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  1. I tried it and now at least we spawn at the rear parking spots. But for a start from parking you only want 1 AI wingman. 3&4 started at the front of the boat and wouldn't taxi to the rear & number 2 wouldn't take off because number 3 or 4 was blocking the runway. I did a vertical take off, circled back and strafed all of them for being dumb****s. Still it is progress for what is probably the most complicated runway in the sim so thank you Razbam & ED.
  2. Still extremely low by US standards. It's doctrinal, they seem to prefer to have the means to drop unguided munitions with great accuracy with hence SVP-24. Makes sense to have the expensive stuff on the plane that can be used more than once instead of on the bomb/rocket with a one time use. Plus you don't want to be dropping bombs with a 6 figure price tag onto second hand Toyotas
  3. You could use TARGET to program the switch to send a command when either of the other two positions are released.
  4. Dehuman

    R-73 missile?

    AIM-9P5 is an export missile. A 'J' with the all aspect seeker from the 'L' IIRC
  5. Gain is working... I was using it on the flir and ehsd last night. Sym is for symbology brightness and sharpness
  6. by "robot" do you mean работы? If yes then the word you are after is "work" :thumbup:
  7. I'm not sure if english is your first language as you don't seem to have comprehended correctly. No, don't be silent about bugs. But at the same time don't post the same complaints again and again in every thread. Melodramatic, exaggerated and repetitive posts discredit any issues they are attempting to address.
  8. Shush, you're going to give -Rudel- an aneurysm.
  9. The "MRP-56P Marker Beacon Receiver and RV-5 Radar Altimeter" switch definitely has an impact on FPS for me.
  10. Yes but keep in mind that if your mission has any user flaming cliffs aircraft, which cannot tune their radios, they will constantly hear anything being broadcast on the VHF and UHF bands. High and medium frequencies fortunately seem to be safe despite Su-25 and Su-27 having radios that operate in these ranges.
  11. ARK-22 is for NDBs. However the R-800 V/UHF radio has a supplementary ADF function. When the ATC replies to you over the radio the R-800 linked ADF is homing on their transmission. This is why it is momentary. The best way to make a homing signal on a carrier with the ME is to use a moving zone and radio transmission (from zone) in the trigger menu Choose a frequency within the operating limits of the ARK-22, 150kHz - 1750kHz. (0.150 - 1.750MHz) and adjust the ARK-22 presets accordingly.
  12. What rossmum said. The bugs introduced each OB are squashed in a week or two. Stable might have a better bug free experience in the core game but because of the infrequency bugs that affect individual modules can linger for much longer.
  13. Looks like ED made some changes to the LMAVs in the Hornet.
  14. Great info thanks! :thumbup: What is FRND? Friend? Only shows friendly radars or filters out friendly radars? Having the PRI function would be extremely useful!
  15. If you look at them with satellite view on Google maps they look like no one has even mowed the grass since Soviet times.
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