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  1. After some more testing I'm fairly confident that the extra waypoint that gets added is what's causing all the issues.
  2. Attempting to fly a TOT or TTT with a non-sequential route is causing issues with the Command Speed where it instantly drops after selecting the next waypoint in the route and progressively increases until the next waypoint is reached. This happens until the final waypoint is selected. To show this I made two flight plans which are 100 nm from the initial aircraft position to the final waypoint. The single waypoint plan is used as a reference for what the CS/T should be. Initial time was 04:00:00 and TOT was set to 04:15:00. For reference the CS/T from the single waypoint flight plan was around 362 KCAS. Initial position to WP1: CS/T was around 360 KCAS and didn't change (consistent with the reference speed) WP1 -> WP2: CS/T instantly dropped to 310 KCAS on selecting WP2 and progressively increased to 370 KCAS as aircraft approached WP2 WP2 -> WP3: CS/T instantly dropped to 290 KCAS on selecting WP3 and progressively increased to 402 KCAS as aircraft approached WP3 WP3 -> WP4: CS/T stayed at 413 KCAS Some other observations whilst testing this: SEQ route not functioning NSEQ route includes waypoint before first waypoint in the ingress string e.g selecting an ingress string of W3-W4-W5 will also include W2 Selecting TTT does not show the time-to-target counting down on the UFC Timer does not count down on CS/T display NSEQ_test.trk NSEQ_test.miz
  3. The TV HUD symbol is still not roll stabilised.
  4. Only the air temperature issue was fixed.
  5. From A1-AV8B-TAC-000 (pg 1-254): Currently only entries in the form of "DDD MM SS" are being accepted. The minimum required "DDD MM" will also not be accepted. All entries should be stored and displayed in the format "DDD MM.mmm" as per the DATA display and the TPOD display. The following are examples of valid entries for latitude as per the TACMAN: N3541 -> N35°41.000' N3541.2 -> N35°41.200' N3541.23 -> N35°41.230' N3541.234 -> N35°41.234' N354120 -> (N35°41'20'') -> N35°41.333' N354120.4 -> (N35°41'20.4') -> N35°41.340' waypoint_entries.trk
  6. It's normal, FLIR FOV is 13.4° x 20°
  7. It's been in game for a while now. MENU -> BIT -> FBST It's just missing the ODU options for specific corrections.
  8. That image isn't reflective of what is happening in game, image below is how it is currently working. According to the diagram you should be able to go from a TPOD designation all the way to snowplow but its getting stuck in MAP/SLV. No idea if it's the current implementation that's wrong or the diagram.
  9. You should be able to enter waypoints with a minimum "DD MM" and up to either "DD MM.mmm" or "DD MM SS.s". With the current implementation however only "DD MM SS" can be input.
  10. It was changed within the last year. Chuck's guide is probably the best: https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-av-8b-harrier-ii/
  11. If starting from the ground you will need to disengage the parking break which is just in front of the throttle. You will also need to get the wheel chocks removed.
  12. It's very similar to adding normal waypoints. Go into the DATA page on the EHSD and press ODU button 1 until it changes to TGPT. Then just enter the info like you would normally do for waypoints. Only issue is that you would need to convert the decimal minutes into seconds first (multiply last two digits by 0.6 to convert).
  13. The offset sideslip indicator is accurate for the H6.0 hud. Can't directly post it but its on pg 22-13 of the 2011 natops manual.
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