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  1. Awesome. Thank you. PM sent. :thumbup:
  2. @K-51 Very, very interested in one of these - Before I drop you a PM a few questions if I may?: 1. As of now, what is the general time between placing an order and dispatch? 2. What kind of payment options do you accept (Paypal, etc.)? 3. Is the current design final, or are you still iterating and revising at this stage? 4. Are you willing to sell these in 'kit' form for those that are happy to build themselves, and if so, would this have an impact on price? (just curious on this point) EDIT: 5. Also, what kind of board/firmware is being used? Is it all Virpil board/FW as in the pictures, or is the main board Arduino/MMJOY2 based, or other? (asking as I may be looking to mod and expand on functionality/create my own alternative button box heads for it down the road) Kindest regards, Brick.
  3. No no, certainly not...you didn't come across that way all. It's that only after you clarified, I had the hindsight thought that, yes, some might read my comment and possibly surmise that the other tablets/custom driver were a 'lesser' option...which isn't the case. And nobody want's to be the guy that doles out bad info. I probably should have phrased it differently - It's always a danger when only communicating via written word. My bad. No harm no foul, I hope. :thumbup: Btw, got the Intuos S up and running - After a bit of config it's working flawlessly. Now that I've started using the software with a tablet I've noticed a few quirks with the software that might be worthy of reporting as issues...I'll keep at it for a bit and make sure it's not me being a bit dim, but in any case, where would you prefer that sort of thing, here or the Discord? Cheers, Brick.
  4. Gotcha, my casual browsing of the threads are probably not the best metric. Apologies, it wasn't my intention to misinform or anything of that nature.. That's exactly what I've done with the mockup...I've gone for the S after a bit of deliberation. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated :) Thanks. I'm looking into several options for strapping it to my thigh...several routes available so I'm sure all will be well.
  5. A Request for Advice Hey guys, Just about grab a graphics tablet for use with the app - thought I’d ask a bit of advice from existing users before I make the final choice. I’m pretty much leaning toward one of the Wacom units - mainly as I tend to see less reports of issues from these and they don’t require a custom driver. Shortlist is: Wacom Intuos S Wacom Intuos M Wacom One Wacom Intuos S: This is the front runner as its overall size seems the best fit for a kneeboard. My only concern is the useable ‘drawing' space - Any users of this one out there that find the space a bit too small, and would sooner be using a larger tablet for this reason? Wacom Intuos M: Same sort of question as above but reversed - Anyone finding the drawing space adequate, but the overall size too bulky? I have a custom rig/cockpit with throttle and other controls quite snug either side so spacing here is potential issue if it’s too bulky. Wacom One: I know this doesn’t appear on the supported list, but any users out there that have tested/or using this model? The overall size and fact that the usable area covers a lot more of the surface seems like a win-win. Only potential rub is the lack of function buttons. How is it working with gestures in lieu of those controls? Easy, awkward, or not worth the compromise of losing dedicated hotkeys? Also, not that I’m 100% sold on any of the above - if there are any other options that someone can highly recommend I’m all ears. My priorities are mainly good form factor that doesn't feel like an A4 clipboard strapped to my thigh and reliability/performance on the software side of things. Thanks to all in advance, much appreciated, Brick.
  6. Where has this mod been all my life! Simply awesome! Just wanted to say thank you. Brilliant work. Much appreciated. Brick.
  7. I personally haven't had the chance to use it yet so can't comment on the current implementation. I am 100% behind this functionality becoming a 'native' feature of DCS and will make all the difference in MP down the road... Yet on the subject of feedback, I, like others, will be quietly waiting until the level of functionality either meets or exceeds that of SRS. I have no doubt that can achieved by ED, it's just a question of how long, Ciribob's had quite a head-start! (or you could try poach him in for the project) I will say, that if the feature doesn't see a lot of use in these early days/iterations, I truly hope the ED team doesn't see that as a sign of disinterest or low value, and then send it to the bottom of the pile. I'm certain that once the feature set gets fleshed out, and most importantly, becomes integrated into the cockpit radios it'll see a hell of a lot more use. And in case you play MP and haven't experienced integrated frequency specific voice comms via SRS, being used actively on a busy server with players working together (to varying degrees) - you're missing out, it's an absolute game changer in terms of gameplay and immersion! Go check it out! Having this ability natively available and accessible to all by default would have a significant positive effect for the MP side of DCS. IMHO. And I can guarantee that MP sells modules - I have personally bought several to fill specific roles and scenarios in multiplayer, that I otherwise would not have.
  8. I'll just leave this here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=151646 Been using it for ages. It has one file that fails IC...but the mod works just fine if you remove the offending file. It's then good for MP.
  9. Would be a very good QOL addition. Yes please :thumbup:
  10. Heya Speedstick, I had the exact same issue - the problem is present in the 2 most recent updates to the NLR/MSEU Platform Manager. The good news is that it’s been reported and they are aware (I spent nearly a fortnight back and fourth with their support, trouble shooting and testing). They have also fixed the issue in their most recent internal beta...if you ping their customer service with the issue they should be able to give you a DL link for it. If you have no joy in a timely fashion, drop me a PM and I’ll upload it to google drive for you. Cheers, Brick.
  11. You've got your Wednesdays out of sync, good sir - Releases are on an offset fortnightly schedule, this weeks is stable. Check back in 7 days!
  12. First off, I have to say DCS offers some of the most flexible and deep controller mapping functionality of any sim or game I know of and I really appreciate how flexible it can be (even more so when you get into a bit of LUA editing)... However, it has potential, and the possibilities to expand on that to really high degree! Some of my inspiration here is taken from what's possible with various external mapping utilities such as T.A.R.G.E.T, Joystick Gremlin, etc. For example, added assignable actions such as: - Short Press - Long Press - double Tap - Axis to Button assign-ability And more consolidated and extended functionality to the 'modifiers' system such as mode exclusivity or inheritance from other modes/modifiers (the current Modifiers system with its 'modifiers' & 'switches' panels has some of this functionality...but it's mutually exclusive and not as flexible). The benefit of having these options available native to the sim would make them far more powerful than using external applications, eg: Have the schemes/profiles on a per-module level as opposed to global, no need for 3rd party software. I have no idea how difficult this kind of work would be to code in (some of the functionality is there, just not exposed to the GUI), but I think the flexibility and added control would be very highly valued. Especially when you consider that in a sim this deep, with so many assignable actions, HOTAS and controller real-estate premium is already about as high as it can get. For a visual demo, I've thrown together a few examples of how, if implemented, I believe these additions could be integrated and appear using the current GUI flow we have now: Action Assignment Panel: Modifier/Mode Panel: Cheers, Brick
  13. Heya f4l0 I know you're a busy guy, but since you added support for the community A-4...I thought I might drop this here in case you're a fan! :pilotfly: MODPACK STAR WARS I've absolutely no idea how hard this stuff is to implement, but I believe they're all based off the FC3 F-15C & SU-25T If at some point you happened to add these guys to your supported modules I can't see anyone being ungrateful! Cheers, Brick.
  14. This is awesome, thank you! :thumbup: The level of work and time investment that's gone into this cannot be understated...quite an effort! Cheers, Brick.
  15. +1 Can confirm. Had the same behaviour on BF not so long ago...resulted in a few 'hot mic' problems that were a bit annoying for others, embarrassing for me. Would also be interested if anyone happens on a fix.
  16. This has been observed...although I believe the Huey cabin is an exception in this case - if you open up the Huey cockpit in the model viewer, the cargo cabin does not form part of the cockpit edm file so I’d imagine this is why the issues still remains towards the rear. Every other module I’ve tested so far has had its cockpit lighting bleed problems disappear - Ka-50, Mi-8MTV2, F-5E, AV-8B, F-15C, A-10A...and for the most part the Huey. I’ve not tested further but I’d be willing to wager that it’s engine wide. Although I have noticed a strange artifact that seems to be related to cockpit flood lights in a few (F-5E & AV-8B), where sections of the light gets cutoff and goes black at certain angles...I’ve only tested these modules in the dead of DCS night so may be related to moonlight/night shadows or something in between.
  17. I hear this. Yet the fact that it has been fixed is a pleasant surprise and something of a positive, surely? Glass half full and all... Haven’t tested the A-10A as yet, it’s not one of my frequent flyers but I’ll check back in with confirmation of that and others as I go. EDIT: in fact, if I’m honest, there’s something about these little (but not insignificant) fixes and feature additions that don’t make it in the notes that I quite like...almost feels like little Update Easter Eggs to be discovered and appreciated. The last one was wake turbulence getting in there without even a raised eyebrow...delicious!
  18. Good good, glad it's not some random fluke or hallucination on my end! I noticed the same regarding the cargo area, however it's a total non-issue for me in light of the fix that has been made. And I believe the cargo area technically doesn't qualify as the cockpit - If you open the Huey pit in the model viewer it's quite clear where the cockpit rear boundry ends...same place. I'll be checking out how far this fix has spread to the other modules...hopefully quite far!
  19. So I just jumped into the Huey for a bit of night ops, poised to flick off the anti-collision beacon & nav lights for obvious reasons...when I noticed something quite out of place! I didn't need to...as the lights weren't coming through the cockpit!! At 1st I thought they might not be on - F2 view confirmed they were! So far I've only checked the Huey & Hokum, but it would very much appear that ED have stealth fixed this in a recent (last OB?) update, without popping it on the changelog! Is it just me? It can't be! I had a quick scan about here and Hoggit and see no mention of it...which I find somewhat surprising given that over the last few years I've seen this issue used in the top 5 of pretty much any DCS core game bitch-and-moan thread I've happened to glance over. Given the above I find it really surprising that I'm the only one to notice, or notice it and feel it worthy of mention. Or that ED didn't pop it in the log as a matter of course. So at best it looks like they've fixed it in one blow, or at least are working through the modules with the fix! In any case. A heads up...and thumbs up for squashing this long standing gremlin! :thumbup:
  20. Woah-woah-woah! Tippis, where you been hiding these babies!! I was currently halfway through the process of making my own very similar datasheets...now stopped dead in my tracks! Thank you very much or the contribution! Much appreciated! They're really concise in the way they present a lot of info, nice formatting ideas. :thumbup: Downloading asap, cheers Brick.
  21. Just a quick heads up/query to anyone else... I'm getting an IC failure for the following when trying to join any MP server with pure client enforced: textures/su-27_detail @ c:/users/XXX/saved games/dcs.openbeta/mods/tech/vpc airfield equipment v0.94 beta/textures/vpctextures.zip Just me or is anyone else getting the same? EDIT: Apologies, please disregard...Just scanned the whole thread and found that the mod is not advertised or supposed to pass IC. removed the offending texture and all is good.
  22. Really glad that recent discovery is finding some legs and helping people! :thumbup: I'm also revisiting problem modules that were previously thought unsolvable... Here's a bunch of stuff for the KA-50 (I've left out the 'category' bits but the important code is there): Nothing too fancy here, basically any switch with a cover is now a non-issue! Plus a few others. -- CUSTOM SPECIALS -- {down=3006,pressed=3005,up=3006,cockpit_device_id=2,value_down=0,value_pressed=1,value_up=1, name=_('Battery 1 Switch & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3006,pressed=3005,up=3006,cockpit_device_id=2,value_down=0,value_pressed=0,value_up=1, name=_('Battery 1 Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'), {down=3004,pressed=3003,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=2,value_down=0,value_pressed=1,value_up=1, name=_('Battery 2 Switch & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3004,pressed=3003,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=2,value_down=0,value_pressed=0,value_up=1, name=_('Battery 2 Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'), {down=3008,pressed=3009,cockpit_device_id=2,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0, name=_('Generator Left & Right Switch - ON'), {down=3008,pressed=3009,cockpit_device_id=2,value_down=0.0,value_pressed=0.0, name=_('Generator Left & Right Switch - OFF'), {down=3001,pressed=3002,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0, name=_('Forward & Aft Tank Pump Switch - ON'), {down=3001,pressed=3002,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=0.0,value_pressed=0.0, name=_('Forward & Aft Tank Pump Switch - OFF'), {down=3001,pressed=3002,up=3005,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=1.0, name=_('Forward Tank Pump/Aft Tank Pump/Fuel Qty. Meter Switches - ON'), {down=3001,pressed=3002,up=3005,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=0.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Forward Tank Pump/Aft Tank Pump/Fuel Qty. Meter Switches - OFF'), {down=3007,pressed=3006,up=3007,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Engine Shutoff Valve Left Switch & Cover - OPEN>OPEN>SAFE'), {down=3007,pressed=3006,up=3007,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Engine Shutoff Valve Left Switch & Cover - OPEN>CLOSED>SAFE'), {down=3009,pressed=3008,up=3009,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Engine Shutoff Valve Right Switch & Cover - OPEN>OPEN>SAFE'), {down=3009,pressed=3008,up=3009,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Engine Shutoff Valve Right Switch & Cover - OPEN>CLOSED>SAFE'), {down=3011,pressed=3010,up=3011,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Shutoff Valve APU Switch & Cover - OPEN>OPEN>SAFE'), {down=3011,pressed=3010,up=3011,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Shutoff Valve APU Switch & Cover - OPEN>CLOSED>SAFE'), {down=3013,pressed=3012,up=3013,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('X-FEED Valve Switch & Cover - OPEN>OPEN>SAFE'), {down=3013,pressed=3012,up=3013,cockpit_device_id=3,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('X-FEED Valve Switch & Cover - OPEN>CLOSED>SAFE'), {down=3002,pressed=3001,up=3002,cockpit_device_id=4,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Engine EEG Left Switch & Cover - OPEN>ON>SAFE'), {down=3002,pressed=3001,up=3002,cockpit_device_id=4,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Engine EEG Left Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFF>SAFE'), {down=3004,pressed=3003,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=4,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Engine EEG Right Switch & Cover - OPEN>ON>SAFE'), {down=3004,pressed=3003,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=4,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Engine EEG Right Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFF>SAFE'), {down=3002,pressed=3001,up=3002,cockpit_device_id=5,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Main Hydraulics Power Switch & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3002,pressed=3001,up=3002,cockpit_device_id=5,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Main Hydraulics Power Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'), {down=3004,pressed=3001,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=6,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Ejection Sys. Power Switch 1 & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3004,pressed=3001,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=6,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Ejection Sys. Power Switch 1 & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'), {down=3004,pressed=3002,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=6,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Ejection Sys. Power Switch 2 & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3004,pressed=3002,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=6,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Ejection Sys. Power Switch 2 & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'), {down=3004,pressed=3003,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=6,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Ejection Sys. Power Switch 3 & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3004,pressed=3003,up=3004,cockpit_device_id=6,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Ejection Sys. Power Switch 3 & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'), {down=3007,pressed=3006,up=3007,cockpit_device_id=40,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.2,value_up=0.0, name=_('Extinguisher WORK/OFF/TEST Switch & Cover - OPEN>WORK>CLOSE'), {down=3007,pressed=3006,up=3007,cockpit_device_id=40,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.1,value_up=0.0, name=_('Extinguisher WORK/OFF/TEST Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'), {down=3019,pressed=3018,up=3019,cockpit_device_id=12,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Weapon System Power Switch & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3019,pressed=3018,up=3019,cockpit_device_id=12,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('Weapon System Power Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'), {down=3002,pressed=3001,up=3002,cockpit_device_id=42,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('IFF Power Switch & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3002,pressed=3001,up=3002,cockpit_device_id=42,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('IFF Power Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'), {down=3012,pressed=3010,up=3012,cockpit_device_id=22,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('UV-26 Power Switch & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3012,pressed=3010,up=3012,cockpit_device_id=22,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('UV-26 Power Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFFCLOSE'), {down=3003,pressed=3002,up=3003,cockpit_device_id=34,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=1.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('EKRAN/HYD/TRANS/PWR Systems Switch & Cover - OPEN>ON>CLOSE'), {down=3003,pressed=3002,up=3003,cockpit_device_id=34,value_down=1.0,value_pressed=0.0,value_up=0.0, name=_('EKRAN/HYD/TRANS/PWR Systems Switch & Cover - OPEN>OFF>CLOSE'),
  23. Aaaand they just dropped the release date along with the final trailer! I do believe I’ve never been more excited to jump into a FC3 level air(space)frame!!! Empire FTW!!
  24. I think what might be the issue for the op is that your head movement is locked to the position the way things are now...it does feel quite 'off' in VR. I would be quite keen on the ability to decouple my head movement from the gun aiming mechanic. Both for the door gunners and co-pilot. Although I can see the idea they went with...the artificially forced lateral and vertical movement while rotating your view, and locked forward-back inability to move feels quite unnatural in VR. It would be very nice to have the option to free your head from these constraints, and be able to move and rotate your head freely while the weapon aiming is done via mouse or joystick. Just my thoughts on the matter.
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