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  1. Hey guys, Is there a way to add a kneeboard page in a multiplayer game for individual groups via a script? Thanks
  2. Is there anyone else out there who uses simPlugins DCS Panel Builder with the Gazzelle instrument pack?? The RMI, ADF and NADIR nav instument is not working. Also it does not work in multiplayer! Can anyone help?
  3. Thank you... i'll have a look in to that!
  4. I was wondering if anyone could help me please? I am wanting to do some mission for my friends and I to fly, so I was wondering if I can use the "START WAIT USER RESPONSE" in COOP missions?
  5. Right guys, I have figured it out!! If you rename the CPG's MFD's to anything else but RIGHT_MFCD or LEFT_MFCD, and then hit ALT F1. The exports enlarge and cover everything else. Thanks for all your help tho. It is much appreciated!
  6. Hey Sarge, The second monitor is a 1440 x 900 with both monitors lined up on the left hand side.... I eill look at the aspect ratio
  7. HI Guys, Sorry for late reply... I was out all day yesterday! I think they maybe jumping to larger size somehow?!? Here is my Config. Apapche Pilot.lua
  8. Can anyone help me please? I run a two monitor setup with the lower monitor hosting all the displays. I have a problem.... When I go to Full forward view with HUD, the two MFD's display and cover over my exported ones (See image). Is there a way to disable them?
  9. Coud you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... Add to the list of callsigns... UGLY.... one of the UK Army Air Corp's callsigns for the Apache!!!
  10. No... It has a GTX660 2gb in it.... I'll give the no render option a blast and let you know. thank you for the help!
  11. YEs.... and on the blank window it say "DCS (Not Responding)" in the top left corner of that box. It also says it is not responding in the Task Manager. The GUI ttries to connect but can't!
  12. I am currently having some problems with the Open Beta Dedicated Server. Ever time I run it the server starts, but then I get "DCS (Not Responding)"..... I have installed it twice.... Is there anything I cna do to sort this please?
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