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  1. Need to sell off some unused items for much needed cash. Selling Graphite gray MFG Crosswinds with the extra Cam profile and the width adjustment pieces. Barely used, these were going to be apart of a dedicated simpit which I've had to put on hold for now and willing to sell for now. Amazing pedals need a loving home. Also for sale are the Thrustmaster MFDs, also meant for a future simpit that won't be happening currently :(. And finally my old spare GPU is just collecting dust but still a kick ass card. Sapphire R9 390 8GB Ram. Considered slightly better then a GTX970, just has a higher power supply requirement. I'm located in Pennsylvania, near NY, NJ. Ship by USPS. Looking for 300 for the pedals and shipping. 90 for the GPU and shipping. 40 for the MFDs and shipping. Can bundle things for a small discount like the MFDs and pedals.
  2. Can this expose ones personal computer to attack if hosting from it?
  3. Can I join this group? Looking for a great coop experience. Experienced with ww2 sims and DCS.
  4. I use the big yellow button mainly for Landing gear toggle. Unless it's the Mig21, then I use the 2 position toggle switch next to it. I actually want to add a box next to it with dedicated controls for Landing Gear (actual handle that stows up or down and lights up)
  5. Don't leave out 2560 x 1440 peoples too plaese. :)
  6. I haven't played in about a month and today I noticed a big difference with planes/objects not rendering as far out as usual. 2560x1440 monitor resolution. Even contrails where popping in and out after a certain distance zoomed in. This also make using Targeting Pods very hard, much of the targets aren't rendered until you are within distance.
  7. Alright, got a shipping notice. Finally going to be seeing this new throttle soon.
  8. Dang, I almost feel like you're BSing us North Americans.... No word or anything yet but I'm sure it will come eventually, just sucks waiting right now, I got no throttle to use!!! I ordered on the 23rd of April.
  9. These look really cool. Can't wait to see how to work exactly and if they must be mounted or something. :thumbup:
  10. How do you do this? In LUA? Got any thread links on the subject?
  11. They just announced another delay. :noexpression: https://virpil.com/en/blog/132-vpc-pre-order-and-factory-update I got two requests I hope they could possibly make happen now with the extra time. 1. Make the 4way + Push Hat able to be easily removed and swapped out for a analog, that way we can just have the best of both world. 2. Please make a Couger MFD holder for the desktop mounts.
  12. Ok, online or offline, whenever I try to load in the Mig21 in the new update ( May 23rd Update ) on the Pursian Gulf map, the game just crashes.
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