I feel this could make for a more immersive and realistic experience and help a lot better on the battlefield too. The door gunners can have two different voices and can address themselves while talking to you over the radio like "Gunner left, I see an enemy ground unit, appears to be a tank at about 9 O clock of our position 2 miles away", or "gunner right, I spot a bogey high to our right closing fast, looks like a Mirage" I feel this functionality is definitely needed for Huey pilots and adds for more use of all the AI ground crew as well as immersion
  7. Something I though might help with the Supercarrier experience, an on deck interactive menu where you can do things like request to be pushed, or towed to specific places on the ship. You could also request to be towed to the deck elevator or even directly to the below deck hanger. for which once requested there can be an on deck tug that links to your plane and tows it there. And normally for this to work your engines would need to be off and your wings would need to be folded. Also once you make the request you can show hear your pilot making a special radio request or verbal request to which the deck crew can respond. This menu can have more functions but this was just one of the things I thought of to enhance the experience. If anyone has anymore ideas or uses feel free to share
  8. So I was looking up the F-8J on Wikipedia and saw that the F-8J was a version that had external tanks. I've looked everywhere but couldn't find any image of it with external tanks. Does anyone have an image of this? Also will this be included in the module?
  9. As someone who has worked on em, I agree! Plus it has the ability to refuel mid air which would make it the first of it's kind in DCS Now personally, I would want multiple variants of the Blackhawk family, from the UH-60 to the HH-60 to the SH-60 and more. Because each one has it's variants and capabilities so unique while also providing it in the same Airframe! It's like the C-130 of Helicopters
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to put this but I thought why not the implementation of SC to other ships like the Burke, Ticonderoga and Perry where they have improved comms and ATC for helicopters, and they also have maybe a guy or two on the deck that martials you or signals you as you come in to land
  11. Can we please have default Chilean F-5 skins now that the SA map is out?
  12. Now that the SA map is out, can we please have default skins of the Chilean AF/Army for the Huey? Thanks
  13. I think Razbam was actually seen working on an SH-3, not sure if as asset or module. Also there is a low detail 3D model in the game of an SH-3, but it's sadly not functioning in the game yet
  14. This needs to be added to DCS by default now that the South Atlantic map is out!
  15. Agree 100% plus can we add some more operational F-5 skins in the US, like more SEA camo or Vietnam era camo skins. There's so many amazing ones made by the community
  16. Sort of yes, I already believe Red Star simulations is making a Mig-17 and they're trying to make it a full fidelity module as well. I 100% agree with you on the Cold War assets as well, we need those badly for any and all coalitions they can be added to
  17. This is a stellar skin created by Gunfighter06 of the Wraith F-16 paintscheme. Can this please be added by default? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322837/
  18. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this I'd like to voice a concern of the new Top Gun liveries added. In the Hornet: The 3 kill silhouettes are F-18s (should be F-5s), the stripe curves at the nose when it should be sharp and the helmet texture looks incomplete on the JHMCS part. Why not add Iceman's F-14 skin instead of an Aggressor F/A-18 with his helmet on? (Also where is Hangman and Fenix's skin shown in the trailer with the yellow or red stripes?) Maverick's F-14 skin newly added has two left facing VF-1 emblems on either tails, when in the real one they are mirrored to face forward plus they're too large. The added one: The original: Now I could be wrong on some of them and I do apologize if I am but nonetheless I really appreciate that these are added but once some of these flaws are seen they can't be unseen. There are some community made skins who did it right who's work can be used as an example
  19. True, and I'm not too familiar with my Bell 207/407 types, I was just wondering what the correct civilian counterpart of the OH-58 would be and if that could be included
  20. Hi, can this skin please be added by default? I feel it's the perfect Nam era operational camo plus even the external tanks are painted https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2408674/
  21. I do hope they use the main aircraft model to also make the Y-8 transport plane, we need some more transport planes that are China specific
  22. Definitely this TX ANG skin... And hopefully this Green one with a Black nose too... Found the above one in a video and simply took a screenshot of it, can't find what unit its of
  23. For the Naval Phantom, how about Jack for tribute to Captain John C "JACK" Ensch who was the RIO to Captain Ronald "MUGS" McKeown during the Vietnam war. They both flew off the Midway and once during a Vietnamese ambush managed to do a backflip to counter a Mig-17 closing in on them
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