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  1. Not mentioned in this thread, but many readers probably won't get that WSO was spoken as "Wizzo" by the troops, with RIO its easy to figure that out automatically.  Everything gets broken down to a nickname, easiest and fastest way to communicate without misunderstanding at the ground level.

  2. 22 hours ago, RackMonkey said:

    I think I read someplace that Norbert doesn't accept patrons. Is there a way to support him? Other than DEVRiM English cockpit mods VRNS is the most useful mod I have.

    Yes, he appreciates folks who want to show their support through purchasing his favorite WW1 flight sim and supporting its evolution thus.  The other unmentionable game.  I don't fly it but bought both sets to support his endeavors, one of the best game enhancements for VR, a price well worth it for me to show support and pay back with some sort of reward for his outstanding efforts.  Who knows some day I may actually fly it also.

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  3. Does he have a valid AF Form 8 qualifying him for that specific flight duty on that air frame as a pilot, if not he ain't the pilot, end of discussion.  Nobody flys qualified without a valid form 8, and you don't get one of those forms and maintain it current without possessing written flight orders, going through constant evaluation, both sim and examinations, and taking periodic check rides.  Nobody is a "qualified" pilot or crewman without that validated form, nobody.  Neither are you a WSO without yours.

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  4. 18 hours ago, zildac said:

    I've got an odd issue, so previously using the system-wide installer OR the standalone (DCS local file version) I could launch DCS in VR without issue and all was good. However, after updating open composite (system-wide OR using the standalone DLLs) DCS never launches in VR just 2D. If I switch back to older versions of the stand alone DLLs then VR is fine. Any ideas?

    Find your OpenComposite folder, open the Runtime folder and delete everything, than run the OpenComposite Switcher app again, it will auto update and your issue is more than likely fixed.  Some of the updates seem to corrupt with old settings files that remain.

  5. Lack of suitable airbases, and the distance between.  Personally a well done map with close to life like terrain, hell yeah, but financially probably not a good bet with no runways.  Want some Dall sheep up in those mountains and some smoking volcano's.

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  6. I was never a fighter pilot, was a Loadmaster in two different types C-141B's C-130A, B/E, and finished as engineer in C-130B/E.  It was an incentive ride for retirement, I ended my last few years as flightline working MOC.  That makes it even more evident, an old man non-fighter pilot can do it.  I have an official "magic carpet ride" certificate proving I did it, but I ain't going to dig it out, cause I don't give a rip.

    Also rode two sorties in T-33 back seat, and two in the mighty F-4D Phantom II.  The perks of going to the required altitude chamber sessions when your a trash hauler and integrated into a ANG fighter squadron.  But the ViperB was the real ride with a full AHM sortie.  For those of you who never worked the MOC or debrief, that's a Advance Handling and Maneuver sortie.  Most Air Force dudes don't even know that specific type of sortie exists, cause it gets very rarely logged.

  7. DCS automatically puts them in a backup file.  Both the D3DCompiler_47.dll and the openvr_api.dll will be inside the latest backup folder.  It puts an old unworkable D3DCompiler_47 file into your updated patched game, if your not replacing that one also it ain't going to work.

    Just cut and paste them from the back up folder, no need to hunt them down.

  8. I looked around on my viper B incentive ride all the way up to 8.9, and never had an issue with moving and looking wherever I wanted, I was retiring at age 39 at the time.  My pilot was 26 and he was soaked in sweat even worse than I was when we came back 2.5 hours later.  At 8.9 the only thing that happened was my left eye lost color for a millisecond.  I can tell you what you don't do or can't do is sit still, instinct itself has you fighting it and you squeeze and strain with everything you got, moving as much as you possible can sure helps, that includes your head and neck.  He told me he was surprised how much an old bastard like me could take, we sort of knew each other fairly well.

    I was used to pulling lower levels of G while standing on my feet doing drops in Starlizards and Herc's in my 20's while all geared up and even heavier, that was actually much worse to me, but I got paid to stay in the plane and open and shut the doors.  Some of our guys ended up with back injuries and broken tail bones doing that, all part of that career field.  Do that for a decade or so and you have a life time immunity from ever getting air or motion sickness.  That certainly helped, much of the ability to pull G is mindset, how well do you know your own comfort levels and limits.  Guys who are pros and do it regular don't even notice it, it's just another small part of the job, not the focus.  A newby coming in for just a ride, it's going to be the single focal point when you pass their threshold.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Specter said:

    I know this might already be mentioned somewhere in the preceding 60 pages but despite following the instructions in the 1st post in this thread I am unable to make this work.

    DCS starts, I get the "shattering triangles" within the HMD.  It then does it a second time I then get a few white circles rotating around each other then a blank HMD.  I can tell from the DCS "window" that head tracking is working but the  HMD is still black.

    Only thing not done yet is update Nvidia driver as the one I currently use gives me best results with WMR4SVR.  Could the Nvidia driver be the cause of my lack of success?

    You running everything as Admin?  It can and will choke if not, generally a non admin app firing into one set as admin will fail in this round of win 10/11. 

  10. There's an elevated pipeline runs west of Palmyra on the Syrian map, fly with your wingtip just off to the side of the pipe as close as you can, the sense of speed is frightening.  Very well modeled 3D pipeline, spots where the sand buries it completely, a very scenic run and it runs for miles.  If you want to experience a life like speed perception in a jet while in VR, dare you to look at your wing tip on the pipeline side while racing below the pipe with it about ten foot off your wingtip.  I experienced that dreadful feeling of fear for my life the first few minutes doing the run, than amazement and fun, tuck it in even closer.  Take a steady jet you trust and trims up well, I used the C-101, it has a Palmyra area quick mission.   Complete mind rush, you'll need excellent frames to do it, not so hard its mainly empty desert.      

  11. The comparative screenshots are notable and easily seen as different focusing solely in on the clouds rendering, and somewhat with the sun.  In each set of screens the clouds are changed between driver settings, so there is something going on even in those low quality screens that parts visible.

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