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  1. Thank you very much for this news and for your hard work. Honestly can't wait to fly the F4U-1D Corsair, I'm really getting impatient. And what about the MiG-21 overhaul. Your MiG-21 has given me tons of hours of fun. Thanks again.
  2. Check out this thread, it seems related to SC burble effect
  3. Interesting, thanks for tip. I have set wake turbolence off and the effect is much less pronounced, if it exists at all. Wind 12kts, CVN 17kts, turb5, results "OK: LULX _LULIM_ WIRE # 4" (sorry, my bad handling), "_OK_: WIRE # 4", "OK: LOAR WIRE # 3". While waiting for ED tuning burble effect, setting wake turbolence off is good enough for me. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks to both of you, now i understand what it depends on. Look forward to the upcoming tweaks.
  5. I did some tests this morning. While keeping wind on the deck constant of about 26-30 kts, I changed the intensity of the wind each time (from 5 to 25 kts). Almost all landings were rated C: 3PTSIW WIRE # 2, some OK: _LOAR_ WIRE # 2 or 4. I always noticed an upward push between the AR and IW, which lowers the nose of the FA-18 (or raises the rear) just before contact. A little bit of throttle and bolter. I also tried several On-speed AoAs, from 7 to 9.5, but nothing has changed, always an upward push between the AR and IW. I'm trying to figure out how I can now improve my landings or if the burble effect (again WIP, I know) needs to be revised extensively. Grading of my previous landings was quite high and steady. Thanks to those who shared their impressions about this effect.
  6. Interesting. I don't own f-14 and can't make a comparison. I hope others can comment on this.
  7. I completely agree. I was just waiting for someone to talk about it. I thought I was the only one who got this impression. Analysis with Tacview highlights just this, even with different FA-18 loadout configurations. A big challenge compared to before, at least for me.
  8. About today Hornet Mini-Updates Wags, thank you very much, I'm happy to finally read about these improvements. I understand that certain improvements, bug fixes etc take time, and often we would like more attention to be paid to the preferred module, but this is not realistic. I really appreciate the continuous work of the ED on all modules. I also understand that there are features that take much longer than expected, such as FM (i.e. Update flight model for ground effect, takeoff pitch effects, auto-pilot based on FPM, touch and go handling, and other remaining flight model issues, still today WIP despite being in first place among the preferences in the 2020 survey). However, I was a little disappointed that more importance is given to the development of certain weapons and related dedicated systems rather than improvement of FM (i.e., FA-18's unusual reaction to the flaps extension), considering that to use those weapons and systems we have to fly the FA-18. But, I'll wait ... and thanks again for your hard work. antonio.
  9. I agree, more manageable take-offs and landings, as well as accurate up/downl turns. I also can't say anything about aerobatic maneuvers. A really nice plane, which gives a lot of satisfactions. Unfortunately after so many years he is still in EA. antonio.
  10. Thanks also to you fagulha, even Boosterdog had already reported me the fix antonio.
  11. Boosterdog, thank you very much for the quick reply. I had tried this Mod some time ago but forgot to delete it. Now deleted from /tech folder and all missions with SC work normally. I didn't think that the mere presence of a Mod in the /tech folder could affect the sim. Thanks again. antonio. BIGNEWY, thanks for the support. Problem solved, see previous post. antonio.
  12. After the last OB patch I can no longer carry out my missions with SC. The carrier and any aircraft on the carrier simply do not appear in the simulation. I have performed "repair" to DCS, enalbe / disable SC, I've prepared new missions from scratch, but without results. Only non-embarked vehicles and airplanes can be seen and used. Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance. antonio.
  13. Outstanding work!!! Thank you very much for this upcoming update.
  14. Check pag.1, FA-18C last updated 21/08/2021. and of course, thank you so much Chuck for updating the FA-18C guide!
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