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  1. Speculation and not likely to be correct either. This is the nature of software. It will be done when its done. I'd just forget about it and be pleasantly surprised when its ready. Though in all likelihood the first iteration will initially be less then expected and will still take a bit longer to really see big advantages. OpenXR is a great step forward and probably the biggest performance win we will see for a while yet.
  2. I say that because you mentioned getting a black screen which can happen if things are not set up properly. At least early on having DCS PD at anything other then 1 would cause a black screen. If you get the blue wall coming together type screen/graphic when you fire up DCS as opposed to the black steam vr one then implies that oxr is working though. Quite strange how many see a very large and immediate difference but some don't or even the opposite. I half expected to be wasting my time, am normally a sceptic with these things, but immediately noticed even text on the menus and loading screens was much better with OXR and then framerates were also much better. Has got to be some reason for the different experiences with different setups. Now I use OXR with other games as well like iracing, also an improvement.
  3. Yeah. You need to follow all the instructions. If you did you would see things like it doesn't work with PD set in DCS.
  4. Shadows are one of the biggest frame killers in DCS. Imo you would be crazy to have them anywhere above flat with a 1070. My 6800xt runs my G2 using OpenXR pretty well at 80% with most settings high (except for shadows). It will be many many years before we have gfx cards that are 2.5x more powerful then a 3090. Those kind of gains will come through software solutions long before they will come through pure processing performance increases.
  5. Weird I have a G2 and 6800xt and they run great together. I used to have a Track IR but was a bit meh to me and never got into DCS properly until I got my first VR headset.
  6. I believe I had seen in a video that the res for "cockpit displays" is talking about rear vision mirrors and nothing to do with MFDs. Don't take that as 100% truth unless others also back that up but pretty sure that is right. If you want to improve the apparent resolution then first step is to look into a super sampling mod like openvr_fsr by fholger
  7. 6 core i7 and 8gb video card doesn't actually mean anything because without the model numbers that could cover a huge range of different hardware that performs at different levels. Don't pay any attention to how much vram is in use it means practically nothing of value since it is only how much is being allocated for use and not how much is in use and software will tend to claim an amount based on how much is available not how much it needs. Would be ideal to know your cpu frametime and gpu frametime so you can see which is causing the bottle neck. The group I fly with has all said the apache performance is really good so in general I personally wouldn't expect it to be an apache specific problem.
  8. 3080ti and G2 is still going to disappoint. Id recommend just keep on waiting if you can until the next gfx card series
  9. If you put on the HMD, fly for a few mins taking notes of all the faults and then go tune some settings and try again you will spend hours, get really frustrated and decide VR is just not right for you. The thing is that, for me at least, when you actually go fly it for a few hours you forget about all the imperfections, shimmering clouds etc. You just don't notice when your deep into a mission it all fades into the background. It will be great when the day comes you chuck the headset on and it all just looks great and then you go fly your mission at a constant 90fps but imo that could be easily 10+ years away still.
  10. Nooo, not yet. Vietnam is know for elephant grass taller then a person and triple canopy jungle so thick you cant see the sky from the ground which would take you an hour to walk the length of a football field. A Vietnam map they could not yet do justice. One day but not yet. But back on topic, thanks ED, Marianas is a great addition!
  11. I dont think we can expect perfection. I bet this is 100x better then if you compares caucuses between DCS and satellite which means things are steadily improving. I think the one of the standout things is that the houses and buildings in DCS need more definition or something. From distance they look like flat concrete pads like there was an earthquake and all the buildings have collapsed. Overall I think Marianas is great and a job well done.
  12. My G2 wont happily run from any usb ports on my B450 mobo but runs from the usb on my gfx card just fine. I had a week of problems at one point that was solved after reinstalling vmr for steam vr but apart from that the G2 has been amazing, running on 5600x and 6800 gfx card. Side note imo FOV is over rated. Sure put on a headset and look around and pay attention and there seems to be things that dont seem good enough like FOV but after a few mins in a game you don't notice or care about those anymore. I modded my G2 to improve FOV and it increases it noticeably but 10 seconds later you don't care anymore so switched back to more comfortable face plate instead.
  13. I'm pretty sure you would be better off with SSAA off and MSAA on for VR. I believe SSAA will do little for you but will hog resources a lot. Note SSAA doesn't take affect until you restart.
  14. Strong disagree. Run any complex multiplayer or single player mission and using fpsvr the cpu is often struggling. Why do you think people are saying potential multi threading with vulkan is going to be an improvement if there is no cpu performance limitations?
  15. Of the few VR games I play id say DCS is middle of the road optimized / performance. I am running a much lesser GPU then a 3090 and am often limited by my CPU which has a much higher single thread performance then your 5930K. You might be gpu limited sitting on the ground not doing anything but from my experience as soon as your actually in a mission your cpu would start limiting you. Back to the OP if you have enough money that you don't care if you spend $100 or $1000 or 10,000 then get a 3090. It might give you a few % performance points over something much cheaper like a 3080 otherwise is pretty much just throwing money away. If you want to upgrade id say get a AMD 5600x, 32gb ram, a RTX 3080 and a HP G2 headset. But don't expect to have a high res, super smooth, high fps experience. There is no hardware available yet that will give you that. Probably 15 mins into flying a mission you probably won't care anyway, still a great experience.
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