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  1. Picked up the Logitech Heavy equipment Side Panel to use as a TGP/extra view button box. I'm having issues binding the DCS>General> F1-F12 view keys. I'm trying to map the top rows of the Side Panel, buttons 1-10 to the DCS>General>f1-f10 keys. In game it will let me add them, but they do nothing. All of the other things I've mapped work fine. Does DCS force you to use the keyboard for the F keys? My Ui layer and my Ns-430 both have nothing bound. Ive double checked to make sure there is nothing else bound to the Logi Side panel. Solved, I didn't see I had to map the view in each plane. Thanks in advance(reddit) for the help.
  2. Can't wait, coop campaign sounds like a blast.
  3. Not a fan TBH. Doesn't reflect what that plane is too me. It's not a sports car in a showroom.
  4. I played in the f99th server over the weekend and it was left alt ' for some reason, I'm pretty sure that's what it was.
  5. Not sure what's going on with DCS , played yesterday no issues, today updater times out, when the game loads it doesn't load my profile and says no internet. I've since been working on this all day. Tried many things including dns flush, firewall on off, restarts pc, modem router. Nothing has changed on my end since yesterday, no win updates, no driver updates, hell I ididnt even restart my pc since the last time I played at first. So here where it gets even weirder, I can't load the main DCS store page either. All other websites are fine, all other games are fine. Not sure what to do now. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. The only plane that's harder to take off then to fly and land. That being said I have got the hang of it now ........mostly......barring no crosswind..
  7. I'd be willing to give It a go, pretty good at flying the gaz myself. Here is my info http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002044473/ and discord info ....discord is being goofy if you need a link i can give it.
  8. Works fine for me, did you check the box for rudder trim in the options?
  9. My reason for needing this, I bought an X-55 :(
  10. Do you speak for ED? You have 6 post, and 1 out of the 6 is trying to to delegate what ED does with my money, thanks.
  11. Hi, a friend and I just bought the mirage last week and now this week its on sale for half the price. My question is any chance at getting the discount applied? I don't mind supporting razbam or ED, but half price hurts, and will make me more gun shy the next time I choose to buy modules. Thanks in advance. Deathz
  12. Are the weapon systems going to be modular at some point? The ability to swap out this for that, would go a long way to stretch the limited weapons available. I get that the hot needs the big scope but the rockets and machine gun and mistrals would be great. Keep up the good work, love the little chopper now that she doesn't want to kill me when I turn or land.
  13. Since ED didn't release a patch this week, any chance you can show a video if the mistrals and mulit-crew in action? It would be nice to hold us over till (hopefully) next weeks patch.
  14. What I did to get this working on 2.02 this week was exactly what you did only i did a router reboot from the router software and restarted my pc, i noticed that i indeed did have a new ip address so all i did was change the last number and it works fine.
  15. Highly looking forward to these additions.
  16. Most games when a change log goes up there have been patches, is this the case with the Gaz? I did read this part "some of these fixes may not show with the current public release and will be in a future update" Please add a DCS version number in the info. The current CL has 2 dates on it but I didn't see any of these changes made. Is there something I need to do on my end to get this to update? Or is 2.02 considered a public release? With 4 different versions of DCS, I have 3 of them and didn't see any patches. Was this only for 1.5.3 beta? Thanks for any info. (and the move)
  17. I dont even see the option to buy or install it on 1.5.3.
  18. So I can add a little to this, I bought the f15 standalone on steam about 3 weeks ago just to see if i liked the game and when I did those f15 training missions were there for me. I decided I really like this game and downloaded the ED version and flaming cliffs and the Huey. Now when I look the training is gone, and when I open the steam version, its gone there too. So somewhere between me downloading the Ed standalone 1.5 beta version and transferring the f15 over, or buying flaming cliffs 3, I lost those missions. I dug around in the folders and still don't see it. Would really like them back as I didnt do very many of them and now that I have a basic understanding of the game that training could pay off. Any help getting them back would be appreciated, ty in advance. One edit looking at the screenshot of the training , i only have the su27, nothing for the a10 or the f15.
  19. I also have an i5 3570k @ 4.4 and a 970 sscmk2 and 8gb ram and track IR5, I do have dcsW on an ssd though. I turn every thing on high except MSaa, I leave off as even x2 seems to hit my fps. With the way I have it setup, I get 60-130 fps. Do you have your 970 oc'd? I find that if I overclock my ssc2 anything over the factory overclock I get worse FPS. One last thing to check, did you flip the bios switch on your 970? the ssc and ssc2 have dual bios, the stock first setting is no dbi mode, low fan speed and capped power, the second raises the stock fan profile, and give you more power to play with if you do OC it even higher.
  20. I was on the Elite forums and found a reg fix for it and it works in DCS too. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=456122613 the download is at the bottom, hope it helps.
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