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  1. You have no farp vehicles in your mission. You will need a "Truck Bedford" parked near the FARP. https://youtu.be/tt71nMY8n1w
  2. I have tested all 4 variants using the latest OB update and the engine sounds are audible. Please make sure your engine is switched on using LCtrl+E and see if that has an impact for you. If not please provide a trk file for review. Many thanks. Test Conditions: 1. All 4 Variants. 2. Channel Map. 3. Latest Open Beta Version. (
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MCEWJsMv066zrUPtyJzYw8daeiwbg1bB/view?usp=sharing Here is a fresh link to my most recent version. Cheers.
  4. Thank you for your post and the issue is now reported internally. Many thanks
  5. Hi, here is a link to an updated version of the mod. Cheers https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eWR_Uzz4niumM1RiQoECuQlsZnBjgDGL/view?usp=sharing
  6. Here is a fresh link to an updated version of the Mod. Cheers. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xLOIGM6Jic3VqY-G5G159bitb_Ss7RoJ/view?usp=sharing
  7. Perhaps this might help. See what you think. Cheers.
  8. @xqzroThe comms menu will open automatically after a short pause in the top right of your screen. You then select the F10 option with your mouse. It will then open a sub menu and you can then select any of the following using your mouse: F1=EASY, F2=MEDIUM or F3=HARD. Once a difficulty level has been selected, a message will appear on screen telling you which option was selected. Hope that helps. Cheers.
  9. Hi everyone, I hope you have all enjoyed the holiday period. A number of practice missions relating to the use of RP-3s, did not make it in time for the recent Open Beta release. For those whom are not quite so familiar with the mission editor, they are now available here until released in the next patch. There are missions for all to enjoy…… two missions contain WWII Assets and two do not, with missions for both the Caucasus and Channel maps. Each mission is both Single Player and compatible with on line play with friends, should you wish to upload them to your public or private server. The missions include practice elements using the different types of RP-3 projectile available. Some are “AIR STARTS” as well as a number of load your own RP-3s “GROUND STARTS”, which are linked to a “Live Firing Range” option. Please enjoy, Many thanks. Mosquito FB VI-FWAF-Channel-NAPR-RP-3 Practice.miz Mosquito FB VI-FWAF-Channel-APR-RP-3 Practice.miz Mosquito FB VI-FWAF-Caucasus-NAPR-RP-3 Practice.miz Mosquito FB VI-FWAF-Caucasus-APR-RP-3 Practice.miz
  10. You have two options available to you either "GROUP AI OFF" or "UNIT AI OFF" and using those will turn off the search lights. Hope that helps. Cheers.
  11. A perfect location for this scenario A real throat choker of an SBD
  12. If you are spawning the aircraft as a ground start at an unmanned strip, then do what is required for all aircraft in DCS and place an invisible FARP with the relevant units and the ground crew will prime your engines on request. Hope that helps.
  13. You are very welcome and I am glad they are proving helpful. Thanks for stopping by and providing your feedback, it is appreciated.
  14. Hi Elwood Blues, In both of the 4-Ship flights or sections all the aircraft loadouts are overweight. As soon as that issue was resolved the AI starts to taxi for me in OpenBeta (Both Spittys and Ponys). Attached is an updated version of your mission. Hope that helps, cheers. Amended-Elwoods WWII Caucasus Missions Ver F.miz
  15. Hi JagHond, Thank you for stopping by and providing your feedback it is always welcome.....and the videos are my pleasure. I just hope they are useful. Cheers.
  16. Yes all my tests are in the latest OpenBeta version and I use voice attack to execute the following keybind commands RCtrl+RShift+NumPad Up which raises my seat position. Cheers.
  17. I have tried it in both the formats I have available to me as follows: 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 with the same results.
  18. I am unable to replicate your issue and here are a couple of images to reflect what I am seeing and able to do. First image is standard and second image is seat raised.
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