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  1. It's not humor, he's deadly serious. https://gitlab.com/NobiWan/xrnecksafer/-/blob/master/Assets/XRNeckSaferBeta1.zip https://gitlab.com/NobiWan/vrnecksafer/-/blob/master/VRNeckSafer/Release/VRNeckSaferV209.zip Two options, automatic rotation or manual snaps assigned to buttons. First link if your using OpenXR, second works with SteamVR.
  2. It'll be smoke less, not smokeless. Even the kitted ones still put out smoke, but much reduced.
  3. Shark mouthed St Louis ANG had them standard as a unit since they could retrofit them themselves right at the MACAIR plant. Might be the source where other units gained replacement air frames so equipped when they converted to Eagles.
  4. Yes, he appreciates folks who want to show their support through purchasing his favorite WW1 flight sim and supporting its evolution thus. The other unmentionable game. I don't fly it but bought both sets to support his endeavors, one of the best game enhancements for VR, a price well worth it for me to show support and pay back with some sort of reward for his outstanding efforts. Who knows some day I may actually fly it also.
  5. Some of the NVIDIA drivers in the past have been bugged setting the default frames locked at 60, check in the control panel.
  6. Does he have a valid AF Form 8 qualifying him for that specific flight duty on that air frame as a pilot, if not he ain't the pilot, end of discussion. Nobody flys qualified without a valid form 8, and you don't get one of those forms and maintain it current without possessing written flight orders, going through constant evaluation, both sim and examinations, and taking periodic check rides. Nobody is a "qualified" pilot or crewman without that validated form, nobody. Neither are you a WSO without yours.
  7. Be good to know what card you have, sometimes its a specific card issue.
  8. Find your OpenComposite folder, open the Runtime folder and delete everything, than run the OpenComposite Switcher app again, it will auto update and your issue is more than likely fixed. Some of the updates seem to corrupt with old settings files that remain.
  9. Lack of suitable airbases, and the distance between. Personally a well done map with close to life like terrain, hell yeah, but financially probably not a good bet with no runways. Want some Dall sheep up in those mountains and some smoking volcano's.
  10. Nothing gets you closer to the suspension of disbelief that your in a jet.
  11. I was never a fighter pilot, was a Loadmaster in two different types C-141B's C-130A, B/E, and finished as engineer in C-130B/E. It was an incentive ride for retirement, I ended my last few years as flightline working MOC. That makes it even more evident, an old man non-fighter pilot can do it. I have an official "magic carpet ride" certificate proving I did it, but I ain't going to dig it out, cause I don't give a rip. Also rode two sorties in T-33 back seat, and two in the mighty F-4D Phantom II. The perks of going to the required altitude chamber sessions when your a trash hauler and integrated into a ANG fighter squadron. But the ViperB was the real ride with a full AHM sortie. For those of you who never worked the MOC or debrief, that's a Advance Handling and Maneuver sortie. Most Air Force dudes don't even know that specific type of sortie exists, cause it gets very rarely logged.
  12. Out of all the DSC sub Forums the VR section is near the top for number of threads and posts.
  13. The Major wouldn't happen to be retired out of Fargo, would he? If so I know who this guy is.
  14. https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/512-59-clean-version.433367/ Just get a pre cleaned up driver and don't waste your time.
  15. https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/512-59-clean-version.433367/ There's already people providing cleaned up drivers, no need to go through that level of pain.
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